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Raghunandan Money (RMoney) Margin / Exposure Review

Raghunandan Money (RMoney) is one of the top priorities of the beginners and experienced traders. RMoney offers you to invest/trade in equity, derivative, futures, options, IPO, currency, commodity and mutual funds. Raghunandan Money is a very transparent and diverse platform without any hidden charges. RMoney offers 100% paperless 3-in-1 account opening facility on its platform i.e. NSDL Payments Bank Account, Demat and Trading account. RMoney is a very popular broker because of its ultra-fast trading software and modern services. RMoney has a motive to provide you world-class facilities in an affordable price so that you can increase your assets.
Raghunandan Money (RMoney) offers two types of brokerage plan i.e. Discount Brokerage Plan and Happy Service Plan. Under Discount Brokerage Plan, you need to pay fixed brokerage of Rs 18 per executed order in all the segments whereas in Happy Service Plan, you will pay variable brokerage in various different segments. RMoney offers free trading software and a wide range of tools on its platform which are equipped with all the modern facilities such as customisable watchlist & charts, technical analysis tools, IPO alert option, real-time market data etc.

Raghunandan Money (RMoney) Leverage and Margin:

As per the SEBI guidelines, Raghunandan Money (RMoney) offers leverage and margin facility in almost all the segments except in equity delivery. Raghunandan Money (RMoney) allows you to trade more over the funds available in your demat account as it aims to increase your financial earning. With the help of leverage facility, any trader can buy unaffordable shares and, in this way, by trading more in the share market, one can enhance their assets in a very less time.
Margin and leverage are interconnected to each other but margin is a kind of debt or loan which is generally required to open a position where assets owned by an individual are considered as collateral for soliciting a loan from a broker whereas multiple of exposure to account equity is known as leverage.

Raghunandan Money (RMoney) Margin:

The rules has been changed from Sep 1, 2021 in which the margin for trading will be decided by the SEBI and every broker have to follow all the instructions. Raghunandan Money (RMoney) offers margin in various segments which are as follows:




Equity Delivery

100% of trade value


Equity Intraday

Up to 20% of trade value


Equity Future

100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)


Equity Option

100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)


Currency Futures

100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)


Currency Option

100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)


Commodity Futures

100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)



Raghunandan Money (RMoney) Margin Policy:

• It is advisable for traders to square off all MIS positions before 15 minutes to market closing time otherwise you need to pay auto square  off charges to the broker.
• It is allowed to convert your margin positions into delivery then you should have sufficient funds in your demat account.

Raghunandan Money (RMoney) Margin Calculator:

Raghunandan Money (RMoney) offers online margin calculator through which you can calculate span exposure, NRML margin, MIS margin, BO/CO etc. to trade in equity, equity future, commodity and currency. Margin calculator is available in the official website of Raghunandan Money (RMoney) as well as inbuilt in the mobile application
• Login into your account via official website or mobile application of Raghunandan Money (RMoney) by using your mobile / desktop / laptop / tablet.
• Open margin calculator available at the home page of the website.
• Select your desired segment.
• Select the type of order, expiry date & quantity.
• In the last, click on calculate to get the result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Raghunandan Money (RMoney) offers two types of brokerage plan to all resident Indians which are as follows: • Zero Brokerage Plan • Happy Service Plan
Yes, Raghunandan Money (RMoney) offers 3-in-1 account on its platform i.e. NSDL bank account + Demat Account + Trading Account.
RMoney (Raghunandan Money) is a technology-driven diverse platform offers many trading software which are accessible in laptop, pc, android mobile, IOS device and tablet. • RMoney Smart (Browser-based trading platform) • RMoney Active (Trading Terminal) • RMoney Quick (Mobile-based application)
Both the plans are slightly different but equipped with modern & technical tools. Both the plans are as follows: Zero Brokerage Plan: Brokerage of Rs 18 per executed order for all the segment, free trading software. Free call & trade facility, lifetime free demat AMC, Free Demat Account opening, zero brokerage in equity delivery etc. Happy Service Plan: Percentage-based brokerage, Free trading software, free call & trade facility, free portfolio analysis, Free research, tips & advice, Free Personalized trade assistance, Lifetime free Demat AMC etc.
No, it is not necessary to have a demat and trading account with Raghunandan Money (RMoney) to invest in mutual fund, you can also open a separate Raghunandan Money (RMoney) Mutual Fund Account by visiting the official website or mobile application and click on “Gullak” available in the footer of the website. RMoney Gullak is a mutual fund investment platform offers 100% paperless facility to invest in mutual fund.
Yes, Raghunandan Money (RMoney) provides online facility to invest in IPOs. Any Indian citizen can avail this service to invest in their favourite companies.
RMoney does not charge single penny as AMC. It is known for its zero account maintenance charges.
Any individual, Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), partnership firm, proprietary firm, a company can open trading account with Raghunandan Money (RMoney) via online method or by visiting the nearby branch.
Raghunandan Money (RMoney) is the depositary participant of both CDSL. Customer’s demat account on RMoney is registered with CDSL and the broker acts as a mediator between the customer and national exchange.
Yes, RMoney offers refer & earn facility to every Indian citizen in which you will get Rs 100 for every account opened by your reference.
RMoney does not charges any amount on call & trading facility. Any client can use this facility without paying any charges.
Raghunandan Money (RMoney) is a SEBI registered stock broker started in 2004 with its head office in Agra (Uttar Pradesh). RMoney is known for its diversity, transparency and safety. In the region of Uttar Pradesh, directly or indirectly more than 80% of broking clients are associated with RMoney. The broker is the winner of NCDEX Krishi Pragati Awards 2017 and Times of India Excellence Award 2015.
You can open an account in just 5 minutes on Raghunandan Money (RMoney). Visit the official website of RMoney, click on 5 min account opening available at the top of the home page, upload the required documents and now invest in share market. You can also visit nearby branch of the broker or download the account opening form available in the download section of the website.
Yes, Raghunandan Money (RMoney) offers free advisory & recommendation services on its platform. The broker has a team of well-managed professionals who are innovative, minded and experienced. Grow your money on facts is the advice for the traders & investors from RMoney.

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