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STOXKART AutoTrender Review - Features and Details

STOXKART is a discount brokerage trading platform that empowers the traders and the investors by sharing its market expertise, latest advanced technology, and the opportunity to invest in mutual funds online. It offers various trading platforms on mobile, web browser and desktop to have an uninterrupted trading experience. Stoxkart AutoTrender New design provides a fantastic trading experience.

Stoxkart AutoTrender Charges

STOXART Auto Trender Price Details







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After successfully purchasing any of the above Stoxkart AutoTrender subscription plan, Stoxkart AutoTrender login details will be sent to you via mobile no. or email.

Stoxkart AutoTrender Details

Stockart has introduced its best marketing tool named as Stoxkart AutoTrender by SMC. STOXKART Auto Trender best in decision making and it’s designed by the professional traders in order to help the customers with fast and rich evaluation of market by Unique data analysis, automated tool, supporting charts and indicators. SMC STOXKART AutoTrender helps in-depth research tool offers several features and benefits that are useful for the Intraday or Positional trade analysis in order to increase your trading profitability and enjoy the positive results.

STOXKART Auto Trender login details will be sent to your after choosing any of the SMC AutoTrender subscription plan. There are nominal charges for Stoxkart AutoTrender and STOXKART Auto Trender reviews are good among users.

Features of Stoxkart AutoTrender

1. Automated Market Analysis: This tool provides its customers the direction of the market trends by the help of charts and indicators. It also helps in identifying the right sectors or stocks and provides information about entry and exit on the right price at the right time.
2. Frequent Data and Trend Update: This tool frequently updates data and market trends on your screen in order to make your trade more accurate.
3. Fast and Timely Machine: It predicts the market trends in live trading by providing a fast analysis in chart and table form and can be used for trading in Options and Derivatives.
4. Cover Multiple Segments: It covers the trends of multiple indexes like Nifty, Bank Nifty, Options and Segments like Equity, Future, Bullions, Metals and Agri Sector.
5. Trade accuracy: The tool provides better trade accuracy as it is based on widely used technical indicators or sector filtration on the financial market.
6. Easy Access: The customer can easily access this tool from any device like computer, tablet or mobile.

Stoxkart AutoTrender Benefits

1. The tool is useful for decision making of Intraday and Delivery trade.
2. It increases the customer’s trade confidence.
3. It identifies all the profitable ideas for the customers.
4. It helps in minimizing the risk while trading.
5. It indicates the trends for future trading.
6. It checks the trend of stock performance from its live charts and indicators.


The Stoxkart AutoTrender is a unique trading tool that is based upon technical and quant research. It guides the customer with the fast and rich analysis of market in order to help the trader to make a smart trade. Its user-friendly feature proves to be a game changer for all the need of the customer. Overall, Stoxkart Auto Trender is helpful in fast, smart and rich evaluation of stock market. The tool mostly helps while trading in Intraday or positional trade. You can also watch Stoxkart Auto Trender videos on STOXKART Auto Trender YouTube by searching STOXKART Auto Trender video.

For any stoxkart Auto Trender query, you can contact on 1800-11-3331. For Stoxkart Auto Trender download in any device such as stoxkart Autotrender for pc or stoxkart Auto Trender android or iOS, contact on 1800-11-3331 and then you can get Stoxkart Autotrender Installed.

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  • jamez cutt

    Everyone has to be guided a lot of scammers are out there taking money from innocent traders. I was a victim to this scam crypto broker the made me loss my hard earn funds. I reported to Marketpeace. net and they where able to fight back for my funds now I have my funds fully recovered. You can as well write to their support team or WhatsApp +84 94 767 1524.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Stoxkart provides mutual fund services to NRIs. They can invest in mutual funds by using StoxMF website and the Stoxkart Invest Trading app. NRIs are allowed to invest in mutual funds only in Indian Currency.
An NRI can open a demat account with Stoxkart. It has depository membership of CDSL and offers depository services to NRIs. An NRI can choose to open an NRE or NRO demat account with Stoxkart.
No, Stoxkart does not provide trading tips for stock and commodity trading to its customers.
The Mutual fund investment with Stoxkart is completely free. There is no brokerage, no AMC, no software charge and no hidden charges. The Stoxkart offers online Mutual Fund investment services by using the StoxMF platform.
Stoxkart charges ₹0 for Equity delivery trade. These trades are also termed as CNC and Carry Trades.
In order to close the Stoxkart demat account, there is an account closure form present on the website. The customer is required to fill it and sign it before sending it to the registered address. It is closed through a formal process and is recommended to save on paying the annual maintenance charges of your account.
An NRI account is necessary if you are an NRI and want to trade in Indian stock market. It can only be done with an Indian NRI account.
The customer has to submit copies of PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Address Proof, Cancelled Cheque and photographs while opening an account. If you wish to trade in derivatives then you will have to add income proof in the documents as well.
Yes, Stoxkart provides a facility of Margin Funding.
It charges a flat brokerage fee of ₹15 per order on Intraday Trades. The brokerage will only be charged on trades when you earn a profit. There is no brokerage charged on the Intraday trade when you lose money.
A maximum of 40 shares can be bought from each exchange in Intraday.
Autotrender covers global and domestic market trends, including Nifty, Bank Nifty, Options, Commodity market outlook and currency market trend.
Yes, you can buy and sell CNC on the same day by Stoxkart.
It filters the stock from the live markets on the basis of volumes and indicators “What to buy” and “What to Sell”. It shows the “Bear” and “Bull” stock that helps the trader or investor to initiate or to avoid the stock in the market. It provides direction of the market and determines the strength of the trend.
It takes just 15 minutes to open an account online with Stoxkart. The account gets activated as soon as the verification process gets completed.
Stoxkart is a depository participant of Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL). The firm works only as a servicing agent for the demat account. The Stoxkart DP id is 12019100.
LMT refers to the Limit Order in Stoxkart.
It is a web-based software that can run on any internet platform. It is a research-based tool designed by SMC research team to guide traders or investors in the live market. It shows the strength of the trend.
Stoxkart charges ₹0 Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) for a trading account and ₹300 for a demat account. Stoxkart AMC is the amount charged to maintain the accounts.
Yes, you can invest in mutual funds on Saturday. But it will be treated as the order placed on the very next business day.
If you don’t sell Intraday products daily then it automatically turns into delivery.
Stoxkart charges ₹15 for currency futures trading and ₹15 for currency options trading.
Yes, Stoxkart provides an online IPO application services to Indian Customers Resident that use UPI as the payment gateway. The Stoxkart customers can apply for IPO online using the IPO application provided by Stoxkart.
An option is a type of security that can be bought or sold at a particular price within a specified time period, in exchange for a non-refundable upfront deposit. An options contract offers the buyer the right to buy, not the obligation to but at the particular price or date. Options are a type of derivative product.

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