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HDFC Securities Account Opening |Process, Features, Forms, and Fees


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HDFC Securities Online Account Open Process, Forms and Fees

HDFC Securities is the most renowned financial service-providing company which is a subsidiary of private bank HDFC. HDFC securities online account open view provides both online trading and trading on the go i.e. mobile or tab. HDFC securities online account means which facilitates its customers with a unique three-in-one feature that integrates your HDFC securities trading account with the existing HDFC bank savings account and the existing Demat account. HDFC securities online account opening process is simple and easy, HDFC securities online account enables smooth movement of funds or shares from the Demat or bank account to execute the transactions.

HDFC securities online account open portal avails its customers with the Cash-n-Carry on both the NSE and BSE, day trading on both the NSE and BSE, trade on the Futures & Options on the NSE, and online IPO investment. Go to the HDFC securities online account join for a seamless trading experience.

In this article, we will provide you with HDFC securities contact details with the HDFC securities online account guide and HDFC securities online account 2024 information and the HDFC securities online account open unlock process also.

HDFC securities online account fees



Trading Account Opening Charges


Trading Account AMC charges


Demat Account Opening Charges


Demat AMC (Yearly)

Preferred: - ₹300/-

Classic: - ₹250/-

Prime: - ₹700/-

Standard: - ₹750/-


HDFC securities online account review provides three in one account that facilitates the customers to open a Demat, trading as well as a bank account together with HDFC Bank Limited. An individual can open the accounts independently or at the same time with a single application form. By using an HDFC securities 3-in-1 account the client would not need to manually transfer the money to the trading account from the bank account. The funds required automatically get credited in HDFC securities 3-in-1 Demat account, which is simple and easy to manage. After opening HDFC security online account new an individual can simply trade in equity, IPO, Mutual Funds, ETF, Tax-Free bonds, Currency, Derivatives, and much more.

There are no HDFC securities online account withdrawal limits available and for HDFC securities 3-in-1 account charges or different HDFC Demat account offers and to download the HDFC securities online account modification form visit the HDFC securities website or watch HDFC securities online account open video on HDFC securities online account open Youtube. HDFC securities online account brokerage charges is 0.50% or min 25/- or you can visit the HDFC securities online account website to download HDFC securities online account statement or HDFC securities online account open statement.

How to open HDFC securities account online?

HDFC securities trading account opening online offers HDFC securities online account open free to its customers which provide access to HDFC securities online account global investing to traders and investors. You do not have HDFC securities online account open yet then use the following method to HDFC securities online account open your account. You can also go for HDFC securities online account open via email and HDFC securities online account open youtube.

HDFC securities online account processing can be done with two easy ways.
1. Fill an online Contact Us form on the HDFC Securities website. Enter your personal details such as name, phone number, email address, etc., and submit the application form. HDFC Securities will contact you.
2. Visit the nearest bank branch and fill out the application for opening an account with HDFC securities.

After submitting the HDFC securities online account form application, the application will be further processed at their CPU and will then be forwarded to HDFC bank for the opening of the bank and depository accounts. Once the account gets opened all the details along with the TIN, passwords, etc. will be sent to the customer. If your application remains unprocessed due to any of the missing details then one of the broker representatives will contact you and provide you HDFC securities account number. And then you can do an HDFC securities online account login on the HDFC securities online account open login page.

HDFC securities online account open requirements

Online trading account in HDFC securities required some documents given below:
1. Pan card.
2. Address Proof (Voter ID /Aadhar Card /Driving License /Passport /Utility bills).
3. Bank account proof (Bank passbook/ Latest bank statement/ Cancelled Cheque).
4. Income proof (Latest Salary Slip, Income Tax Return for currency and derivative segment).
5. Passport Size Photographs.

HDFC Securities Account Opening Procedure

HDFC securities online account opening process includes the following steps:
1. Visit official website of ‘HDFC Securities’.
2. Select on ‘Open an account’.
3. Enter mobile no. and OTP which you will receive.
4. Enter required personal details.
5. Add bank account details.
6. Choose a trading plan of your choice.
7. Complete IPV (In-Person Verification).
8. Upload scanned copies of required documents and E-sign documents.

