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Swastika Investmart Branches - Nationwide Presence for Personalized Financial Assistance


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Swastika Investmart Branches and Contact Details

Swastika Investmart boasts a vast network of branches across India, ensuring that our customers have convenient access to our services. With over 100 branch offices spread throughout the country, Swastika Investmart Branches are committed to serving investors and traders from various regions. Each Swastika Investmart branch is staffed by a team of market experts who possess in-depth knowledge and experience in the financial industry. These professionals are dedicated to offering guidance and advice to help individuals make informed investment decisions. Swastika Investmart branches serve as more than just physical locations for clients to visit. Swastika Investmart branches are hubs of knowledge and expertise, enabling a sense of community among investors.

Swastika Investmart Registered Office Details

Address: Flat No.18, 2nd Floor, North Wing, Madhaveshwar Co-operative Housing Society Ltd, Madhav Nagar, 11/12, S. V. Road, Andheri W, Mumbai Maharastra (400058)

Mobile: 022-26254568

Swastika Investmart Headquarters Office Details 

Address: 48, Jaora Compound, M.Y.H. Road, Indore Madhya Pradesh (452001)

Mobile: 0731 - 6644000

Swastika Invesmart Branches Details

Swastika Investmart offers a branch locator tool on its official website. Investors can locate nearby branches in their city. Some branch details are mentioned below:

  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Andhara Pradesh
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Bihar
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Chhatisgarh
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Delhi
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Gujarat
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Haryana
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Karnataka
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Kerala
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Madhya Pradesh
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Maharashtra
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Orissa
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Punjab
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Rajasthan
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Tamil Nadu
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Telangana
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Uttar Pradesh
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Uttarakhand
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in West Bengal
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Goa
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Jharkhand
  • Swastika Investmart Branches in Assam

Swastika Investmart Customer Care Details

Name: Mr. Sunny Kale

Address: 48, Jaora Compound, MYH Square, Indore M. P. (452001)

Mobile: 01204400789


Name: Mr. Nikhil Godha

Address: 48, Jaora Compound, MYH Square, Indore M. P. (452001)

Mobile: 01204400744



Swastika Investmart's branch network commitment to customer service and accessibility. Our branches spread across various cities and towns in India, serve as dedicated spaces where investors and traders can interact with our experienced teams, receive personalized guidance, and benefit from our comprehensive range of financial services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Swastika Investmart Brokerage Charges 0.30% per order and in Currency the charge is ₹50 per lot.
Yes, brokers are typically regulated by financial regulatory authorities in the countries where they operate. Regulations aim to ensure fair practices, investor protection, and market integrity.
Brokers provide a range of services depending on the type of brokerage firm. Some common services include executing trades on behalf of clients, providing investment advice and recommendations, offering research and analysis, facilitating access to financial markets, and managing client portfolios.
Yes, most brokers offer online trading platforms that allow clients to place trades electronically. These platforms provide real-time market data, order execution capabilities, portfolio tracking, and other features to facilitate trading from anywhere with an internet connection.
E- Margin facility available on some limited stocks only offered by stock exchanges.
Swastika Investmart Trading Software name is Justtarde Pro software, Justtrade 2.0 App, Justtrade 2.0 Web.
Yes, you can open accounts with multiple brokers if you wish. Opening accounts with different brokers can offer diversification and access to different services or investment opportunities.
There are no Demat Account Opening Charges in Swastika Investmart.
Demat Account AMC is ₹250/P.A. + GST.
Companies go public through an IPO to raise capital for various purposes such as expansion, debt repayment, research and development, acquisitions, or to provide an exit opportunity for early investors and employees.
Swastika Investmart Ltd is a stockbroker in the industry for over 30 years. It is headquartered in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, with over 100 branches across India.
IPO shares are allocated to institutional investors and brokerage firms. However, some companies may reserve a portion of the shares for individual investors,
Yes, Swastika Investmart Provide Mutual fund investment.
Contact Swastika Investmart customer care through the mail- and Phone no- 01204400789.