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Angel One IPO Review - Charges, Easy Steps to Apply Online

Angel Broking is among the largest independent full-service retail broking houses in India. And now formally known as Angel One. Angel One is considered to be the largest in terms of active clients on NSE as of 30 June 2020.

Angel broking offers its trading services in Equity, Commodity and Currency. Services like IPO, Mutual Funds and Demat account are also provided by them. Most of the clients of Angel Broking are offline customers who trade through branch offices or by calling. Angel One offers sophisticated and advanced online trading platforms for technology involved customers.

You can also invest in angel one ipo buy or sell and angel one also provides you a watch on upcoming ipo angel one and angel one ipo list in the angel one mobile application or angel one website. Investing in ipo in angel broking app help investors to diversify their portfolio.

In this article we will read about angel one ipo guide and how to apply sme ipo in angel broking and how to check ipo in angel broking app helps to diversify your portfolio and enhance your financial skills. As there is zero angel broking ipo charges which makes it easy to every investor.

How to buy ipo in angel broking?

There are two ways by which the customers can easily apply in Angel Broking IPO. Let’s know them in detail as follows:
1. Online IPO Application (web-based or mobile app)- The customers can apply for IPO shares online through its trading website or mobile application. Online application is convenient, easy and quick to apply in IPO at BSE and NSE. It takes less than a minute to apply in an IPO online. The application can be modified or cancelled (when the IPO bidding is open) just in a single click.

2. Offline IPO Application (visiting Angel broking branch)- If the client wishes to apply for an IPO offline, then he would have to visit any nearest Angel Broking branch and apply in an IPO. You will have to fill an ASBA application form and provide information like Bank account information, PAN Number and demat account information.
Once after you apply in an IPO, the customer gets an acknowledge slip with a reference number. You can also do angel broking check ipo status through angel one mobile app.

How to apply angel broking IPO?

1. The First step is to fill the account opening form. The customer can open the account opening form. It can be done either at Angel Broking’s network of office across the country or online.
2. In the next steps, submit the documents to prove your address and identity.
3. With opening an IPO account, one also needs to open a demat account to trade.
4. The company representative will further contact to verify the details provided.
5. Once the verification process is completed, an individual can start buying the IPOs.

How to invest in ipo through angel broking?

Many brokers come up with IPO services, an individual needs to open an IPO account to start investing in IPOs. One needs to keep in mind various things before they start investing in IPOs. Some of the points are:
1. Get information: One must take a look into the deep information through internet or other sources. Some of the things that one must keep in mind before investing in an IPO are management and money.

2. USP: One must collect information and must know about the Unique Selling Proposition of the company; one must know about the latest innovative product or service they have to offer.

3. Read the Prospectus: One must go through the prospectus of the company, if do not want to lose money.

4. Underwriters: It is always a better idea to look at the underwriters of the public issue. The reputed underwriters tend to do more due to diligence. Thus, the risk of getting conned by flight-by-night operators is considerably reduced.

5. Proceed with caution: The equity investing involves the market risk and it could be higher in case of the IPOs. It is always better to proceed with the caution. The customer can invest in the businesses they are familiar with.

How to apply for ipo in angel one app or how to apply for ipo in angel broking mobile app?

Follow below mention steps:
1.Log in to Angel One apps (mobile or website).
2.Click on 'More' on the top menu.
3.Click on 'IPO' from the dropdown.
4.Choose an IPO and click the 'Apply' button.

Benefits of Investing in IPO in angel one

1. Early Investor: An individual can make investments in a company that can grow into a behemoth over time. A company with the latest innovative products or services can earn major profits.

2. Immediate Profits: Several times, the IPO increases as soon as the shares are listed on the exchange. There can be opportunities to make the quick profits. Usually, the company sells the IPO for the little under what their real value is so that it further attracts the investor interest and the IPO is completely subscribed.

3. Small Investors: The small investors receive some preferential treatments during the allotment of shares. It further provides the discount on the price. Thus, this presents an opportunity for the small investors to cash in.

4. Transparency in Price: The IPO prices are more transparent than the shares in the secondary market i.e., the shares listed on the stock exchange. One must precisely know about the cost on which it has arrived.

How to check angel broking ipo allotment status?

Below we have mentioned some steps to check angel broking ipo application status or angel broking ipo subscription status and angel broking ipo application for angel one ipo allotment status.
STEP 1: Login & Look for Investment Opportunities
STEP 2: Choose IPOs & FPOs
STEP 3: Click Order Book

Allotted – means that you have been given a full allotment.
Partially-Allotted – It means that you have been allotted a lesser number of shares than what you have applied for. (Eg – You may have applied for 10 lots of ABC IPO. However, you have only been allotted 7 lots – 3 lots have not been allotted.)
No Allotment – means that you have not been allotted any shares.

