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5paisa Demat Account Review | Opening Charges, Details


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5paisa Demat Account Review - Opening Process and Benefits is a Mumbai based discount stock broker of India that offers trading, investment and advisory services to the retail customers in India. It also provides online mutual funds, IPO services and Insurance distribution services along with the stock and currency trading. 5paisa demat account brokerage charges are flat fee brokerage charges They charge flat brokerage ₹20 per executed order across the different segments. Best review about 5paisa demat account is that 5 paisa demat account charges are also fair as 5 paisa free demat account opening is available.

5paisa Demat Account Charges



5pais Demat Account Opening Fees

₹0 (Free)

5paisa Demat Account Maintenance Charges

Up to ₹300 + GST (Yearly)

5paisa charges for demat account includes 5paisa demat account opening charges and 5 paisa demat account AMC charges. Annual charges of 5paisa demat account is called Annual maintenance charges (AMC).

5 paisa demat account opening charges are Zero and AMC in demat account charges in 5paisa is charged on monthly basis. 5pais Monthly AMC charges is up to ₹25 + GST and its sum for a year makes it up to ₹300+ GST.

5paisa Demat Account Opening

Demat account 5paisa is one of the depository services offered by them. 5paisa 2 in 1 account offered by 5paisa that includes both 5paisa trading and demat account. 5paisa demat account offers various purposes as it holds shares, mutual funds, bonds, gold bonds and other similar assets with a unique ISIN number. 5 paisa demat account allows the customers to buy or sell the shares electronically without any paperwork. 5 paisa demat account review is satisfactory.

Demat account provides the investors the facility of holding their shares in electronic form. It is simply a replacement for holding and trading in physical share certificates that includes a lot of paperwork. Since most of the transactions are carried online, the customer can easily and conveniently trade using the 5pais Demat account online. Demat account maintenance charges 5paisa depends upon the amount of fund in your demat account.

Types of 5paisa Demat account

You can open three types of Demat account in 5paisa. The types of account are:
1. Regular Demat account- Regular demat account 5 paisa is available for those investors who are Indian Residents. SEBI has also introduced an account type that is called as the BSDA (Basic Services Demat Account). This account is for investors whose holding values does not exceed ₹ 2 lakhs. Hence, the maintenance charges are low, annually. If you hold up to ₹50,000 in your 5paisa demat account, then you do not have to pay any 5paisa demat account AMC charges at all.

2. Repatriable Demat account- This Demat account is meant for non-resident Indians (NRIs) under which the funds can be easily transferred in foreign. This account requires an NRE account associated with it. It is one of the 5paisa NRI demat account.

3. Non-Repatriable Demat account- It is a Demat account used by NRIs under which the funds cannot be transferred abroad. Such account requires an NRO bank account associated with it. It is also a 5 paisa NRI demat account.

Important Features of 5 paisa Demat account

1. Demat accounts offered by 5paisa are excellently integrated with the trading applications.
2. Flexibility to hold the mutual funds in the same Demat account.
3. Provides easy online and offline transfer of shares.
4. You can even freeze your 5 paisa demat account for certain time, if you wish to do so.
5. 5paisa Demat account can be accessed via mobile trading app, website and desktop trading apps.
6. Option to get the dividend directly deposited in the linked bank account.
7. Automatic updating of bonus issues, right shares or stocks split in the Demat account.
8. It facilitates customer to convert physical share certificate to Demat account.

Documents Required for Opening Demat Account in 5paisa

Some documents are required to open 5paisa demat account. List of 5paisa demat account documents are give below:
1. PAN Card details.
2. Passport size photograph.
3. Address Proof (Passport, Voter Id, Bank statement, Ration Card, etc.)
4. Bank Proof (Cancelled cheque or bank statement)
5. Income Proof (Copy of Annual account, Form 16, etc.)
6. Specimen signature- It is required for offline transactions in case of digitally signed applications.

How to Open 5paisa Demat account?

5 paisa demat account opening process is easy. To open a Demat account with 5paisa, you need to follow the 5paisa demat account opening procedure. Steps to open demat account in 5paisa are as follows:
1. Fill in your personal details like your PAN Number, DOB, and Aadhar number.
2. Enter your Bank details like Account number and IFSC code to fetch your bank details in one go.
3. Upload the required documents.
4. In the final step, review and complete form and sign it digitally using your Aadhar. Your account will open shortly, once after getting verified by 5paisa.