Shortly, you will receive a confirmation HDFC securities online account open message. Within 2-5 days of online application your account will get open and you will receive your login credentials. Later you can also participate in HDFC securities online account refer and earn programme.

Offline Method:
Visit the nearest branch office and fill the application form by attaching all the required documents.

Advantages of HDFC securities online account for India

1. Choose from the multiple choices and the one that fulfils your need.
2. HDFC securities online account will avail its customers to club up with the add-on services.
3. HDFC online securities provide  access to various advanced cutting-edge technology.
4. HDFC securities online account ltd provides 24*7 assistance to its customers.

How to activate HDFC securities account online?

HDFC securities online account open activate or HDFC securities online account open activate inactive follow the below mentioned steps:
1. Please visit to the Activation link mention on HDFC securities websites
2. Enter your login credentials
3. Confirm your details mentioned as per our records
4. Post confirming the details your account will be activated on the T+1 working day

HDFC securities online account password generation

You can do HDFC securities online account generate password online or HDFC securities online account generate password in three easy steps.
1. Enter your trading account user name & HDFC Bank Cust id.
2. Authenticate yourself with your HDFC Bank Net banking Password
3. Generate your HDFC securities online account password.

How can I add a nominee in the HDFC securities account online?

1. Login to Net Banking using your Net Banking ID and Password.
2. Go to the Request section of the Accounts tab.
3. Select View/Update Nomination Details.
4. Select the Account for which you want to update the nominee details add a new nominee or replicate nominee of another account.
5. Fill in the details and confirm.

HDFC securities online account benefits

HDFC securities benefits are mention below:
1. Offers minimum HDFC securities online account brokerage.
2. Trusted Research for investment
3. Safety and Security of money
4. Powerful Tools for trading
5. Multiple trading platforms for different users

How to unlock HDFC securities account online?

If your HDFC securities online account is locked then do HDFC securities account unlock by visiting HDFC securities online account open website and keep in mind below mention Guidelines:
• PAN and DOB should be same as registered with HDFC securities at the time of account opening
• Date of Birth (DOB) should be in DDMMYYYY format
• An OTP would be generated and sent on registered email id and mobile (SMS) to Retail customers (NRI would receive it on email only)
• OTP would be valid for a time period of 120 seconds
• OTP Resend request can be initiated after a time period of 30 seconds from earlier generation

If you are facing any HDFC securities online account problems like HDFC securities online account not working or to know about HDFC securities online account open status and to get HDFC securities online account questions, answers please contact to the below mention details:

• HDFC securities online account open email id:
• HDFC securities online account open email:
• HDFC securities online account open gmail:
• HDFC securities online account open with phone number: 022-3045600

