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Indira Securities Margin/Exposure Limit for Intraday and Futures


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Indira Securities Margin/Exposure Limit for Intraday and Futures

A technical-driven platform and one of the India’s best stockbroker, Indira Securities started in 1987 that offers you to invest/trade in equity, derivative, futures, options, IPO, currency, commodity and mutual funds. Indira Securities is a very transparent and diverse platform without any hidden charges. Indira Securities offers 100% paperless 2-in-1 account opening facility on its platform i.e. free online demat and trading account. Indira Securities is a very popular broker because of its ultra-fast trading software and modern services. Indira Securities back office has a motive to provide you world-class facilities in an affordable price so that you can increase your assets.
Indira Securities private limited provides two types of brokerage plans i.e. Discount Brokerage Plan and Traditional Plan. Indira securities app provides mobile-based and desktop-based trading platform which is equipped with new features and a wide range of reliable, necessary and attractive facilities. Indira Securities Limited offers free trading software and a wide range of tools on its platform which are equipped with all the modern facilities such as customisable watchlist & charts, technical analysis tools, IPO alert option, real-time market data etc.

Indira Securities Leverage and Margin

As per the SEBI regulation, Indira Securities Private Limited offers leverage and margin facility in almost all the segments except equity delivery. Indira Securities Pvt. Ltd allows you to trade more over the funds available in your demat account as it aims to increase your financial earning. Customer satisfaction is the top-most priority of the company makes it unique as compared to many other stockbrokers. With the help of Indira Securities online trading platform and leverage facility, ant trader can buy unaffordable shares and, in this way, by trading more in the share market, one can enhance their assets in a very less time.
Margin and leverage are interconnected to each other but margin is a kind of debt or loan which is generally required to open a position where assets owned by an individual are considered as collateral for soliciting a loan from a broker whereas multiple of exposure to account equity is known as leverage.

Indira Securities Margin

From Sep 1, 2024, the margin for trading will be decided by the exchange. Indira Securities offers margin in various segments which are as follows:




Equity Delivery

100% of trade value


Equity Intraday

Up to 20% of trade value


Equity Future

100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)


Equity Option

100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)


Currency Futures

100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)


Currency Option

100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)


Commodity Futures

100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)



Indira Securities Margin Policy

• To avoid the auto square-off charges, you need to square-off all MIS positions before 15 minutes to market closing time otherwise you need to pay auto square off charges to the broker.
• You can convert your margin positions into delivery then you should have sufficient funds in your demat account.

Indira Securities Margin Calculator

Indira Securities margin calculator is an online margin calculator through which you can calculate NRML margin, MIS margin, Margin percentage and premium margin required for trading in equity cash, commodity, futures and options. Indira Securities Margin calculator is available in the official website of Indira Securities as well as inbuilt in the mobile application. Indira securities IPO margin calculator is very easy to use.
• Login into your account via official website and click old website option available in the top of the website.
• Open margin calculator available in the tools section of the old website.
• Select your desired exchange where you want to trade in.
• Select Futures or options.
• Select the expiry date and quantity of your trade.
• In the last, click on add to calculate your margin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Indira Securities is a diverse, technology-driven and transparent broker which provides a wide range of financial services. The company’s aim is to provide every best facility to their clients. You should invest through this platform as it has a military-level security and all your data is fully safe and secure.
Leverage & margin facility is available on its platform as per the SEBI guidelines.
Yes, Indira Securities offers After Market Order (AMO) facility on its platform.
No, Indira Securities does not offer 3-in-1 account facility on its platform. The company only provide 2-in-1 account i.e. demat and trading account.
At this minor age, you will need to open a custodial account with any adult as you’re younger than the maturity age (18 or 21) because Pan card is a necessary document needed to open your demat and trading account.
Indira Securities offers two types of brokerage plans to their clients: 1. Discount brokerage plan • Equity Delivery : Rs 20 per executed order • Equity Intraday : Rs 20 per execute order • Equity Futures : Rs 20 per executed order • Equity Options : Rs 20 per executed order • Currency Futures : Rs 20 per executed order • Currency Options : Rs 20 per executed order • Commodity Futures : Rs 20 per executed order • Commodity Options : Rs 20 per executed order 2. Traditional Plan • Equity Delivery : 0.10% • Equity Intraday : 0.01% • Equity Futures : 0.01% • Equity Options : Rs 25 per lot (both sides) • Currency Futures : 0.01% • Currency Options : Rs 25 per lot (both sides) • Commodity : 0.01%
Yes, Indira Securities offer free trading software and mobile app to their clients. With the help of trading software & tools, you can analyse the market trend.
Indira Securities is the depositary participant of CDSL. Customer’s demat account on Indira Securities is registered with CDSL.
Yes, Indira Securities offer SIP calculator on its platform through which you can calculate investment and possible returns easily. You will also get to know about the possible returns on fixed deposit and mutual fund.
Free i.e. Indira Securities does not take any amount on providing call and trade facility.
Yes, Indira Securities provide research and advisory services to their clients. The broker has a professional and expert team of asset management.
Yes, Indira Securities offers algo trading facility on its platform. You can transform your strategy in the form of algo and book unlimited profit in the share market.
Any company, individual, partnership firm, proprietary firm, a company can open trading account with Indira Securities via online method or by visiting the nearby branch.
Yes, Indira Securities offers online IPO application facility on its platform. It is a digital platform and always promotes technology.