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Jainam Broking  NRI Account Charges and Details Review 2024

Jainam Broking is a reputed full-service brokerage firm that has been giving trading and investment services in the Indian stock market for about 20 years. Mr. Milan Parikh founded Jainam Broking Pvt Ltd in 2003 with the goal of being the best stock broker in India. Jainam Brokerage firm is a member of major stock and commodity exchanges like the NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX. Jainam Broking Limited offers a wide range of investment services, including stock, commodities, currency, and derivative trading, as well as mutual funds, IPOs, and more.

Jainam Broking Limited is an Indian financial services firm. It provides various services, including stock trading, commodities trading, currency trading, depository services, mutual funds, initial public offerings (IPOs), and insurance. The National Stock Exchange of India, the Bombay Stock Exchange, and the Multi Commodity Exchange of India are all members of Jainam Broking. Jainam Broking owner’s purpose is to serve its clients with efficient and effective financial services, with an emphasis on ethics, transparency, and customer happiness. Jainam Broking brokerage charges are affordable for newbies and professional traders. 

Jainam Broking NRI Account

Jainam Broking provides the facility to open demat accounts, trading accounts, trust accounts, NRI accounts, HUF accounts, Partner accounts, and LLP accounts. Jainam also offers an NRI account for non-residential Indians to invest in the Indian stock market. Any NRI can open demat and trading accounts in Jainam broking.

Documents Required for Jainam Broking NRI Account Opening 

The documents required for the Jainam broking NRI account opening are mentioned below:

  • Passport: A valid passport.

  • Visa: A copy of your visa or any other document proving your NRI status.

  • Proof of address: A copy of your overseas address proof, such as a driving license or utility bill.

  • Proof of Indian address: A copy of your Indian address proof, such as a utility bill or bank statement.

  • Passport-size photographs: Recent passport-size photographs of the account holder.

  • PAN card: A copy of the Permanent Account Number (PAN) card issued by the Indian Income Tax Department.

  • FATCA declaration: A declaration form to comply with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

Jainam Broking NRI Account Opening Charges

Jainam charges account opening fees for opening an account with Jainam Broking. Jainam account opening chars can be varied for different - different account types. Jainam account opening charges of different- different accounts are mentioned below:

Account Type


Demat Account Opening Charges

Online Process Free

Manual process Rs. 350 + GST 18%

Demat Account AMC Charges

Rs. 0

Trading Account Opening charges

Online Process Free

Manual process Rs. 350 + GST 18%

Trading Account AMC Charges

Rs. 0


Rs. 500 + GST 18%


Rs. 1000 + GST 18%


Rs. 1000 + GST 18%


Rs. 1000 + GST 18%


Rs. 1000 + GST 18%

NRI (Non-Repatriable Account)

Rs. 1000 + GST 18%

Jainam Broking  NRI Account Benefits

  • Easy online account opening process from anywhere in the world.

  • Hassle-free management of finances in India, including fund transfers, payments, and investments.

  • Access to online and mobile banking services, including 24/7 customer support.

  • Linking of the NRI account with a demat account for trading in stocks and other securities.

  • Nomination facility to ensure easy transfer of funds to beneficiaries in case of unfortunate events.

  • A range of financial and investment services are provided by Jainam Broking to cater to the specific needs of NRIs.

  • Easy tracking of transactions and account balances through regular statements and updates.

  • Specialized guidance and support for NRIs to help them make informed financial decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Jainam Broking provides Refer and earn unlimited cash rewards.
₹0(Free) AMC Free in Jainam Broking.
Jainam Broking Limited is a financial services company providing stockbroking, portfolio management, mutual funds, insurance, and investment advisory services in India.
Yes, you can apply for an IPO through a Jainam Broking account by using some simple steps.
Jainam Broking offers a range of financial services, but fees and charges may apply, so it is essential to review their pricing details for specific costs.
Brokerage charges are ₹18 per Executive order.
Jainam Broking Limited is a financial services company that provides services such as stockbroking, portfolio management, mutual funds, insurance, and investment advisory to retail and institutional clients in India.
Yes, Jainam Broking Limited may provide tips or recommendations related to investments and trading. As a financial services company, they often offer research reports, market analysis, and insights to assist investors in making informed decisions.
The owner of the company is Milan Parikh.
Revenue can be increased by expanding the customer base, increasing average transaction size, boosting the frequency of transactions per customer, and implementing price adjustments.
Jainam Broking Customer care number is (0261) 6725522.
The time taken to open an account with Jainam Broking may vary depending on the specific requirements and processes involved, but typically it can be completed within a few days to a week, subject to the completion of necessary documentation and verification procedures.
It is a trustworthy broker and has developed a unique Identity in the broker industry.