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Northeast Broking Mutual Funds Review

Northeast Broking is a renowned northeast brokerage firm that provides investment and trading financial services in multiple segments such as equity, commodity, currency, derivatives, IPOs, and mutual funds. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and wealth creation, Northeast Broking has established itself as a trusted partner for investors aiming to achieve their financial goals. Northeast Broking is a registered member of NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX. Northeast Broking boasts a team of experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the financial markets and a sharp understanding of investor needs. Northeast Broking offers a wide range of mutual fund options tailored to suit various risk appetites and investment objectives. Through Northeast Broking's expert guidance and personalized approach, Northeast Broking aims to empower investors to make informed decisions and build long-term wealth. With a commitment to transparency, integrity, and excellence, Northeast Broking Mutual Funds continues to set new benchmarks in the mutual fund industry, earning the trust and loyalty of its ever-growing customer base.

Northeast Broking Mutual Fund App

Northeast Broking offers a dedicated mobile application for mutual funds investment. This mutual fund mobile application is “NEBSL”. Investors can easily open mutual funds brokerage accounts through the NEBSL app. Investors can invest in mutual funds via a Systematic investment plan (SIP) through NEBSL mutual fund app. This mutual fund mobile app is available for Android and iOS users. It is available for download from the iOS app store or the Google Play store. The Northeast Broking mutual funds mobile app is equipped with many advanced features and tools.   

Northeast Broking Mutual Fund Mobile App Features

Northeast Broking mutual fund mobile app features are as follows:

  • Transact Online: Complete hassle-free online transactions for mutual funds, allowing you to invest, redeem, and switch funds at your convenience.

  • All-around Investment View: Gain an all-around view of your investments across various asset classes, such as equities, debt, and hybrid funds. This feature enables you to track your investments based on the asset management company (AMC) and individual family-wise portfolios.

  • Recent Transactions for MF: Stay updated on your mutual fund transactions, including purchases, redemptions, and switches, ensuring you have a clear record of your investment activities.

  • Holding Report for MF: Access detailed reports on your mutual fund holdings, enabling you to monitor your portfolio's performance and make informed investment decisions.

  • Factsheet: Stay informed with the latest factsheets of mutual funds, providing you with complete information about the fund's performance, portfolio composition, and key statistics.

  • Recommended Funds: Receive personalized fund recommendations based on your investment goals, risk profile, and market trends, assisting you in identifying suitable investment opportunities.

  • Market View - News and Videos: Stay updated with the latest market news and trends through curated articles and videos, helping you stay informed and make informed investment decisions.

  • Schedule tasks for your Advisor: Seamlessly schedule tasks and meetings with your financial advisor through the app, ensuring effective communication and collaboration for better financial planning.

  • Alerts: Receive timely alerts on important events, such as SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) expiry, bounced SIP payments, and terminated SIPs, helping you stay on top of your investment commitments.

  • Calculators: Utilize various calculators provided in the app, such as SIP calculators, goal-based calculators, and tax calculators, empowering you to plan your investments and evaluate their potential returns.

  • E-locker Facility: Safely store your personal documents, insurance policies, and other important files using the e-locker feature, ensuring easy access and organization of your financial documents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buy today & sell tomorrow (BTST) is applicable when any investor buys the stock today which is ‘T’ day and sells it the next day which is T+1 day.
Account Closure Charges in ₹250 + GST in Northeast Broking.
NORTHEAST BROKING SERVICES LIMITED is having registered office at 8-2-120/12/88 & 89/7/S1; II FloorAparna Crest; Road No.2; Khairatabad; Telangana; 500034; India.
Yes, northeast broking is considered a safe discount brokerage house in India.
Yes, brokers are often subject to regulation depending on the country or region they operate in. Regulatory bodies.
Northeast Broking Services Contact details are via email: or Mobile: 040-66918839.
In an IPO, the company typically hires investment banks to underwrite and manage the offering. The banks help determine the IPO price, file the necessary regulatory documents, market the offering to potential investors, and allocate the shares. Once the IPO is launched, interested investors can purchase the shares through the designated process, and the company receives the proceeds from the sale.
Northeast Broking Brokerage Charges is ₹13 per order.
Financial news websites, investment platforms, and brokerage firms often provide information about upcoming IPOs. You can also check with your broker or financial advisor for updates on IPOs and their availability.
Companies go public through an IPO for various reasons, including raising capital to fund growth and expansion, providing an exit opportunity for existing shareholders or venture capitalists, enhancing brand recognition and credibility, and facilitating acquisitions or mergers using publicly traded shares.
Trading Account AMC Charges in Free in Northeast Broking.
Free Account opening in Northeast Broking.
Northeast Broking Services is located in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Call and Trade Charges in ₹70 per Order.
Yes, you can switch brokers if you are unsatisfied with your current one or find a better-suited option.