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Vramath Financial Exposure: Maximize Your Trading Potential | Garv Thakur


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Vramath Financial Exposure/Margin Review

Vramath Financial is a small brokerage firm whose registered office is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Vramath Financial holds memberships with the National Stock Exchange (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), and Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) for offering trading and depository services. Vramath Financial offers demat and trading accounts to start investing and trading in different segments of the stock market, such as equity, currency, futures and options, and mutual funds. Vramath Financial provides a user-friendly and technologically advanced trading platform to its customers. Vramath Financial offers margins according to the lot and volume size of the trade. Vramath Financial provides a support panel to provide solutions to issues. In this support panel, customers can find video solutions to their issues related to account opening, demat accounts, trading platforms, etc.

What is Margin/Exposure? 

Margin, also known as exposure in financial contexts, refers to the amount of money or assets that an investor or trader must set aside to cover potential losses on a financial transaction. It acts as a security deposit to ensure that participants in financial markets can fulfill their obligations. Margin requirements vary depending on the asset and the level of risk involved. In trading, if the market moves against you, and your losses exceed the margin you've deposited, you may be required to add more funds to your account to maintain your position or your position may be liquidated to cover the losses. Margin/Exposure management are crucial to risk management and maintaining financial stability in trading and investing.

Vramath Financial Exposure/Margin Limit 

Vramath Financial provides margin/exposure for different trading types in the stock market. Vramath Financial offers margin in two different ways:

Lot SizeMargin Rate (Single Side)
Any Lot Size0.015% - 0.02%
Volume Game0.01%

Advantages of Using Margin/Exposure in Trading

  • Leverage: Allows traders to control larger positions with a relatively small amount of capital, potentially amplifying profits.

  • Capital Efficiency: Enables efficient use of available capital, allowing for diversification across multiple trades.

  • Flexibility: Provides opportunities for short-selling and hedging strategies.

  • Profit Potential: Increases the potential for higher returns if trades move in the desired direction.

  • Risk Management: Margin calls can help limit losses and prompt reevaluation of positions.

Disadvantages of Using Margin/Exposure in Trading

  • Magnified Losses: Increases the risk of significant losses, as losses are also magnified along with profits.

  • Interest Costs: Traders may incur interest expenses on borrowed funds (margin) if positions are held overnight.

  • Psychological Stress: Trading on margin can lead to heightened emotional stress and impulsive decisions.

  • Overtrading: Easy access to leverage can tempt traders to overtrade, increasing exposure and risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Vramath Financial offers mutual funds to invest in.
Yes, Vramath Financial charges Rs.150/month for using the “Pro Plus Version” of Clicq Nd Trade, but its basic version is free to use.
Vramath Financial physical branches are situated in Karaikudi and Coimbatore.
Vramath Financial offers a trading platform called “Clicq Nd Trade”.
Yes, Vramath Financial trading platforms are available on mobile devices.
Yes, Vramth Financial is registered with financial regulatory authorities such as the National Stock Exchange (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL), and the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).
Yes, Vramath Financial boasts of providing investment advice to its clients.
Vramath Financial is headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Yes, You can visit a branch for account-related queries.
Vramath Financial branches working hours are Monday to Friday - 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 PM & Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
The charges associated with a demat account are account opening charges and AMC charges.
Vramath Financial has been in operation since 1999.
Yes, You can trade derivatives and options with Vramath Financial.
You can invest in mutual funds through Vramath Financial by opening a demat account with them.
Yes, You can access international markets through Vramath Financial.
Vramath Financial offers trading and investment services.