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Mangal Keshav PMS (Portfolio Management Service)

Mangal Keshav is a famous stock broker who provides a wide range of financial services such as equity trading, commodities trading, currency trading, mutual funds, initial public offerings (IPOs), institutional trading, advisory services, portfolio management, and NRI services. Mangal Keshav Financial Services has established itself as a reliable name in the financial world, with a focus on customer satisfaction and a dedication to quality. In 1939, Mangal Keshav Financial Services LLP was founded. The owner's objective is to deliver the highest quality service to his clients. 

Mangal Keshav is a trusted provider of full-time Portfolio Management Services (PMS) designed to cater to the needs of High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) seeking personalized investment solutions to achieve their financial goals. With PMS, clients can benefit from a customized offering encompassing a wide range of investment options carefully tailored to suit their requirements in the current market landscape.

What is Portfolio Management Services?

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) refer to personalized investment services offered to High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) by professional portfolio managers or investment firms. PMS is designed to cater to individual clients' unique needs and investment goals. With PMS, clients assign the task of managing their investment portfolio with experienced professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of financial markets and investment strategies. These portfolio managers work closely with clients to understand their risk appetite, financial objectives, and time horizons, then develop a customized investment plan.

PMS provides a range of investment options, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, derivatives, and other asset classes. The portfolio manager actively manages the client's investments, making decisions based on market research, analysis, and expertise. They monitor the portfolio's performance, make adjustments as needed, and provide regular reports and updates to the client. The aim of PMS is to optimize the client's investment returns while managing risks according to their preferences. The personalized approach of PMS ensures that investment strategies are aligned with the client's goals, resulting in a tailored investment plan that helps them achieve their financial objectives.

Types of Portfolio Management Services in Mangal Keshav

There are two types of Portfolio Management Services (PMS) in Mangal Keshav:

Discretionary PMS: In this type of PMS, the portfolio manager or fund manager has full control to make investment decisions on behalf of the client. The fund manager utilizes their expertise and market knowledge to actively manage the client's portfolio without requiring constant intervention or approval from the client. The fund manager can buy, sell, and reallocate assets within the portfolio based on their market conditions and investment opportunities assessment. Discretionary PMS offers convenience to clients who prefer to delegate the decision-making process to professionals, allowing them to benefit from the expertise of experienced portfolio managers.

Non-Discretionary PMS: In this type of PMS, the decision-making authority lies with the client themselves. The fund manager acts as an advisor and provides recommendations and suggestions regarding investment opportunities and strategies. The client retains the final decision-making power and has the freedom to accept or reject the recommendations provided by the fund manager. Non-discretionary PMS is suitable for clients who wish to actively participate in investment decision-making and have a hands-on approach to managing their portfolio. It allows clients to make investment choices based on their personal preferences and risk tolerance, while still benefiting from the insights and guidance of the fund manager.

Mangal Keshav Portfolio Management Service Features

  • Tailor-made personalized advice: Mangal Keshav's Portfolio Management Services offer customized investment advice based on individual needs and goals, providing personalized solutions to clients.

  • Expert stock selection: Our experienced advisors and fund managers assist in selecting stocks that have the potential for long-term growth, helping clients make informed investment decisions.

  • Mitigation of risk: We understand the risks associated with equity investing and develop strategies tailored to clients' risk tolerance and long-term objectives, aiming to mitigate risks while maximizing returns.

  • Diversification of assets: Portfolio management services enable clients to diversify their investments across different sectors and segments, reducing concentration risk and taking advantage of growth opportunities in multiple areas.

  • High liquidity: Investments made through our portfolio management services offer high liquidity, allowing clients to access their funds whenever needed without any lock-in period or restrictions.

  • Professional management: Clients benefit from the expertise and knowledge of our portfolio managers, who actively monitor and manage the portfolio, making necessary adjustments to optimize performance and adapt to market conditions.

  • Long-term wealth creation: Our portfolio management services are designed for long-term wealth creation, aligning investment strategies with clients' financial goals and providing ongoing support and guidance.

  • Transparency and reporting: We provide regular reports and updates on the performance of the portfolio, ensuring transparency and keeping clients informed about their investments.

  • Personalized service: Mangal Keshav emphasizes personalized attention, ensuring that clients receive dedicated support and guidance throughout their investment journey.

  • Access to investment opportunities: Through our portfolio management services, clients gain access to a wide range of investment opportunities, including equities, bonds, and other asset classes, allowing them to capitalize on market trends and potential growth

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Mangal Keshav provides Intraday tips. They are provided by the advisory and the research team of the firm.
Net worth of Mangal Keshav is over Rs. 2.1 Cr.
Paresh Bhagat owner of Mangal Keshav.
The Address is Mangal Keshav broker is 221, City Centre, Sansar Chand Road, Shri Ram Colony, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001
Yes, this broker provides IPO Investment.
These services are especially beneficial for beginners that don’t trade frequently and need to do research to make investments or trade in the stock market.
Mangal Trader Workstation, Mangal Trader Web, Mangal Trader App.
Yes, Mangal Keshav provides the margin funding facility to its customers.
Yes, Mangal Keshav broker is Safe for trading and investment.
Mangal Keshav Demat Charge is Rs.300/-
Yes, Mangal Keshav stock broker allows placing the BTST order to its customers.
Mangal Keshav is the oldest brokerage firm offering its financial services in the Indian stock market for more than 8 decades.
Mangal Keshav Securities Contact number is 0141 402 8310.