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Vedika Vanijya Exposure/Margin Review

Since 2007, Vedika Vanijya has been offering trading and investment services in the stock market. Vedika Vanijya provides trade and investment services to customers in different segments of the stock market, such as equity, futures and options, currencies, and commodities. Vedika Vanijya also offers a margin/exposure facility to its customers. Vedika Vanijya is a trading and clearing member of the National Stock Exchange (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), Indian Commodity Exchange (ICEX), and Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India (MSEI). Vedika Vanijya offers affordable brokerage fees for trading as compared to other stock brokerage firms. Vedika Vanijya provides a mobile app, web portal, and EXE.-based trading platform to any device user. 

Vedika Vanijya Exposure/Margin Details

The Vedika Vanijya Margin/Exposure facility is a valuable feature that empowers traders and investors to maximize their trading potential while managing risk effectively. This offering allows clients to trade larger positions than their account balance would typically permit, effectively magnifying their market participation. Vedika Vanijya sets aside a portion of the required capital, known as margin, to cover potential losses, enabling clients to take advantage of trading opportunities with reduced upfront capital requirements. While this leverage can amplify gains, it's essential to note that it also increases exposure to potential losses. Therefore, Vedika Vanijya ensures that clients have access to clear information and risk management tools to make informed decisions, helping them strike a balance between potential returns and risk tolerance. 

Vedika Vanijya Exposure/Margin Limit

Vedika Vanijya Exposure List


Vedika Vanijya Intraday Exposure/ Margin

Equity Options

1x (100% of Normal margin (Span + Exposure))

Commodity Options

1x (100% of Normal margin (Span + Exposure))

Commodity Futures

1x (100% of Normal margin (Span + Exposure))

Equity Delivery

1x (100% of trade value)

Currency Futures

1x (100% of Normal margin (Span + Exposure))

Equity Futures

1x (100% of Normal margin (Span + Exposure))

Advantages of Margin/Exposure

  • Increased Trading Power: Allows traders to control larger positions with less capital.

  • Leverage Potential: Offers the possibility of amplified gains on successful trades.

  • Diversification: Enables diversification of the portfolio by trading various assets simultaneously.

  • Flexibility: Provides flexibility for short-term trading and seizing opportunities.

Disadvantages of Margin/Exposure

  • Increased Risk: Magnifies losses as well as gains, potentially leading to substantial losses.

  • Interest Costs: Borrowed capital often incurs interest expenses, reducing overall profits.

  • Margin Calls: The broker may require additional funds if losses exceed a certain limit.

  • Overtrading: Easy access to leverage can lead to impulsive and excessive trading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, You can not trade in the international stock market with Vedika Vanijya.
Vedika Vanijya was established in 2007.
Vedika Vanijya offers trading and investment services in equity, commodities, currencies, futures, and options.
Yes, Vedika Vanijya is a SEBI-registered stock brokerage firm.
Yes, Vedika Vanijya is regulated by the SEBI, NSE, BSE, MCX, MSEI, ICEX, and CDSL.
Yes, Vedika Vanijya has multiple physical branches for customer support.
Yes, You can trade in commodities with Vedika Vanijya.
There are Rs. 300 per year in account maintenance charges.
Vedika Vanijya offers multiple trading platforms, the V2 mobile app, the Vedika Trader Web portal, and V2 Exe-based trading software.
Yes, Vedika Vanijya provides margin, or exposure, for trading.
Yes, Vedika Vanijya's brokerage rates are different for different trading segments.
No, there are no additional charges for using Vedika Vanijya trading platforms.
Yes, Vedika Vanijya offers research and analysis tools for trading.
You need to submit an Aadhar card, PAN card, address proof, income proof, photos, and bank account details to open a demat and trading account with Vedika Vanijya.
Yes, Vedika Vanijya offers a mobile trading app, the “V2 app,” for trading and investing.