Benefits of 5 paisa Demat Account

5paisa demat account benefits are given below:
1. Portfolio Analytics- It provides the real time reports on the gains/losses that are compared with the benchmarks and suggestions. This helps in improving the performance for the risk appetite.
2. Flat fee- 5paisa flat fee brokerage of ₹20 per order is also beneficial for high volume traders. This results in saving more than 98% on your brokerage costs.
3. Hassle-free- 5 paisa demat account opening has complete paper-less and easy Demat account opening process. The process is based on Aadhar to manage all your investments at a single and safe place.
4. Single Account- It provides only one account to trade in stocks, future and options (F&O), commodities as well as currencies at a flat rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NRI account opening in 5paisa is not available. Only Indian residents living in foreign can open their regular 5paisa account using their Indian resident proof and Indian Bank account.
No, It charges flat ₹20 per executed order brokerage for stock trading and ₹10 per executed order brokerage for mutual funds.
The features are listed below: 1. Zero brokerage. 2. Free premium Research and advisory. 3. Paperless account opening. 4. Free account opening. 5. Free mutual fund account opening.
In order to track the account opening status of your references, you need to follow these steps: 1. Login partner section. 2. Click on the dashboard. 3. Select the lead status and you will be able to see the account opening status of your reference.
The steps to download profit and loss reports in 5paisa are: 1. Enter your username and password by logging in to your account. 2. Click on your Profile logo on the dashboard. 3. Go to “My reports” from the options tab. 4. Select “Portfolio” from the reports option. 5. Select the necessary filters. 6. Click on the PDF or Excel button and download your P&L report from 5paisa.
If the customer applies online to open an account then the account will be opened within an hour. If the customer applies offline to open an account then the account will be opened within 24 hours. Any mistake in the submitted forms or documents would delay the account opening process.
The limit for IPO application is 2 lakhs per transaction on UPI.
You will get a link which you can send to your references. One your references add their name, mail Id and mobile number then the credit will be given to you automatically.
No, 5paisa does not provides NRI account opening facility.
Only 5paisa demat account opening is free but there are some other charges related to demat account are applicable on 5paisa demat account.
To check applied IPO in 5paisa, login to paisa account and visit IPO section to check any details related to IPO.
It allows the users to trade and to invest in equity, currency trading to go along with the mutual fund investments across BSE, and NSE.
5paisa algo trading works with the help of 5paisa API key. 5paisa API is free for all 5paisa users.
ALB is the Adjusted Ledger Balance. It is the balance for the fund that you can withdraw or transfer back to the bank account.
Login to your paisa account. Click on IPO applicant details to check 5 paisa IPO application number.
The add on packs do not include the GST tax. All the paid plans will be charged at 18% GST over and above the add on pack fees and the same shall be non-refundable.
To buy IPO in 5paisa app, login to 5paisa app using your 5paisa account login credentials. Click IPO and select the IPO you wish to apply. Fill the details like 5paisa IPO quantity, 5 paisa IPO price and your UPI ID. Accept the mandate request received on your UPI app to complete the 5paisa IPO application.
To cancel 5paisa IPO request, login to your 5paisa demat account.
₹20 per executed order.
IPO minimum amount depends upon the IPO company. But IPO minimum application amount generally starts from ₹13,000 onwards.
A minor cannot become a 5Paisa partner.
To delete application of IPO on 5paisa, login to 5paisa. You will find the cancel of modify bid option in IPO reports section.
To change your billing date, you are required to cancel your subscription and restart it on the date you would like to bill it on. In case you cancel it in the middle of your billing cycle, the cancellation shall be effective only at the end of that billing cycle and then you will be unable to re-subscribe your account until after that time. does not provide any marketing support. The customer is required to search their references on their own. Although, the complete information about is available on the website. The information present on website can be used for convincing clients.
When you sell any stocks hold in your demat account and the securities are debited from the demat account then a demat debit charge is levied by 5paisa. The charges are 0.025% i.e. minimum ₹25 per transaction of the value of securities.
The de-registration will not be available from the application until the active requests are revoked/executed.
The signature may get rejected due to the following reasons: 1. If the client has signed other than blue or black ink in the sent documents. 2. If the client has signed with pencil. 3. If the signature file is not uploaded properly. 4. If the signature does not match with your PAN. 5. If the signature is blur and not visible.
Login to your 5paisa account on 5paisa web or 5paisa app. Visit IPO section and select the IPO you wish to apply.
Sensibull is an independent start-up with its own options trading platform. It has tied up with various brokers like 5paisa and more. It helps users in taking their options trading decisions.
No, there are no charges for transactions done through UPI.
This broker results as a fantastic choice for the beginner clients as it is cheap. It charges a flat rate brokerage for all the segments and allows investment with assistance of small chunk of money without the need of deploying massive funds into the demat account.
They are the type of mutual funds that invest in securities with a residual maturity of up to 91 days. The assets invested are not tied up for a long time as liquid funds do not have lock-in period.
You can sell the IPO shares on and after the listing day of IPO. Just login to your 5paisa account, click on HOLDINGS and select the shares you wish to sell. Enter the details and click on sell. Remember, you must have a trading account for this because buying and selling of shares in stock market can be done only via a trading account
It is the date on which the client’s investment will be processed each month. When a client does an SIP then the amount is debited from their bank account one business day prior to the SIP date.
A Virtual Payment Address (VPA) is a unique identifier that can be used to send and receive money on UPI. Think of it as an email Id that you can use to transfer money.
You are required to have an active equity account in order to subscribe to any of our add on back plans.