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Navjeevan Broking Exposure/Margin Review

Navjeevan Broking is a leading stock brokerage firm that was founded in 1990. Navjeevan Broking is a joint venture of Navjeevan Equity Broking Pvt Ltd and Navjeevan Trade and Commodities Pvt Ltd. Navjeevan Broking allows customers to trade and invest in equity, commodities, currencies, futures and options, and IPOs. Navjeevan Broking is registered with multiple stock exchanges, including the National Stock Exchange (NSE), the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), the Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India (MSEI), the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), and the National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX). Navjeevan Broking also offers a margin facility for trading in different segments, including equity, currency, futures and options, and commodities. Customers can calculate the avail margin for any segment through the Navjeevan Broking Margin Calculator. Navjeevan Broking provides a user-friendly and fast platform for starting trading and investing in the stock market without any delay or interruption.

Navjeevan Broking Margin/Exposure Limit

Here are the available limits of Navjeevan Broking exposure/margin:

Navjeevan Broking Exposure List
SEGMENTNavjeevan Broking Intraday Exposure/ Margin
Equity Options1x (100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure))
Equity Intraday5x (Up to 20% of trade value)
Currency Options1x (100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure))
Commodity Options1x (100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure))
Commodity Futures1x (100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure))
Equity Delivery1x (100% of trade value)
Currency Futures1x (100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure))
Equity Futures1x (100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure))

Advantages of Margin/Exposure

  • Leverage: Margin allows traders to control larger positions with a smaller amount of capital, potentially amplifying profits.

  • Diversification: Exposure to various assets or markets can be achieved with margin, spreading risk across different investments.

  • Liquidity: Margin provides flexibility to trade even when funds are tied up in other investments.

  • Short Selling: Margin enables traders to profit from declining asset prices by borrowing and selling assets they don't own.

  • Potential for Higher Returns: Properly managed exposure can lead to increased returns when markets move in the desired direction.

Disadvantages of Margin/Exposure

  • Risk of Losses: Margin magnifies losses as well as gains, potentially leading to significant financial losses or even a margin call.

  • Interest Costs: Borrowed funds often come with interest costs, reducing overall profitability.

  • Overtrading: Easy access to leverage can tempt traders to take on excessive risk and make impulsive decisions.

  • Interest Rate Risk: Changes in interest rates can impact borrowing costs for margin, affecting the overall cost of trading on margin.

Navjeevan Broking Customer Care Contact Details

Phone: 0141-3522726 


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact Navjeevan Customer Care Support through its contact number “0141-3522726” or email “”.
You can place almost all types of orders, such as intraday orders, delivery orders, etc., with Navjeevan.
You can download the Navjeevan trading app through the Play Store or the iOS App Store.
No, there are no hidden charges in Navjeevan’s brokerage fees.
Yes, you can change your brokerage plan with Navjeevan.
Navjeevan Broking charges Rs. 200+ GST per year as an account maintenance fee for the demat account.
No, Navjeevan does not provide research and analysis tools.
For any special offers or promotions, contact the Navjeevan Broking support panel.
Yes, any Indian citizen can open a demat account with Navjeevan Broking.
Yes, you can trade in commodities with Navjeevan Broking.
You need to submit an Aadhar card, PAN card, address proof, income proof, photos, and bank account details to open a demat and trading account with Navjeevan Broking.
Yes, Navjeevan trading software is available for mobile.
No, You can trade only in the Indian market with Navjeevan.
Yes, If you are not maintaining a sufficient margin, you may need to pay penalties.
Navjeevan Broking offers multiple trading platforms, including “Arrow Mobile App”, “Arrow Web Terminal”, and “Navjeevan Desktop Trading Terminal.”.