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Unbiased Eureka Broker Reviews & Ratings | Garv Thakur


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Eureka Review | Charge and Trading Platform Details

Eureka Securities, with its rich history dating back to 1992, stands as a prominent stock brokerage company in the world of investment and financial intermediaries in India. With decades of experience under its belt, the company has established itself as a trusted and forward-thinking stock company in the financial sector. Eureka Securities takes pride in offering best-in-class trading and services to customers with its membership in the National Stock Exchange (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX), Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL), and National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL). Eureka offers flexible brokerage charges for trading in the stock market. Eureka Securities boasts a dedicated team of over 130 employees, each equipped with a future-ready mindset, ensuring the company's continued growth and success in a rapidly evolving financial world. The company's commitment to its customers is evident in its impressive track record of over 90,000 satisfied and loyal clients who have benefited from Eureka's expert investment solutions.

Eureka Securities Products and Services

Eureka has a wide range of financial products and services. Here are all the products and services of Eureka Securities:

  • Equities Trading

  • Derivatives Trading

  • Currency Trading

  • Commodity Trading

  • Mutual Funds & ETFs

  • SLBM

  • Corporate Fixed Deposit

  • NPS

  • Debt Market

  • Insurance

  • Global Investing

  • Initial Public Offering

  • Sovereign Gold Bonds

  • Portfolio Management

  • Depository Services

  • NRI Services

  • Calculators

  • EuTech

Eureka Account Opening Charges 

Eureka account opening charges are given below:

ParticularsPlatinumNew ClassicNew Standard
Demat Account Opening Charges₹0₹0₹0
Demat Account AMC Charges₹240 per year₹360 per year₹480 per year
Trading Account Opening Charges₹0₹0₹0
Trading Account AMC ChargesNANANA

Eureka Trading Platform Details

Eureka offers multiple trading platforms to its customers for buying and selling securities. Eureka trading platforms are equipped with advanced features and trading tools. Eureka trading platforms are available for desktop, mobile, tablet, and iPad. Eureka trading platforms are mentioned below:

1. EuTrade Web

2. Infinity by Eureka Mobile App

3. EuTrade EXE Software

Eureka Securities Benefits 

Here are some benefits of Eureka Securities:

  • Eureka Advantage: Access premium financial services through India's best trading platform.

  • Bespoke Stock Broking: Tailored stock brokerage services that align with your financial goals and investment aspirations.

  • Demat Account: Secure your investments with our efficient Demat Account services.

  • Two-in-one Account: Simplify your trading and investment with our comprehensive two-in-one account.

  • Advisory Services: Benefit from expert advice to make informed investment decisions.

  • Call and Trade: Conveniently trade with our call and trade service.

  • Trading Account: Access our top-notch trading account for seamless transactions.

  • Portfolio Management: Let us manage your portfolio for optimal returns.

  • NRI Services: Specialized services for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs).

  • Margin Trading Funding: Avail margin trading funding for enhanced investment opportunities.

  • Expertise: Rely on our decades of experience and credibility in the financial sector.

  • Performance: Tap into our unparalleled knowledge of the stock market for better returns.

  • Flexibility: Choose from customizable investment options tailored to your needs.

  • Innovation: Access the latest technological innovations for easy and efficient investments.

  • Range: Explore a wide range of investment options and schemes to find the right fit for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eureka offers many financial services and products, including equity trading, commodity trading, currency trading, derivatives trading, mutual funds, IPOs, fixed deposits, ETFs, NRI services, bonds, portfolio management, etc.
Yes, you get real-time market data with the Eureka trading platform.
Yes, Eureka offers margin trading facilities to its customers.
Yes, Eureka offers online trading services to customers.
You can contact Eureka customer support desk through their contact number “+91 33 6628 0000” or email “”.
Eureka has been in the stock market business for more than 30 years.
Yes, Eureka offers mutual fund investment solutions to customers.
Yes, Eureka Securities offers portfolio management services to its customers.
Yes, you can trade in commodities with Eureka Securities.
Yes, Eureka offers advisory services to its customers.
Eureka Securities is located in Kolkata, West Bengal.
Yes, you can trade in international markets through Eureka Securities.
Yes, Eureka Securities offers educational resources through its mobile app, “EuTrend”.
Yes, Eureka provides a mobile trading app to start trading on smartphones.
Eureka Securities is an online stock brokerage firm based in Kolkata, West Bengal.
Yes, NRIs can open accounts with Eureka Securities.