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Inani Securities Complaints: Addressing Your Concerns with Care | Garv Thakur


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Inani Securities Complaints

Inani Securities Limited, or ISL, is a prominent stock broking and financial services firm in India, distinguished by its dedication to wealth creation through innovative value-investing strategies. Inanin Securities has a vast range of financial services, including equity, futures and options, currencies, financial planning, institutional equity, depository services, mutual funds, IPOs, investment advisory services, and loans against shares. ISL, founded in 1994 and listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in 1996, has established itself as a leading player in the financial industry. The firm has affiliations with major Indian stock exchanges covering equities and commodities, solidifying its position as a comprehensive financial supermarket and one-stop shop for wealth management. The exceptional strength of ISL is its customer-centric approach, unwavering commitment to transparency, and adherence to the highest ethical standards. ISL is committed to providing top-tier services tailored to the unique needs of both its associates and clients and is supported by a solid financial foundation, a team of seasoned professionals, and cutting-edge research capabilities. 

Inani Securities Complaints Details

Inani Securities boasts that it has a customer care support team that resolves all complaints received from customers regarding their services and products as soon as possible. Inani Securities may also receive complaints, like other stock brokerage firms. If the stock broker does not resolve customer complaints, then the customer can resolve their complaints at stock exchanges or the depository participants' complaints portal. 

Inani Securities Monthly Complaints Disposal

MonthCarried forward from the previous monthReceivedResolved*Pending**
November 2021Nil1Nil1
December 20211Nil1Nil
January 2022NilNilNilNil
February 2022NilNilNilNil
March 2022NilNilNilNil
April 2022NilNilNilNil
May 2022NilNilNilNil
June 2022NilNilNilNil
July 2022NilNilNilNil
August 2022NilNilNilNil
September 2022NilNilNilNil
October 2022NilNilNilNil
November 2022NilNilNilNil
December 2022NilNilNilNil
January 2024NilNilNilNil
February 2024NilNilNilNil
March 2024NilNilNilNil
April 2024NilNilNilNil
May 2024NilNilNilNil
June 2024NilNilNilNil
July 2024NilNilNilNil
August 2024NilNilNilNil
Grand Total1111

Inani Securities Annual Complaints Disposal

YearCarried forward from the previous yearReceivedResolvedPending
Grand Total0000

Inani Securities Compliance Officer Contact Details

Name: Lakshmikanth Inani

Phone: 9866182926


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can not get personalized investment advice from Inani Securities Limited.
No, Inani Securities Limited does not provide educational resources for investors.
Inani Securities Limited charges Rs. 100 for account opening and Rs. 250 for AMC charges for demat accounts.
You can contact Inani Securities Limited for inquiries or support through its contact number “07045336020” or email “”.
No, you can not trade in international markets through Inani Securities Limited.
Currently, Inani Securities Limited does not have any online trading tools; it has only a website.
No, Inani Securities Limited does not provide regular market analysis and insights.
Inani Securities Limited allows trading in different types of segments, such as equity, commodity, currency, derivatives, and mutual funds.
No, Insni Securities Limited offers insurance products.
Inani Securities Limited provides trading and investment services for different types of securities.
Yes, you can invest in commodities through Inani Securities Limited.
Inani Securities Limited is upgrading its services with new technologies and tools for adapting to market conditions.
Inani Securities Limited is a registered company with the National Stock Exchange (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), and Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL).