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Khandwala Securities Exposure/Margin Review

Khandwala Securities Limited is a leading stock brokerage firm that was started in 1993. Khandwala Securities has provided financial stock trading and investing services since its inception. Khandwala Securities now provides a wide range of financial services and products, including equity, currency, futures, options, IPOs, mutual funds, and more. Khandwala Securities is affiliated with two stock exchanges, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), to provide consumers with trading and clearing services. Khandwala Securities is authorized to provide depository services to customers due to its membership in CDSL (Central Depository Services Limited). Khandwala Securities offers competitive brokerage rates for trading in many divisions of the stock market. Khandwala Securities also offers an online trading platform for stock market trading. Khandwala Securities has multiple branches in different locations across the country. These branches provide information about Khandwala Security's services and assist customers with their inquiries or issues.

Khandwala Securities does not provide margin trading facilities to customers. Generally, margin or exposure, in the context of finance and trading, refers to the amount of money or assets a trader or investor borrows from a brokerage or financial institution to increase their trading capacity. It allows individuals to control larger positions than they could with their own capital alone. However, it also comes with increased risk, as losses can exceed the initial investment. The margin, or exposure level, is the percentage of the total position that is financed with borrowed funds. Traders need to maintain a minimum margin requirement, and if losses erode their margin to a critical level, they may be subject to margin calls, requiring them to deposit additional funds or close out their positions. Customers can choose any other broker who provides a margin/exposure facility to customers.

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Phone: 91-22-40767373

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, KSL offers services to high net worth (HNI) customers.
You can contact KSL customer support desk for assistance through their email “” or contact number “91-22-40767373 (Ext:- 350)”.
You can open an account with KSL for trading or investments by completing online KYC and submitting the required documents.
Yes, KSL offers a trading or education platform called “Knowledge Hub” for new investors and existing investors.
You can trade in equity, currency, futures, and options with the KSL mobile app.
Yes, you can research notifications through the KSL mobile app after enabling notifications.
KSL has been operating its financial operations since 1993.
Yes, KSL offers security features for safe trading.
Yes, KSL is a registered and regulated financial services provider by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the National Stock Exchange (NSE), and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).
Yes, KSL mutual fund recommendations are backed by professional financial experts.
You can access the latest news and research reports at Khandwala Securities on their official website, “”.
Khandwala Securities provides an online back-office platform for account management.
Yes, KSL offers real-time market charts and data.
Yes, KSL has a team of financial experts who assist customers with wealth management and financial planning.
Yes, the KSL mobile app will provide real-time streaming quotes.
Yes, you can trade on NSE and BSE using KSL’s trading software.
Khandwala Securities offers trading and investment services to customers.