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Axis Direct Mobile App Review 2023 | Features, Demo, and Download


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Axis Direct Mobile App Review - Features, Demo, Download

Axis Securities Limited is a full-service broker that is a part of Axis bank, Which is a leading private bank in India. Axis direct provides its services and various other trading financial products to the retail customers in India through Axis Direct brand. Axis direct is ranked among the top stock brokers in India with more than 4.2 lakhs active customers.

Benefits of Axis direct account are investment opportunities in Equities, Mutual Fund, SIP, IPO, Derivatives, Bond, NCD, ETF and company fixed deposits. The broker is a participant of both the national stock exchanges i.e. BSE and NSE. Axis direct is among the highest active clients in the stock broking space in India. The company holds a client base of more than 3,00,000. It also allows the customers to set up a demat three-in-one account that makes it more convenient to transfer funds.

Axis Direct provides services in various segments such as Equity, Derivatives, SIP, Mutual Funds, IPO, ETFs, Tax planning, NCDs, Bonds and Company FDs. It also has many easy-to-use trading software and platform including its advanced Axis mobile viewing app.

Read this article for Axis direct mobile app review to apply for IPO through Axis direct mobile app guide. You will also read about axis direct mobile app review and update or Axis direct mobile app review guidelines with full detailed Axis direct mobile app review information in this article.

Axis direct mobile app review in India

Axis Direct provides an advanced, fast and convenient mobile app to let you trade on the go. Axis direct mobile app mobile is accessible to all Axis direct customers for free. You can easily download and access this Axis Direct Mobile App from google play store or apple store. Axis direct mobile app price is zero, free of cost to the Axis Direct customers. Axis direct mobile application process to apply Axis direct mobile app IPO is simple and easy.

To know about Axis direct mobile app operate and functions watch Axis direct mobile app review demo. You can also go for Axis direct mobile app review to invest in ipo through Axis direct mobile app review group. Go to Axis direct mobile app manager download and Axis direct ring mobile app to start investing.

Special Services offered by Axis Direct Mobile App

• It avails trading in equity and equity F&O.
• Axis direct mobile app online allows the buying and selling of Mutual Funds.
• Axis direct mobile app review permissions allow to place off-market orders.
• Axis direct mobile app google provides real-time streaming stock quotes.
• Axis direct mobile app review data facilitates with Intraday charts in order to track the movements from minute to minute.

Features of Axis Direct Mobile App

Axis direct mobile app owner may experience the following features:
1. Axis direct mobile app login provides access to both domestic and international markets such as equity, commodity and currency besides MarketWatch, charting and much more.
2. Axis direct mobile app online login allows the tracking of portfolio by using this application.
3. Axis direct mobile app of India keeps you updated on almost all the investments.
4. It provides access to real-time streaming quotes while one trade on the screen.
5. One can create multiple customised streaming watchlists.
6. The Intraday charts can be accessed in order to track the movements of the market by each minute.
7. One can easily access the holdings in Demat with a single click.
8. The market orders can be placed easily even if the market is closed.
9. The limits and the total margin can be easily checked out.

How to install Axis mobile app?

The process of Axis direct mobile app download is simple with just a few clicks on your phone. An individual can easily download Axis direct mobile app simply through Axis direct mobile app google play store and if you are the user Axis direct mobile app on iphone then download from Apple app store.

How to put stop loss in Axis Direct mobile app?

You can place stop loss Derivative Cover Buy order under Trading>Buy/Sell>Buy and product type as 'Cover'. First order would be 'Buy' (Market order) and second leg order would be 'Sell' know as stop loss limit order. Latest Axis direct mobile app version is available at free of cost to its customers.

Watch Axis direct mobile app video on Axis direct mobile app review Youtube or axis direct mobile app review video to understand Axis direct mobile app demo. To download Axis direct mobile app review pdf or Axis direct mobile app review online visit Axis direct mobile app review website.

How to Access Account with Axis Direct Mobile App?

To start trading with Axis Direct Mobile app platform, an individual needs to hold a Demat account with Axis direct. To open Axis direct mobile app review my account you need to have required Axis direct mobile app review documents.

Follow the steps to manage your account with the Axis Direct.

Axis Direct Trading App:
1. Open an online or offline account with Axis Direct directly by clicking on the Open Demat Account button.
2. Fill in your personal information and submit the application further.
3. You will receive a call from the Axis Direct that will further help in opening a Demat account.
4. Now, you will further receive a client code and password of your account.
5. Download the application and sign-in with your login credentials.

Advantages of Axis Direct Mobile App

1. It allows making investment or trading in various segments i.e. currency, equity, derivatives, mutual funds and much more.
2. The customer can simply add multiple market watch lists.
3. It allows the guest login features without even opening an account with Axis direct but it has limited basic features.
4. Axis direct mobile app group provides different tips, recommendations and research reports to avail the customers with the best technical and fundamental analysis.

Disadvantages of Axis Direct Mobile App

1. In Axis direct mobile app view latest news data is delayed at times.
2. The mobile app does not allows making investments in commodity segments or IPOs.
3. Windows and Blackberry platforms do not support this mobile trading application.
4. Axis direct mobile app review mobile has a limited charting functionality with the least usage for analysis.

How to sell shares in Axis direct mobile app?

