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Unbiased Insights: In-Depth Review of Northeast Broking by Garv Thakur


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Northeast Broking Review | Account Opening Charge, Brokerage, and Trading Platform

Northeast Broking Services Ltd, established in 1995, is a well-known broking company headquartered in Telangana, India.  Northeast Broking Services Ltd is committed to providing clients with reliable, secure, fast, cost-effective stock broking and demat services. By offering these services, the company aims to assist clients in achieving better returns on their investments. As a premier Trading Member, Northeast Broking holds memberships with major stock exchanges such as NSE (National Stock Exchange) for cash, F&O (Futures and Options), and Currency trading, BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) for cash trading, and MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange) and NCDEX (National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange) for commodities trading. Northeast brokerage services has emerged as one of the largest broking firms in the region. The company has built an extensive network spanning Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu, and is rapidly expanding its presence across India. North east brokerage Broking is registered as a Depositary Participant (DP) with NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) and CDSL (Central Depository Services Limited), facilitating demat services for its clients.

Northeast Account Opening Charges 

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Demat Account Opening Charges


Demat Account AMC Charges


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Trading Account AMC Charges


Northeast Broking Brokerage Plans

Northeast offers three types of brokerage plans. These brokerage plans are as follows: 

SegmentActive Trader PlanFull Service Brokerage PlanDiscount Brokerage Plan
Equity Delivery0.1% per order0.3% per orderRs. 20/order
Equity Intraday0.01% per order0.03% per orderRs. 20/order
Currency Futures0.01% per order0.03% per orderRs. 20/order
Currency OptionsRs. 9/lotRs. 25/lotRs. 20/order
Commodity Futures0.1% per order0.3% per orderRs. 20/order
Commodity OptionsRs. 25/lotRs. 50/lotRs. 20/order
Equity Futures0.1% per order0.3% per orderRs. 20/order
Equity OptionsRs. 25/lotRs. 50/lotRs. 20/order

Northeast Broking Trading Platform 

Northeast Broking offers multiple trading platforms for trading through different - different devices. These Northeast brokers trading platforms are mentioned below:

1. Northeast Odien Diet trading software

2. NBSL Trade Mobile App 

3. Northeast Aero Web

Northeast Broking Refer and Earn Program

Northeast Broking also offers to refer and earn program to generate extra income. Anyone can join the Northeast Refer and Earn program by just opening an account with Northeast Broking. 

Northeast Broking Facility

Northeast Broking provides many facilities to its clients. Some facilities are as follows:

  • Equity Trading: Provides a platform to trade/invest in equities traded in all reputed Indian Stock Exchanges.

  • Future & Option: Offers derivatives trading, including Futures and Options, which are essential parts of the Stock and Currency Markets.

  • Currency Trading: Facilitates trading in currency futures, which have shown remarkable growth potential and are now significant in the market.

  • Mutual Fund: Allows investors to pool their money with others and invest in a diversified portfolio of assets through mutual funds.

  • Margin Trading: Enables carrying equity segment delivery positions by maintaining specified margins, as per SEBI Circular.

  • Commodities: Provides access to trade raw materials or agricultural products, which are major asset classes of investment.

  • Fast executions: Ensures quick and efficient order executions for seamless trading experiences.

  • Trading tools: Offers a range of tools and resources to assist traders in analyzing the market and making informed decisions.

  • Guide & support: Provides guidance and support to clients, assisting them in navigating the trading process and answering their queries.

  • Financial security: Ensures the security of clients' financial transactions and investments.

  • Strong regulatory: Adheres to strong regulatory standards to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buy today & sell tomorrow (BTST) is applicable when any investor buys the stock today which is ‘T’ day and sells it the next day which is T+1 day.
Account Closure Charges in ₹250 + GST in Northeast Broking.
NORTHEAST BROKING SERVICES LIMITED is having registered office at 8-2-120/12/88 & 89/7/S1; II FloorAparna Crest; Road No.2; Khairatabad; Telangana; 500034; India.
Yes, northeast broking is considered a safe discount brokerage house in India.
Yes, brokers are often subject to regulation depending on the country or region they operate in. Regulatory bodies.
Northeast Broking Services Contact details are via email: or Mobile: 040-66918839.
In an IPO, the company typically hires investment banks to underwrite and manage the offering. The banks help determine the IPO price, file the necessary regulatory documents, market the offering to potential investors, and allocate the shares. Once the IPO is launched, interested investors can purchase the shares through the designated process, and the company receives the proceeds from the sale.
Northeast Broking Brokerage Charges is ₹13 per order.
Financial news websites, investment platforms, and brokerage firms often provide information about upcoming IPOs. You can also check with your broker or financial advisor for updates on IPOs and their availability.
Companies go public through an IPO for various reasons, including raising capital to fund growth and expansion, providing an exit opportunity for existing shareholders or venture capitalists, enhancing brand recognition and credibility, and facilitating acquisitions or mergers using publicly traded shares.
Trading Account AMC Charges in Free in Northeast Broking.
Free Account opening in Northeast Broking.
Northeast Broking Services is located in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Call and Trade Charges in ₹70 per Order.
Yes, you can switch brokers if you are unsatisfied with your current one or find a better-suited option.