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Globe Capital Mobile App Review


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Globe Capital Mobile App Review

Globe Capital Market Ltd. is a well-known financial services company with a 35-year track record of offering investment and trading services to investors. Globe Capital's headquarters are established in New Delhi. Globe Capital Company has gained a reputation for honesty and experience through its vast network of over 500 offices distributed across 200 sites in India. Globe Capital is a member of India's leading Depository participants, the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and the Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL), demonstrating its expertise in securities management and transaction support. The Globe Capital management team also offers customer service assistance to its clients who have questions or problems with trading software, account opening, demat accounts, and other services. Globe Capital provides multiple trading platforms, such as mobile trading apps, desktop trading software, etc. 

Globe Capital Mobile App Details

Globe Capital offers an advanced mobile trading app called “Globe Trade Pro”. Globe Trade Pro stands as an exceptional all-in-one trading app, catering to investors seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly experience. The Globe Capital mobile app offers the convenience of investing across various asset classes, including Equity, commodities, and currencies. Globe Capital mobile trading app provides a diverse range of investment opportunities to suit individual preferences. Investors can stay on top of market dynamics and make timely and well-informed decisions by tracking stock market movements in real-time. The Globe Capital Market Ltd App stands out as one of the best trading apps in India. 

Globe Capital Mobile App Features 

  • Live Streaming Data: The Globe Capital mobile app allows users to access real-time market data from various exchanges, including the NSE (National Stock Exchange), BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), and MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange).

  • Face-ID and Fingerprint Access: The Globe Capital mobile app offers secure login options using biometric authentication like Face-ID and Fingerprint to ensure user privacy and data security.

  • Live News Updates: Users can stay informed with live market news, which can be crucial for making timely investment decisions.

  • Portfolio Management: The Globe Capital mobile app enables users to manage their investment portfolios, track performance, and review holdings.

  • Advanced Charts: The Globe Capital mobile app provides interactive and feature-rich charts with over 100 technical studies to help users analyze stock price movements effectively.

  • Live Research Calls: Users can access live research calls, which might include expert insights and recommendations on specific stocks or market trends.

  • Corporate Actions Tracking: Users can keep track of corporate actions such as dividends, bonus issues, and buybacks for companies in their portfolios.

  • Quick IPO Application: The Globe Capital mobile app allows users to apply for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in just a few minutes.

  • Top Gainers, Losers, Volume, and Price Shocker: Users can explore and monitor stocks that are leading in terms of gains, losses, trading volume, and price fluctuations.

  • Block Deal Alerts: The Globe Capital mobile app provides alerts for block deals, which are significant transactions involving a large number of shares.

  • Stock Peer Comparison: Users can compare the performance of different stocks within the same industry or sector.

  • Financial Reporting: The Globe Capital mobile app offers comprehensive reports on profits and losses (P&L), tax-related information, ledger details, portfolio performance, and holdings.

  • Share Pledging for Margin Benefit: Users can easily pledge their shares to avail of margin benefits for trading.

Globe Capital Customer Care Number and Contact Details for Help

Investors can contact Globe Capital customer care via its mobile number “011-43666566” or email “”.


The Globe Capital Mobile App is a powerful and versatile tool that improves the convenience and efficiency of investors' trading experiences. With its real-time rate updates, integrated back office, research support, advanced charting capabilities, and multi-leg order entry, Globe Capital mobile app empowers investors to trade confidently and stay on top of the ever-changing financial markets while on the move.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Globe Capital provides live-streaming data from major stock exchanges.
Yes, Globe Capital provides “Globe Gurukul” for customers to learn trading and investing.
In the Global Capital Brokerage Plan, investors get two “Research Consultations” within The first 30 days.
Yes, You can nominate a family member for your demat account at Globe Capital.
Globe Capital Market Ltd. is an Indian stockbroking company that offers broking and portfolio management services to customers.
No minimum balance or deposit is required for the demat account.
Yes, You can manage your investment portfolio through the Globe Capital App.
Globe Capital provides customer support for account-related queries via email or a contact number.
Yes, You can trade in stocks, mutual funds, and other securities with the same account.
Yes, Globe Capital provides a mobile app for trading and managing the demat and trading accounts.
The Globe Capital mobile app is secured with the user's Face ID or fingerprint.
You need to provide your Aadhar card, Pan Card, Bank details, and address proof to open a demat and trading account with Globe Capital.
In the Ultimate Brokerage Plan, Investors get many benefits, including a lifetime wealth manager, unlimited access to a research team, etc.
The Globe Capital Standard brokerage plan offers the lowest brokerage charges for trading.
Yes, Globe Capital offers 3 plans for AMC Rs. 399+ GST ‘Regular’ (Annual), Rs. 999+ GST ‘Relax’ for 5 years, and Rs. 1999+ GST Lifetime.
Globe Capital Market Ltd.'s registered office address is Cannuat Place, New Delhi.
No, Globe Capital does not charge any fees for opening demat and trading accounts.
Yes, Investors can apply for IPOs through the Globe Capital mobile app.