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Pentad Securities Mobile App Review

Pentad Securities is a trusted stock broker in the world of financial services, known for its commitment to providing comprehensive and affordable brokerage solutions. Pentad Securities was incorporated into the stock market in 2012. Pentad Securities offers a wide range of services, including equity trading, mutual fund investments, and more. Pentad Securities' advanced trading platforms empower investors to make informed decisions, while our goal-based investing approach aligns investments with individual objectives. Pentad Securities offers customized planning, timely reviews, and multi-asset tracking to help you save, invest, and protect your wealth. Pentad Securities offers affordable and lower brokerage fees for buying and selling different types of securities.

Pentad Securities Mobile App Details

Pentad Securities offers two mobile apps to trade and invest in different segments of the stock market. These apps are the “Pen mobile trading app” and the “Box mutual fund mobile app.” Pentad Securities mobile apps are available for Android and iOS users. These mobile apps can be downloaded from the Play Store or the iOS Store. Pentad Securities mobile apps are equipped with all the features and tools required for trading and investing in the stock market.

Pentad Securities “Pen Mobile App” Details

The Pen Mobile App is the gateway to effortless financial market analysis and trading across major exchanges. With real-time market data, intuitive tools for analysis, and quick order placement, it simplifies trading. Evaluate your portfolio, stay informed with news feeds, and access a comprehensive platform for both trading and brokerage services. This user-friendly app is your go-to solution for seamless and efficient financial market engagement.

Pen Mobile App Features

  • Advanced Charting Tools: Access industry-leading charting tools for in-depth technical analysis.

  • Live Streaming Data: Stay ahead with live streaming market data.

  • Market Watch & Depth: Monitor multiple markets and view live market depths for informed decisions.

  • Comprehensive Charting: Analyze instruments with over 100 technical indicators on advanced charts.

  • Real-Time Data: Enjoy lightning-fast real-time market data.

  • Personalized Watchlists: Create custom market watchlists tailored to your preferences.

  • Intuitive Search: Get instrument suggestions as you type for quick access.

  • Market Analysis: Dive deep into instruments with market depth and real-time news.

  • Multi-Frame Charts: Use real-time charts with various time frames, technical indicators, and drawing tools.

  • Order Placement: Execute market, limit, stop-loss, and cover orders effortlessly.

  • Price Alerts: Set unlimited price alerts to exit positions at the right moment.

  • Position Management: Convert, square off positions, and transfer funds seamlessly.

Box Mutual Fund Mobile App Features

  • Fund Analysis: Access detailed information about mutual funds, including historical performance, asset allocation, and risk analysis, to make informed investment choices.

  • Portfolio Tracking: Monitor the performance of your mutual fund investments in real time, all in one place.

  • Financial Calculators: Utilize various calculators such as SIP calculators, goal planners, and tax calculators to plan and manage your investments effectively.

  • Investment Reports: Generate comprehensive reports that provide insights into your portfolio, returns, and other essential details.

  • Goal Tracking: Set and track your financial goals within the app to ensure you stay on target to achieve them.

  • SIP Management: Easily initiate, modify, or pause systematic investment plans (SIPs) to align with your financial plan.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Benefit from an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies the investment process, making it accessible for investors of all levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pentad Securities offers multiple trading platforms, the “Pen Mobile App”, the Box App” and the “Book Web Portal”.
Yes, Pentad Securities offers a mobile app, “Pen App,” for managing demat and trading accounts.
No, Pentad Securities does not offer access to initial public offerings (IPOs).
Yes, Pentad Securities offers online trading to buy and sell securities from any location across the world.
You can access many investment products through Pentad Securities, such as equity, commodity, currency, futures and options, mutual funds, fixed deposits, ETFs, bonds, and unlisted shares.
Yes, You can invest in mutual funds through Pentad Securities.
Pentad Securities offers many financial services, such as equity trading, commodity trading, currency trading, futures and options trading, mutual funds, fixed deposits, unlisted shares, and NRI investment.
Yes, Pentad Securities is registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), and stock exchanges such as the National Stock Exchange (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), and Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX).
Yes, you can access your account and trade on mobile devices with Pentad Securities.
Pentad Securities does not charge any fees for opening a demat account, but they charge up to Rs. 1000 for maintaining a demat account with them.
No, You can trade in Indian stock market securities through Pentad Securities Pvt. Ltd.
Yes, Pentad Securities provides research and analysis tools to its customers.
You can contact Pentad Securities' customer support through its contact number “9567337788” or email “”.
Yes, Pentad Securities provides educational resources for investors.