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Trade on the Go with TradeBulls Mobile App - Garv Thakur


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TradeBulls Mobile Application Features Reviews

Tradebulls Securities Limited is an Indian full-service stockbroking firm. Tradebulls was completed in 2009 and is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Mr. Dinesh Thakkar is the founder of Tradebulls. The CEO of Tradebulls envisions providing successful asset management and financial services to its clientele. Tradebulls Securities Owner is always enhancing its services. Tradebulls Securities Limited is a member of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), and it provides its clients with a comprehensive range of financial services. 

Tradebulls offers multiple trading software for equity, commodities, derivatives, and currency trading. Tradebulls trading software can accessible from both desktop and mobile. Tradebulls is the best tech broker.

Tradebulls Securities Mobile Application

Tradebulls offers a “TradeBulls Touch 2.0 “ mobile app for mobile-based trading.TradeBulls Touch 2.0 is a powerful mobile application for traders and investors who want to stay on top of the markets and make informed decisions. This Tradebulls mobile trading got 4.0+ ratings and 50k+ downloads on the app store. The app offers a range of features and tools that allow users to monitor their investments, analyze market trends, and place trades with ease.

TradeBulls Touch 2.0 Mobile App Features 

The TradeBulls Touch 2.0 Mobile App offers a range of features that cater to the needs of traders and investors. Some features are mentioned below:

  • Create and track your watchlist: With TradeBulls Touch 2.0, users can create a watchlist of stocks and other securities they are interested in and track their performance in real time.

  • Advanced charting at your fingertips: The app offers advanced charting tools that allow users to easily analyze market trends and patterns. They can use a variety of indicators and chart types to help inform their trading decisions.

  • Real-Time application-based platform: TradeBulls Touch 2.0 provides a real-time platform that lets users stay updated with the latest market trends, news, and events.

  • Alerts and Notifications: Never miss anything important: The app sends alerts and notifications to users, keeping them informed about market movements, news, and other important events.

  • Keep track of every investment with our most comprehensive reports: Users can track their investments using the app's comprehensive reports, which provide detailed information about their portfolio performance.

  • Open an account in 5 Min: The app allows users to open an account in just 5 minutes, making it easy for them to get started with trading and investing.

  • Get research recommendations, from our award-winning research team: TradeBulls Touch 2.0 offers research recommendations from its award-winning research team, giving users access to expert insights and analysis.

  • Enjoy fast, secure, and seamless fund transfer: The app provides a secure and seamless fund transfer process, making it easy for users to deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts.

  • Choose among different indices which you want to track: Users can choose among different indices that they want to track, giving them the flexibility to monitor the markets that matter most to them.

Overall, TradeBulls Touch 2.0 Mobile App offers a range of features and tools that make it a valuable resource for traders and investors who want to stay informed and make informed trading decisions.

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