To place order for buy/sell trade login to your trading account and go to Order->'Cash'->Sell. Watch videos on Axis direct mobile app review youtube channels to understand well.

Axis direct mobile app review customer service

If there is any Axis direct mobile app error found or Axis mobile app not showing account and Axis direct mobile app not working. If you have Axis direct mobile app questions or Axis direct mobile app review questions and your Axis direct mobile app review not working there is any other Axis direct mobile app problems then connect to Axis direct mobile app review contact numbers mentioned below or you can also contact to Axis direct branches.

• Axis direct login customer care number: 022-42671582
• Axis direct mobile app email:
• Axis direct mobile app review contact number: 022-68555569
• Axis direct mobile app review and email:
• Axis direct mobile app review email address:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Axis direct offers demat account facility and services to trade or invest in Indian stock market.
Axis Direct portal of Axis Securities Limited (ASL) provides a seamless investment or trading platform by linking the customer’s Savings bank account, demat account and a trading account.
Axis direct charges for Intraday is ₹0.01 per lot and carry forward for equity, currency and commodity options trading. The options are highly leveraged derivative products. The option trading is used in many ways that includes hedging or to reduce the risk exposure of the portfolio.
Follow the below steps for axis direct demat account withdrawal: 1. Login to axis direct. 2. Click on ‘Limits’ and then select ‘Cash Limit’. 3. Under ‘Fund Hold and Release’ option, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click on ‘release’.
Axis direct auto square-off all open intraday positions at 3:15 PM.
To apply in an IPO through the Axis Bank, the customer needs to hold a savings bank account with Axis bank. The customer can use the demat account with any other DP service provider. A trading account is not compulsory when an individual has to apply in an IPO but needed to sell the shares received.
Axis bluechip has moderately high risk. It has good long-term returns. The scheme can be chosen by any aggressive investor that look for some good returns over the long-term. You can visit the Axis Mutual Fund investment platforms and can start investing in this scheme through SIP or lumpsum.
Visit the official website of axis bank. Click on NRI account and then on open an account and fill the axis direct NRI account form. It offers 4 in 1 axis NRI account to the customers.
Axis bank provides various services to NRI customers which helpful and beneficial for them. It is considered good.
Yes, a non-Axis bank account holder can open a trading and demat account with Axis securities and can avail the Trade@20 plan by paying an additional ₹250 per month maintenance fee.
Axis MF allows the investments in various schemes of different fund houses such as Axis, SBI, Nippon, HDFC, etc. on the basis of investment objective, time horizon, and risk appetite. The customers can choose a suitable fund for the portfolio. An Axis Mutual Fund provides the expert’s recommendations on mutual fund investment. Various direct schemes of Axis Mutual Fund are Axis Bluechip Fund, Axis Focused 25 fund, Axis long term equity fund, Axis short term fund and Axis liquid fund.
It charges 0.05% for the currency futures trading and Intraday at ₹0.01 per lot| Carry forward: ₹10 per for currency options trading.
There should be no dues and holdings in your axis direct demat account to proceed for online axis direct demat account closing procedure. Just send an email containing all your axis direct demat account details such as client ID, PAN no. and the reason of account closing to for axis direct demat account closure online.
The Broker provides redemption facilities online and offline. To redeem offline, one has to visit the bank branch office and needs to fill a transaction slip and then submit it to the branch. If you invest online then the mutual fund can be redeemed from the same platform.
Yes, it offers an online IPO application to its customers. IPO offers early opportunities to buy shares of companies that are not previously traded publicly.
A customer can apply up to 3 IPO applications in Axis Bank Direct.
This limit order is to buy a security at not more or sell at not less than a specific price. By entering a limit order, one will not buy the stocks at higher price.
Visit the official website of axis direct. Fill the account opening from and upload the scanned copies of required documents and get your account opened in just 15 minutes.
Axis Direct AMC charges zero for a trading account and ₹650 for a demat account. AMC is charged to maintain the account.
Yes, it provides trading tips for the stock and commodity trading to its customers.
Axis bank offers 4 in 1 axis direct NRI account opening facility online for easy and smooth trading and investing experience. Just visit the official website of axis bank. Click on NRI account and then on open an account and fill the axis NRI account opening online form.
It charges 0.05% for equity, currency and commodity future trading.
Axis direct account is demat or trading account which is required to trade or invest in Indian stock market. Axis direct demat account worth various trading and investing services.
E-margin is a unique product where an individual can buy stocks in delivery with margin as lows as 25% and carry it for the next 90 trading days. During the 90 days trading period, one can either square off or take delivery of the position by bringing in the remaining funds.
No, the online trading facility is not available for the NRI investors based in the USA. Such investors can invest through their Relationship Manager or by using call and trade facility
It is ₹1,00,000 in cash segment from your account. The customer’s cash limit will increase by ₹1,00,000 for trading in a day.
Axis direct offers standard margin in equity intraday segment only. Apart from this, it offers e margin trading facility to the customers at nominal charges.
Yes, you can make investments in Axis Mutual Fund online. You can invest in mutual funds online through a mobile app, website and internet banking.
It charges 0.05% for Intraday trades. These orders are known as Margin Intraday Square-up or MIS orders. All the open Intraday orders are auto-squared off at the end of the day. Extra leverage is offered for these trades.
Axis Direct offers a large range of services to the customers. All the demat and trading accounts are provided to you in three-in-one account services that are offered.

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