Marwadi Share Trading Software Review - Features and Demo


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Marwadi Share Trading Software Review - Features and Demo

Marwadi Shares is a full-service broker which was incorporated in the year 1992. It is a financial service firm that avails its broking services in various segments such as stock, commodity and derivatives through NSE, BSE, NCDEX and MCX. This broker has earned the experience of more than 20 years of experience in the capital market in different fields such as Equity Trading, Commodity, Currency Trading, etc.
This broker also allows quick fund transfer through multiple mediums such as NEFT, RTGS and various other payment gateways.
The company also avails various investment opportunities in the Currency Futures and Options, demat services, IPOs, Research services, PMS, online trading, new pension scheme distribution, and various financial products such as Mutual Funds and insurance among others. The company focuses on meeting the needs of its retail and institutional clients. The company is in Rajkot, Gujrat and has more than 90 branches and 1450 channel partners.

Trading Softwares by Marwadi Share
Marwadi Shares focus less on providing the A class trading software to its customers. From the web-based browser application to terminal software, the broker provides all the out-sourced trading software. The company do maintain an in-house developed mobile application.
Some of the Trading Software provided by Marwadi Shares are:
1. ODIN DIET- This terminal-based software is an outsourced software that is provided to the clients of Marwadi Shares. This software is a terminal based trading application with multiple features and reasonable performance.
Features of ODIN DIET:
• It has various built-in features and intelligence that allows various customers to look for various career opportunities.
• It allows the users to make development and run various multiple strategies for their technical and fundamental level trades.
• This trading application is exhaustive in its performance in the terms of number of features, especially for the analysis.
One of the major issues with this out-sourced trading application such as ODIN Diet is that its modification and the addition of the new latest features are not up to the mark. Thus, many complains and issues are raised by the clients do not get incorporated quickly. The whole procedure to use this application is quite complicated and involves multiple parties before it finally happens if it happens.
Generally, these trading platforms such as ODIN Diet are free to use but few broking houses charges an amount for them. In this case, these trading platforms are free to use and it charges no amount.

2. NSE NOW- It is a web-based trading solution that is out-sourced by Marwadi Shares. This software can be easily accessed by using the prominent browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.
The customer does not need to download or install anything to access trading. The best part of this software is that it can be accessed from any device i.e. mobile, laptop, tablet or desktop.
This software is responsive in nature and takes care of the screen resolution by itself or by providing an individual with the optimum user experience.
Some of the features of NSE Now are:
• It is a light weight application.
• It has multiple charting types with the technical indicators.
• It allows to place different types of order.
• It allows the easy transfer of funds.

3. Marwadi Trade Mobile App: It is a full-service broker that has quite basic design and functionality. This app seems as if it is inspired by various other mobile trading application such as iWin and provides an average user experience.
Features of the mobile app are:
• It provides the real time market watch available.
• It has multiple types of order reports such as Trade Book, Net Position, Funds view, etc.
• It provides various historical charts for the fundamental analysis.

Marwadi Shares and Finance Limited is a full-service stock broker providing its services through its trading platforms, research, customer care and so on. The trading software provided to the customers by Marwadi Shares is quite average. The broker is surviving in the brokerage industry for more than 25 years and is yet working to develop its reputation further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, an individual can square up their position. The customer can short sell i.e. go short and square up within the settlement or it can go long and square up within the settlement.
NSE gurantees each trade. In case there is any dispute then one can refer to the investor grievances cell, National Stock exchange of India.
All the Indian Residents or corporates, overseas corporate bodies and FIIs are eligible.
If any documents is missed or there is a signature mismatch. Then, a demat request can be rejected.
An individual needs to submit the following documents: • Passport. • Voter Card. • Driving License. • PAN Card. • Ration Card. • Bank Passbook.
A customer can have maximum 3 names that can be included.
There is no change in the BTST orders.
It takes up to 3 days to get a demat account opened.
No, as of now, there are no changes in the working of ODIN.
Yes, it is compulsory to have a nominee’s photograph and signature is required.
Yes, the partial dematerialization done by the companies.
Yes, the clients will get the limit on the stock sold are lying in the Margin Pledge/CUSA. These limits will be across all the segments in all the exchanges as it is reduced by VaR ELM of the stocks sold.
Yes, in order to initiate trading with Marwadi Shares. One needs to deposit the upfront margin with us.
The complete status of the bank, demat and e-broking account that will be available to you within online 24 hours.

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