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Maitra Complaints

Maitra is a leading commodity stock broker that specializes in commodity trading services. Apart from commodities, Maitra also provides trade and investment services in mutual funds, equity, derivatives, bonds, and IPOs. Maitra is regulated by a financial regulatory body such as the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Maitra is also registered with a depository board and stock exchanges, including Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL), the National Stock Exchange (NSE), and the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). Maitra provides many advanced trading platforms and mobile apps for investors to trade and invest in the stock market. Maitra also offers trading APIs to integrate with third-party trading platforms. Maitra provides customer care support to resolve customers' queries and issues. 

Maitra Complaints Details

Customer complaints are an unavoidable part of doing business, and Maitra is dedicated to dealing with them with the utmost seriousness and dedication. Maitra has a solid customer support system in place to handle complaints effectively and efficiently. The complaint data of any broker provides information about its services and products. If the broker does not resolve customer complaints, then customers can register their complaints on the stock exchange or depository complaints portal. 

Maitra Monthly Complaint Disposal from Depository Participants and Stock Exchanges

MonthCarried forward from the previous monthReceivedResolvedPending
August 20220000
September 20220000
October 20220000
November 20220000
December 20220000
January 20240000
February 20240000
March 20240000
April 20240000
May 20240000
June 20240000
Grand Total0000

Maitra’s Annual Complaint Disposal from Depository Participants

YearCarried forward from previous yearReceived during the yearResolved during the yearPending at the end of the year
Grand Total0000

Maitra’s Annual Complaint Disposal from Stock Exchange

YearCarried Forward From Previous YearReceived During The YearResolved During The YearPending At End Of The Year
Grand Total0660

Maitra Compliance Officer Contact Details

Name: Mrs. Nithya V

Address: Flat No:6, B R Complex, 2nd Floor, Old No:35 New No:33, CP Ramaswamy Road, Alwarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu (600018)

Phone: 9500096262


Timing: Mon-Fri 9.00 a.m to 6.30 p.m

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, You can place trades through your mobile devices with Maitra Commodities.
Yes, Maitra Commodities provides research and market analysis services to its customers.
Maitra Commodities Private Limited's headquarters is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Yes, Maitra Commodities provides real-time market data and charts.
Maitra Commodities is a registered brokerage firm with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).
Maitra Commodities Pvt. Ltd. is a leading commodity trading provider brokerage house. You can trade in commodities through Maitra Commodities.
Maitra Commodities offers many financial services, such as stock trading, mutual fund investing, IPO investment, portfolio management, bonds, and insurance services.
Maitra Commodities Private Limited (MCPL) was established in 2012.
Maitra Commodities Private Limited is the cheapest and leading commodity stock brokerage firm based in South India.
Maitra Commodities charges Rs. ₹400 + 18% GST for account maintenance.
You can contact Maitra Commodities customer care through the contact number “ 044-4563 0555” or by email at”.
Maitra Commodities offers educational resources for traders.