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Resolve Issues with Eureka Broker: Submit Complaints | Garv Thakur


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Eureka Complaints 

Eureka Securities, which has been in business since 1992, is a well-known stock brokerage firm in the field of investing and financial intermediaries in India. With decades of experience, the organization has established itself as a dependable and forward-thinking financial stock corporation. With membership in the National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange, Multi Commodity Exchange, Central Depository Services Limited, and National Securities Depository Limited, Eureka Securities takes pride in providing customers with best-in-class trading and services. Eureka offers adjustable brokerage fees for stock market trading. Eureka Securities has a dedicated staff of over 130 people, all of whom have a forward-thinking perspective, assuring the company's continued growth and success in a fast-changing financial environment. Customers can contact Eureka customer service regarding any queries or issues via the Eureka head office contact number. 

Eureka Complaint Number and Support Desk Details

Eureka has a dedicated team of customer care representatives to resolve customer’s complaints as soon as possible. Customers can reach out to Eureka customer care representatives through the Eureka complaints number or Eureka customer service email. They say that they have not received any complaints from customers regarding their services and products. Customer complaints can be related to account opening, trading accounts, demat accounts, trading platforms, funds, etc. In the absence of an Eureka complaints desk, customers can register their complaints on stock exchanges or the depository board’s official website.

Eureka Monthly Complaints Disposal on the stock broker and depository participants 
MonthCarried forward from the previous monthReceivedResolvedPending
May 2022NilNilNilNil
June 2022NilNilNilNil
July 2022NilNilNilNil
August 2022NilNilNilNil
September 2022NilNilNilNil
January 2024NilNilNilNil
February 2024NilNilNilNil
April 2024NilNilNilNil
May 2024NilNilNilNil
June 2024NilNilNilNil
July 2024NilNilNilNil
August 2024NilNilNilNil
Grand TotalNilNilNilNil

Eureka Yearly Complaints Disposal on the stock broker and depository participants 
YearCarried forward from the previous yearReceived during the yearResolved during the yearPending at the end of the year
Grand TotalNilNilNilNil

Eureka Compliance Officer Contact Details 

Name: Debomita Guha Maity


Phone: 9836000908

Name: Aklesh Sipany


Phone: 9836000172

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eureka offers many financial services and products, including equity trading, commodity trading, currency trading, derivatives trading, mutual funds, IPOs, fixed deposits, ETFs, NRI services, bonds, portfolio management, etc.
Yes, you get real-time market data with the Eureka trading platform.
Yes, Eureka offers margin trading facilities to its customers.
Yes, Eureka offers online trading services to customers.
You can contact Eureka customer support desk through their contact number “+91 33 6628 0000” or email “”.
Eureka has been in the stock market business for more than 30 years.
Yes, Eureka offers mutual fund investment solutions to customers.
Yes, Eureka Securities offers portfolio management services to its customers.
Yes, you can trade in commodities with Eureka Securities.
Yes, Eureka offers advisory services to its customers.
Eureka Securities is located in Kolkata, West Bengal.
Yes, you can trade in international markets through Eureka Securities.
Yes, Eureka Securities offers educational resources through its mobile app, “EuTrend”.
Yes, Eureka provides a mobile trading app to start trading on smartphones.
Eureka Securities is an online stock brokerage firm based in Kolkata, West Bengal.
Yes, NRIs can open accounts with Eureka Securities.