This may happen because:
1.Your application was not selected in the draw.
2.There is some error in your PAN No. or Demat account number.
3.Your bid is below the issue price.
4.You may have submitted multiple applications under the same PAN.

For No-Allotment or Partial Allotment, any blocked amount will be unblocked/released on or before the UPI mandate expiry date as per the IPO timeline. Please reach out to your bank in case funds are not unblocked/released post the mandate expiry date.

How to sell ipo shares in angel broking?

1. Sell on the day of listing: As per researchers and analysts, it is believed that most IPOs tend to perform well on a listing day as compared to other trading sessions. Thus, selling on a listing day is considered better than selling after 2-3 years.

2. Partial selling on a listing day to cover your expenses: Selling only partial shares is a great way to recover your initial investment while retaining some part.

3. Selling in installments: Another strategy you can implement is selling small quantities at a time. As per this strategy, you can choose to sell after the company’s quarterly reports are out.

4. Selling 50% upfront and 10% every quarter: It is another installment selling strategy, but the difference is instead of selling equal quantities, you sell 50% upfront, recovering your initial investment. The remaining 50%, you can sell in 5 installments of 10% each based on the company’s quarterly report.

How to cancel ipo application in angel broking?

Follow below mention steps to angel broking buy ipo
1. Log in to the net banking website or angel one app.
2. Go to the IPO section and open Order Book.
3. Click on the transaction ID of executed IPO application.
4. Click on the 'Withdraw Application/Cancel Bid/Delete Bid' button once available.
5. Confirm the transaction.

Angel broking ipo customer care

For issue related to angel broking ipo status contact to Support Related Queries. 080-47480048; Investment Advisory. 022 - 40003600 (Extn : 6825 / 6111 / 6876).