Open HDFC Securities Demat Account

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Frequently Asked Questions

After HDFC securities brokerage login on website or any trading software, customers can their HDFC securities brokerage plan.
Brokerage is a commission charged by HDFC securities or any of the stock broker whenever you place a buy or sell order. It offers various brokerage plans and HDFC securities margin brokerage to choose from which you can check above.
₹750 is the demat account AMC that is waived off for the first year. The charges will be charged from the next year.
Download the HDFC securities demat account nomination form from the HDFC securities official account. Fill this form and submit it to the nearest HDFC securities branch.
Brokerage charges in HDFC securities starts from 0.05% and depends on the brokerage plan of HDFC securities chosen by you.
The Pay out of funds or securities is credited within the business day post receipt of the funds or securities from the exchange. As an internal practise, we try and effect the pay out in T+2 days.
• NRE/NRO Regular Savings Account with any branch in India. • NRE/NRO PIS Savings Account with the designated branch. • NRE/NRO PIS Permission through HDFC Bank. • NRE/NRO Demat Account with HDFC Bank. • NRI Trading Account with HSL.
HDFC securities is a stock broker that offers various stock broking services to the customers, and it is a subsidiary of HDFC bank.
HDFC securities discount brokerage charges start from 0.05% and depends upon the brokerage plan chosen by you.
Only the users with HDFC securities demat account zero balance holdings can opt for online HDFC securities demat account closing process. Just write an email to form the registered email ID containing all required information related to your HDFC securities demat account and demat account closing reason for HDFC securities demat account closure online.
Visit the official website of HDFC securities and click on open an account. Fill the account opening form with required details and documents.
The application is processed at CPU and then it is forwarded to the HDFC Bank for the linking or opening of the bank and depository accounts. Once the savings and DP accounts are opened, the securities trading account is opened and then the details of all the accounts and the TIN, passwords, etc. are sent to you. If the application remains un processed because of any missing details then the customers will be contacted by the representative.
Yes, the NRIs can borrow against share or other securities. However, the loan must be utilized for meeting the requirement of borrower for his own business purposes.
HDFC securities is a well-known full-service stock broker of India and is a subsidiary of HDFC bank. This stock is considered as safe.
Yes. A POA holder can manage portfolio on the behalf of NRIs. However, he cannot affect remittance outside India. With the Internet trading, life of NRIs has become easy for the portfolio investments.
Login to HDFC securities trading platform, see the details of your account and you can download HDFC securities demat account statement from there.
Visit official website of HDFC securities to check HDFC securities brokerage charges plan or find the detailed charges above.
HDFC Securities is good at offering the qualitative trading and investment services to all of its users.
Visit the official website of HDFC securities and click on open an account. Fill the account opening form with required details and documents.
HDFC securities brokerage fees depends upon the HDFC brokerage plan chosen by you. Intraday trading brokerage charges HDFC securities starts from 0.05%.
Yes, you can start trading after opening an account. You just need to have funds in the bank account or stocks with your Depository Participant.
A cut off price is the offer price that is finalised by a company in consultation with the book running lead managers (BRLMs), that could be any price within the price band. It is different from a floor price that is the minimal price at which the bids can be made.
Refer to the above table to calculate HDFC securities brokerage broker charges or visit the official website of HDFC securities for HDFC securities brokerage charges calculator.
HDFC Bank Demat Account is the easiest, safest and the most convenient way of storing the investments. Now, open the demat account without any charges and then combine a trading account and a savings account to seamlessly bank and invest.
Yes, HDFC offers demat account facility via HDFC securities which is a subsidiary of HDFC bank.
HDFC bank securities brokerage charges can be calculated with the help of brokerage calculator available on its official website. Visit the HDFC securities brokerage home on its official website.
The user Id will be sent to you once the account is opened along with the account details. The password and TIN will be dispatched to you separately by the secured mail.
Yes, an email address is compulsory to open an account with HDFC Security.
In NRE PIS Permission, all the holders should be the NRIs. In case of NRO PIS Permission NRO PIS Account jointly with the resident only on former or survivor basis.
HDFC Pro Terminal is a paid platform. The firm charges an annual fee of ₹1,999 from customers.
The “Limit Price” shall mean that the price limit must be specified by the client to the HDFC Securities up to which the price the stop loss limit order for the cover order can get executed. The “margin” shall mean that the total amount must be made available by the client to HDFC Securities for taking a Cover Order Position under this facility.
HDFC securities ltd brokerage charges depend upon the brokerage plan chosen by you. Always consider your trading frequency, trading quantity, HDFC securities brokerage holdings and type of services or you want to avail before choosing HDFC securities brokerage plans. Some of its brokerage plans also offers HDFC securities free brokerage on ETFs.
The PIS account are always opened as per the holding pattern of the demat account. Thus, if the demat account exists in the combination of A+B+C, then the PIS permission too would be in combination of A+B+C. However, the Bank account can be solely in the name of A.
HDFC securities demat account holds the shares in electronic form and it is mandatory to have a demat account along with trading account as per the government guidelines to trade or invest in Indian stock market.
No, we don’t provide the three in one trading account to USA & Canada based NRIs and PIOs.
You can link up to five HDFC Bank saving bank account and five HDFC Bank demat accounts to your trading account.
Demat balance is the shares that are available in your HDFC securities demat account.
Login with HDFC Securities trading website and then click on IPO button on the top navigation bar to see the list of current IPOs/FDs. Click on apply of the IPO that you would like to apply for. On Place order page choose the select investor status (i.e. ASBA Retail), enter the order information and then click on proceed.

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