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Maximize Your Potential with Flattrade Exposure | Garv Thakur


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Flattrade Margin/Exposure Limit

Flattrade Corporation is a Chennai-based discount stock broking company. It was incorporated in 2004. It is one of the fastest growing financial brokers. It is an expert in providing the least brokerage to its customers. It provides a robust customer support operation to its customers with extremely competitive prices. Flattrade margin trading helps in dynamic trading by providing innovative brokerage solutions to the customers. Flattrade margin review also provides the online Investment platform for Wealth Management through Mutual Funds to the individuals and corporate and exemplary customer services at extremely competitive prices.

Flattrade exposure is holding a membership of popular exchanges like NSE, BSE and MCX and one of the best margin brokers. The firm is growing steadily for the past few years as best broker margin rates provider for trade in margin facility. The name of Trading has emerged steadily in the past few years as it provides consistent analytical, hassle-free work in the comprehensive stock market of India.

Flat margin meaning or trade margins meaning can be defined as the fund or money provide by a broker to its customers or available margin balance to place trade trade across segment. If you are trading at low margin trading then start trading with different interactive brokers margin limit provider but best trading platform for margin or brokerage flat fee with zero charges is Flattrade broker margin limit trading.

FlatTrade Products and Margin Exposures 



  Exposure/ Margins    Equity

Margin – Equity Futures 

Margin – Currency Derivatives

Margin – Commodity Futures / options selling

Margin – Equity/ Commodities options BUY

MIS (Margin intraday square off)

Intraday with auto square off

10 times leverage on the group 1 stocks.

2 times i.e 50% of Exchange margins all for all the future contracts.

2 times Leverage i.e , 50% of Exchange margin

2 times leverage, i.e 50% of Exchange margin

100% of Premium Value

NRML (Normal)

Delivery / carry forward

2 times leverage, 50% of Value of Purchase (available only for the stocks var +additional margin less than 40%.

100%of Exchange margins

100 of Exchange margins

100 of Exchange margins

100% of Premium Value

CNC (cash and carry) –


100% of Value of Purchase





CO / BO (Cover order) / Bracket Order

Intraday with auto square off

10 times

underlying stocks which have derivatives)

2 times leverage i.e 50% of Exchange margins all for all the future contracts.

2 times leverage  i.e 50% of Exchange margins all for all the future contracts.

2 times leverage i.e 50% of Exchange margin on the current month & Next month Contracts. Strike prices are selected  5% up & down from spot on OTM and 7% up & down from spot on ITM Contracts

2 times  leverage i.e 50% of Exchange margins all for all the future contracts.



Flat 45% or (VAR + 4 ELM) whichever higher  on Group I stocks available for trading in the F&O segment and VAR + 6 ELM on other approved stocks





Multileg orders/ NRML/MIS

IOC order (immediate or Cancel)


Hedge product

Hedge Product

Hedge Product

Hedge Benefit

GTT–Trigger Order – NRML/MIS/CNC/ MTF


Good Till trigger







Trading Exposure Limit

Stock margin available means or margin available means that discount stock broker provides margin facility to its customers to place trade across the different segments. It provides good margin to its customers on their investments. The Exposure limit for the same varies from various parameters. The parameters can be :
1. Clients Holdings- The high value client gets high exposure.
2. Clients History- The older the client is the highest leverage he will get.
3. Investments in various segments- Equity, Currency, Commodity and Derivatives.
4. Company Scrip- The higher the net worth of the company higher will be the exposure scrip.

Which broker is best for margin trading?

It provides two types of margin to its clients and margins are listed below:
1. MIS Margin- MIS orders are Intraday orders and needs to be squared off during the same trading day.
2. FLS Margin- This margin is available in the limited scrips.

If you are doing low margin trading and low margin rate brokers then visit Flattrade website to check the latest Trading Margin, click on the google sheet link, test Margin and low margin trading platform and low margin rate brokers join Flattrade to enjoy margin benefits.

If flat margin or margin available is negative in your account or options margin available negative and to know about margin available in stock market in your demat account or you became tired of limited margin trading with limited margin feature then contact Flattrade to join Flattrade at 044-45609696


The FlattradeTrading grows at a very fast rate as compared to other discount broking houses. It is very good for the experienced traders as it provides various excellent advisory services.

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  • jamez cutt

    Everyone has to be guided a lot of scammers are out there taking money from innocent traders. I was a victim to this scam crypto broker the made me loss my hard earn funds. I reported to Marketpeace. net and they where able to fight back for my funds now I have my funds fully recovered. You can as well write to their support team or WhatsApp +84 94 767 1524.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no AMC charges of the Flattrade Trading and demat account.
The superior trading platforms and affordable pricing models are the unique factor of Flattrade Traders.
The customer can place many orders in Flattrade such as Market Orders, Limit Orders, Stop Loss Orders, After Market Orders (AMO), etc.
They offer the stock broking services as they can have any of account types that they offer like Depository Participant (Demat Account), Commodity Trading, Equity Trading, Derivatives Trading, Currency Trading and Mutual Funds.
The stock broker was founded in 2004 and the company is held privately and is led by Mr. K. Narayana Moorthy. He is a highly experienced and well-known spot bullion trader.
Yes, Flattrade allows the dematerialization.
The Flattrade trader has two legal entities under its brand with Flattrade Trading Corporation. It renders services for Commodities trading, and Flattrade Capital Service Private limited.
The brokerage charged for Intraday and Delivery is ₹10 per order.
The communication channel by which the stock broker reach out to its customers are through call, offline branches, Email and Web-form. The customers need to contact the stock broker between 8 AM to 8 PM i.e. during their office hours.
It offers stock broking services in Commodity, Equity, Derivatives, Currency and Mutual Funds.
The customer will get the exposure for trading within 3 to 4 minutes of fund transfer from the account. It is an automated process and no manual intervention is required.
It makes transactions secure by sending the information about the account activities on the phone directly from the exchange.
They have six branches which are located in Chennai, Bengaluru, Telangana, Cochin, Madurai and Jabalpur.
It is the fees charged by some of the stock brokers at the time of buying or selling the mutual funds. Mutual fund charges depend upon the stock brokers or fund houses. Many brokers also have 0 fee mutual funds.
You can do this simply by accessing the order page (on trading terminal) where you have the option to cancel or modify order.
The office of Flattrade trade opens from 8 AM to 8 PM from Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays and remains closed on the Sunday.
Since Mutual funds investments are subject to the market risks. There is no guaranteed or assured rate of return.
No, you are not required to issue cheques by the investors while subscribing to IPO. Customer need to write their bank account number and sign in the application form in order to verify the bank account to make transactions.
Generally, users have to close their demat account as it cannot be changed into NRI account and open a demat account in India for NRI. But some brokers might provide this service. You can contact your respective stock broker’s customer care in which you have your existing demat account.
Yes, Flattrade traders provide investors with infrastructure, facilities and services that are complicated for them to achieve their short- and long-term business objectives.
They offer the dedicated relationship manager for the trading and wealth management, dealer terminal at the office or premises, reliable support and management processes, online product or investor terminal to partner’s clients at no additional cost.
Yes, the transactions are secure as Flattrade make transactions secure by sending the information about the account activities on your phones directly.
Zero or no initial margin amount is required to start trading with Flattrade.
It has a registered office location at “Kochar technology Park”, 6th Floor, SP 31- A, 1st Cross Road, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Ambattur, Chennai.
Yes, Flattrade traders provide brokerage calculator for its customers so that they can determine the profits easily.

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