Angel Broking provides angel one ipo news 2022, stock recommendations and in-depth analysis companies going public through IPO. The online IPO is one the most popular offerings by Angel Broking. It facilitates the customers angel one ipo buy or sell without any paperwork. Angel One has integrated with 20 banks. The online IPO offers the customers the ability to modify and cancel IPO anytime when the IPO shares are available for bidding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as it is one of the top stock brokers in India which provides various services to their clients. Angel broking is also an old stock broker. It was established in the year 1996.
Angel broking demat account opening is totally free. But there is Angel broking demat AMC @₹240+taxes per year. This AMC is applicable from the second year of angel broking demat account opening.
Yes, angel broking is safe as it is a very old stock broker. It was established in the year 1996.
There is no angel one exposure app. But you can find the Angel broking exposure calculator by visiting the angel broking exposure website or angel broking official website. It will give you better angel broking exposure analysis.
Visit the nearest angel broking branch office to close your angel broking demat account as it cannot be done online. They will share you the procedure to close to angel broking demat account.
Angel broking collateral interest rate lies between 9% to 12%.
Angel broking has an offline presence in around 10,000 offices across the different parts of India. Thus, from industry experience it is among the safest brokers.
Angel broking exposure helpline no. is +91-8047480048.
CA mode in Angel one means the stock is going under a corporate action.
You will receive your DP statements on a quarterly basis.
Visit the official website of angel broking and fill the online account opening form to open angel broking demat account.
Yes, angel broking is good for beginners. It has many trading tools and software which helps beginner in trading.
Yes, you can buy the trading software directly from BSE. We at Angel broking don’t recommend doing so as the software is very costly (Approx 15 lac) and it allows trading only on BSE.
No, since the password is only with you no one can do trade using your mobile phone. We keep the password in encrypted formats so that no one can sell your shares apart from you. It is advised to keep your password safe with you.
Visit to know the details of angel broking demat account opening.
No, you don’t need a demat account to trade in currencies.
The minimum brokerage amount that is charged as per the agreed brokerage slab is ₹30. If you are unable to generate a brokerage of ₹30 on any provided trading day, then you will be levied with an additional brokerage up to ₹30 or 2.5%, whichever is lower in a particular segment.
Yes, NRIs can open angel broking demat NRI account. Visit for more details related to Angel Broking demat account for NRI.
Angel broking demat account provides the demat facilities and services to the customers. Angel broking is a depository participant with CDSL.
No, we don’t have any fixed brokerage option.
The withdrawal amount will get deposited in your bank account within 30 minutes.
No amount is charged for closing the account.
Visit the official website of angel one and fill the online account opening form to open angel one demat account.
Yes, angel broking is legal in India.
Angel Broking provides the exposure of 2 times the margin amount.
As pe the SEBI margin rules, all brokers provide only 1x margin for delivery.
Yes, you need to pay brokerage even if you are in loss.
Angel One branches all over India - It has presence in more than 18500 locations across more than 900 cities of India including branches, franchises and sub brokers.
Visit the nearest angel one branch office to close your angel broking demat account as it cannot be done online. They will share you the procedure to close to angel broking demat account.
No, currently the BTST service is not available with Angel Broking.
Yes, you can block funds for an IPO. The client is required to submit the signed ASBA application form that is pre-filled with the application details. There is no need to provide cheque. The funds would be blocked in the bank account that is mentioned in the form and the funds will get released if the shares remain unallotted.
Yes, you can trade now on ₹15 brokerage per order depending on the size of the order.
The cash back gets credited as the prepaid brokerage to your account and is valid for the period of 6 months from the date of your account is activated.
It is a facility with which you can easily transfer funds to your bank.
Angel broking app is generally considered safe.
Yes. Angel broking is safe as it is one of the oldest stock brokers of India.
To get loan from angel broking, you can apply for angel broking loan against securities service. Visit official website of angel broking get its details information and get best loan against securities.
After completing the account opening procedure, you will receive the angel broking demat account details on your email ID or mobile number. You can those login credentials to login to angel broking demat account.
Yes, angel one is safe. Angel one was formerly known as Angel broking, it was established in the year 1996.
Angel broking margin exposure depends upon the segment. Angel broking intraday exposure in equity segment is 5x and angel broking delivery exposure in equity segment is 1x. Whereas, angel broking exposure option and F&O, angel broking exposure commodity F&O and Angel broking Exposure currency is also 1x.
Angel broking equity delivery charge is Zero.
Visit the official website of angel broking and fill the online demat account opening from.
Angel broking trading and demat account allows you to trade or invest in Indian stock market.
Yes, it is totally safe top open angel broking demat account as it is one of the most trusted and oldest stock brokers of India.
Your angel broking demat account login details will be sent to you on your email ID and mobile number. Use those login credentials to login angel broking demat account.
To place a margin order, follow the steps mentioned below: 1. Login with your Angel broking account using the Mobile app. 2. Search the scrip using buy or sell on the Menu or select the scrip in the MW. 3. You will see a buy order pad as you click on the search result, navigate from the menu and select the scrip from MW. 4. On the order pad select the product type as Margin. 5. Confirm the order by adding other details and your order will be placed.
Yes, you need to have money in your trading account before placing an order.
Yes, you will receive an online confirmation of orders and trades. The status of any order gets updated on a real-time basis in the Order Book. As you place your order they are immediately validated by the system and then sent to the exchange for execution. The entire process is completely automatic and there are no manual interventions. You will also receive an email that will confirm the order placed by you at the end of the trading day. The digitally signed contract notes will also be sent through e-mail for the orders that are executed during the trading day.
Generally you need an amount of ₹20,000 to trade commodity contracts. But it depends on what contract you buy.
As per the angel one exposure rules, angel one margin for intraday in equity segment is 5x and angel one delivery exposure in equity segment is 1x. Whereas, angel one exposure option and F&O, angel one exposure commodity F&O and angel one Exposure currency is also 1x.
As per the angel one margin 2022, Angel broking intraday exposure in equity segment is 5x and angel one delivery exposure in equity segment is 1x. whereas, angel broking exposure option and F&O, angel broking exposure commodity F&O and Angel broking Exposure currency is also 1x.
Yes, the customers need to have money in their trading account before placing any order. On the other hand, if you have some sold shares, then the sale proceeds can be used to buy the shares you want.
Yes, angel broking is good for trading. It provides various products and services to the customers.
Trading and demat account opening are free in angel broking. Apart for this, some of the services provided by angel broking are chargeable while some of the services are free.
You cannot close your angel broking demat account online. Kindly visit the nearest branch office for angel broking account closing procedure. They will share you the procedure to close to angel broking demat account.
It is a standardized forward contract which can be easily be traded between parties other than the two initial parties to the contract.
Yes, you can open two and even more demat account in angel one.
The branches of Angel broking are well-spread across the different parts of India. It has a wide network of 11,500 sub-brokers and franchises in tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities and towns of the country. Its broad network is among the top propositions to its clients.
It is a lending facility where the clients can avail the loans to trade in shares (Cash Segment of BSE and NSE) against the margin amount. The investor pays only an agreed margin of the total value of shares bought and the remaining is funded by the firm.
Margin Funding is beneficial to the investors who trades on delivery basis and holds the investment. As per the Exchange guideline, debit is not allowed in broking beyond T+7 to take high exposure.
A futures contract is simply a standardized forward contract that can be easily traded between parties other than the two initial parties of the contract.
Angel broking is one of the oldest stock brokers of India. hence, it is considered safe for long term investing.
You can start with any amount that you are comfortable with, but we at Angel broking recommend our customers to start with the substantial amount of ₹25,000.
Active segment indicates the segments in which you are authorized to trade using your angel broking account.

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