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Anand Rathi Mutual Funds Review 2024 |Charges, Benefits, and SIP


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Anand Rathi Mutual Funds Review - Charges and SIP

Share market is so deep that it can fulfill the money thirst of all people around the world. Once a wise person said, ‘After investing money in the right stock, we need to forget our investment for a decade’. We need a platform through which we can invest in maximum segment. When we think about a platform through which we can analyses the market trend precisely and execute our trade easily, Anand Rathi is one of the first priorities of the beginners & experienced traders, established in 1994 and become one of the largest full-service brokers of India. The main objective of the Anand Rathi is to provide every single facility by which beginner and experienced trader can increase their assets. Anand Rathi India has their branches and business partners located in 1200+ locations with a client base of 100000+ clients across India.

A rated mutual funds can trade and invest in NSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEX via Anand Rathi mutual fund portfolio. It is a Depository participant (DP) of NSDL and CDSL. Anand Rathi mutual fund portfolio offers many financial services such as Equity Broking, Portfolio Management Services, Mutual Funds, IPO, Fixed deposits, Bonds etc. Anand Rathi charges variable brokerage in different segment which is quite low as compared to other discount brokers.

Anand Rathi online mutual fund

Anand Rathi mutual fund login offers 100% paperless process to invest in mutual fund which is quite easy. Anand Rathi has 5000+ mutual fund schemes from 30+ fund houses to choose from both regular and mutual fund Anand Rathi. Anand Rathi makes investment easy and hassle-free as the broker has a team of experts to guide you and tools to research, compare and invest in mutual fund. It is also not necessary to open an Anand Rathi demat and trading account in order to invest in mutual fund.

Why to Choose Anand Rathi Mutual Fund?

• Serving since 1994.
• Anand Rathi offers both direct and regular mutual funds on its platform.
• 5000+ mutual fund schemes from 35+ fund houses to choose from.
• Professional and expert team to guide you regarding investment.
• 100% paperless facility to invest in mutual fund.
• Allows you to invest via lumpsum or start a monthly SIP with ease
• High liquidity in Mutual funds.
• Personalized mutual funds reports and Anand Rathi mutual fund recommendations are provided.

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Account Opening

You can invest in mutual fund with Anand Rathi by using demat and trading account or you can also open separate mutual fund account. By opening an account with Anand Rathi, you can invest seamlessly using the same funds and platforms. One can open mutual fund account on Anand Rathi by following below steps:
• Visit official website of Anand Rathi.
• Click on ‘Services’ and choose a distributor from the drop-down list.
• Choose mutual fund from the given option.
• Click on ‘Online MF’ tab then a new page will open.
• Click on login and click ‘New Client Registration’.
• Enter the required details in the given tab.
• Complete your KYC.
• Now, you can invest in mutual fund.

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Investment Platform

Anand Rathi has 2 kind of mutual fund investments platforms. Which includes:
• Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Web (Web-based platform).
• Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Client App (Mobile application)

1. Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Web (Web-based platform)

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund web is a web-based application, easily installable and you can invest from any place by using this platform. Some features of Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Web based platform are written below:
• Online mutual funds tracker.
• Simple user interface.
• Recommendation and advice by Anand Rathi experts.
• Easily installable and simple to use.
• Invest across various schemes within it.

2. Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Client App (Smartphone-based App)

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Client App is a mobile-based application through which any investor can invest in mutual funds from any place across India. You can download ‘Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Application’ from Google play store and App Store without paying any charges as it is totally free for the investors. You need to enter your Anand Rathi account’s login credentials to access this app.
• Invest across various schemes.
• Track your mutual fund portfolio.
• Latest market news.
• Invest from any place across India.
• Easily downloadable for Android & IOS users and free to use.
• Instant price alerts.
• Alert and notification facility.

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund SIP

Anand Rathi facilitates you to invest a lump sum amount or invest via Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) from more than 30 fund houses. Any investor can invest with a minimum SIP amount of Rs 500 and some in some mutual funds, you can also invest with a minimum amount of Rs.250. Anand Rathi offers SIP calculator through which you can calculate your investment and possible returns. By using this platform, you can switch your plans at any time.

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Customer Care

For any queries and issues, you can contact the broker via below mobile number and email id.
Mobile No. – 18004201004
Email ID –

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shares can be sold on same day if you have holdings available in your account otherwise it can be sold next day.
You will need a custodial account with any adult as you’re younger than the maturity age (18 or 21) because Pan card is a mandatory document needed to open your demat and trading account.
Every segment has variable timing schedule which is as follows: Equity (NSE, BSE, NSEFO & BSEFO) – 4:30 pm to 8:45 am Commodity (MCX & NCDEX) – 12:15 am to 9:45 am Currency (MCXSX & NSECDS) – 5:30 pm to 8:45 am DGCX – 2:00 am to 8:15 am
Any investor can place multiple E-SIP / SWP requests for different scrips but you need to submit separate request for each script.
Anand Rathi is a very safe, secure and diverse platform. This broker is known for its transparency, free trading software and free account opening facility. Anand Rathi also provides advisory & research services to their clients. One should choose Anand Rathi as their investment platform because of its world-class facilities.
No, it is not necessary to have a demat and trading account with Anand Rathi to invest in mutual fund, you can also open a separate Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Account by visiting the official website or mobile application.
Any individual, Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), partnership firm, proprietary firm, a company can open trading account with Anand Rathi via online method or by visiting the nearby branch.
Yes, Anand Rathi offers After Market Order (AMO) facility on its platform.
Applicable charges for trading in commodities on Anand Rathi are as follows: • Brokerage – Already decided at the time of account opening (Minimum Rs 25 per contract). • Exchange Fee – As per the exchange norms. • Stamp Duty – Applicable as per state norms. • Service Tax – As per the govt. norms.
Anand Rathi is the depositary participant of both NSDL and CDSL. Customer’s demat account on Anand Rathi is registered with CDSL or NSDL.
No, Anand Rathi does not offer online facility to invest in IPOs but you can invest by using ASBA facility and mention Anand Rathi demat account number in the form.
When you used to sell any asset such as shares, bonds, debentures, land, house, agricultural land, shop and mutual fund units, you make a profit on the sale which is known as capital gains and the tax you pay on this profit is known as capital gains tax.
Balance Quantity > 0, then it is +ve position. Balance Quantity < 0, then it is -ve position. If both positions are together then comes under all positions.
Anand Rathi offers a new service known as E-SWP (Equity Systematic Withdrawal Plan) by which you can sell your orders for selected amount or quantity in the desired scrips at regular intervals in the long run.