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Dhan Broker Mobile App: Trade Anywhere, Anytime with Garv Thakur


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Dhan Mobile App Features, Download, and Demo Review

Dhan is a fresh stockbroker that strives to assist Indians in acquiring wealth by investing in the country's rising economy. The corporation believes that the stock market is a true predictor of a country's economic growth. They are optimistic about India's chances of becoming one of the world's greatest economies. Mr. Pravin Jadhav founded Dhan in November 2021. Dhan is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange, the National Stock Exchange, and the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). Dhan provides a diverse selection of trading and investment products, including equities, commodities, ETFs, Currencies, Futures, and Options. 

Dhan offers multiple trading software to make investors trading easy and convenient. This trading software is equipped with advanced trading tools. This trading software allows trading in equity, commodity, futures, and options.

Dhan Mobile Trading Application

Dhan offers a mobile app allowing users to access their trading accounts from anywhere, anytime. Dhan Mobile App is available for both iOS and Android devices, and it provides users with a range of features and tools for managing their trades on the go. This application can be downloaded from the supported App Store. Dhan offers two mobile trading apps. These mobile trading applications are:

1. Dhan Mobile App

This app provides lightning-fast trading and investment facility in stocks Equity, ETFs, commodity, IPOs, and Mutual Funds.

Dhan Mobile App Features

  • Real-time market data streaming from multiple exchanges

  • Advanced charting with customizable indicators and studies

  • Order management tools for placing and managing trades

  • Algorithmic trading capabilities with pre-built and customizable strategies

  • Backtesting and optimization tools for testing trading strategies

  • Risk management tools for monitoring and controlling trading risks

  • Access to market news and analysis from various sources

  • Mobile trading app for on-the-go trading

Dhan Mobile App Benefits

  • Enables traders to make informed trading decisions with real-time market data and analysis

  • Provides a wide range of trading tools and features for both novice and experienced traders

  • Saves time and effort with automated trading capabilities and backtesting tools

  • Reduces trading risks with advanced risk management features

  • Offers a competitive advantage with customizable algorithms and strategies

  • Increases flexibility with a mobile trading app for trading from anywhere

  • Improves overall trading performance and profitability

2. Option Trader App

This application is specially designed for F&O traders to trade in futures and options segments.

Features of Options Trader App by Dhan

  • Real-time streaming of options data from multiple exchanges

  • Advanced options analytics and strategies for better decision making

  • Customizable options chain view

  • Option chain data analysis with filters 

  • and sorting

  • Option Greeks and implied volatility calculation

  • Option calculator and spread builder tools

  • In-depth market news and analysis

  • Mobile app for convenient options trading

Benefits of Options Trader App by Dhan

  • Provides comprehensive options trading tools and analysis

  • Saves time and effort with easy-to-use options calculators and spread builders

  • Enables traders to make informed options trading decisions with real-time data and analysis

  • Helps traders to minimize options trading risks with advanced risk management tools

  • Offers a competitive advantage with customizable options analytics and strategies

  • Increases flexibility with a mobile app for trading options from anywhere

Overall, the Dhan Mobile App is a powerful tool for traders who want to stay on top of the markets and manage their trades from anywhere, at any time. With its advanced features, intuitive interface, and real-time data streaming, the Dhan Mobile App is a must-have for any serious trader.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mr. Pravin Jadhav is Dhan owner and CEO
Dhan app is a mobile-based trading application offered by Dhan.
Dhan Email ID is
No, the Dhan NRI account does not available currently.
Yes, Clients can open Dhan demat account online in just 10 minutes.
Dhan F&O charges are ₹20 or 0.03% per executed order.
Yes, Clients can connect Dhan with Tradingview.
Yes, Dhan offers a free custom strategy builder. Dhan option strategy builder can be useful for making the customized strategy.
The Dhan app is free to use for its clients.
Dhan helpline number is 022-43116666.
Dhan provides a mobile app to its clients for trading.
Dhan 3 in 1 account does not offer.