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Definedge Securities Trading Software: Empower Your Trades with Advanced Tools


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Definedge Securities Trading Software Review

Definedge Securities is a stockbroking firm that offers a comprehensive trading universe for technical analysis, options strategies, and fundamental analysis. Definedge Securities offers multiple trading platforms to provide a seamless trading experience to its clients. With Definedge Securities trading platforms, investors can trade on multiple stock exchanges, including the National Stock Exchange (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), and Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). Definedge Securities trading platform provides hassle-free demat and trading account opening facilities to investors. Definedge Securities trading platform enables investors or traders to invest and trade in multiple segments of the stock market such as equity, commodities, currency, derivatives, mutual funds, bonds, and IPOs. 

Definedge Securities Trading Platforms

Definedge Securities trading platform is a cutting-edge trading solution that empowers investors and traders with advanced tools and features to navigate the financial markets efficiently. Definedge securities trading platforms can be accessed through any device, such as a desktop, tablet, iPad, or mobile. Definedge Securities trading platforms are as follows:

1. Zone Web: It is a web-based trading platform that enables online trading in the stock market through the browser.  

2. Zone Mobile: It is a mobile-based trading platform that enables trading in various segments of the stock market at your fingertips via mobile.  

3. Tradepoint Software: This is desktop-based trading terminal software that is equipped with many customizable features that provide a seamless trading experience. 

Definedge Securities Tradepoint Desktop Trading Terminal 

Definedge Securities Tradepoint is an advanced charting platform that provides traders with a comprehensive set of tools. With a wide range of charting options such as real-time bar, candlestick, P&F, Renko, Line-break, Kagi, Heikin-Ashi, Ratio, Relative Strength, Straddle, Strangle, PCR, and Multi-leg charts, traders have the flexibility to analyze the market using their preferred charting method. The Pro version of the TradePoint terminal offers even more features at a reduced subscription price. Subscribers can access real-time and end-of-the-day scanners on all chart types, enabling them to identify potential trading opportunities based on price and relative strength. With intuitive smart scanners, multi-timeframe scanners, and matrix tables, traders can efficiently analyze the market without the need for coding knowledge. This empowers traders to develop their own strategies tailored to any charting method they choose. Experience the power and innovation of Definedge Securities Tradepoint Desktop Trading and take your trading to new heights.

Definedge Securities TradePoint Software Features 

  • Real-time charts for all segments and instruments

  • Advanced Line, Bar, and Candlestick charts

  • Real-time and End-of-Day (EOD) Noiseless charts like P&F, Renko, Line-break, Kagi, and Heikin-ashi

  • The comprehensive set of advanced tools and indicators available for all charting methods

  • Unique patterns and indicators specific to each charting method

  • Real-time and EOD Ratio charts

  • Real-time and EOD Relative Strength (RS) charts in various charting methods

  • Options charts for options trading analysis

  • PCR (Put-Call Ratio) charts to track market sentiment

  • Snake charts for Multiple Straddle and Strangle strategies

  • Multiple ratio and performance charts for in-depth analysis

  • Options Straddle and Strangle charts in various charting methods

  • Multi-leg real-time charts for complex trading strategies

  • Weighted average charts for specific calculations

  • Market profile charts for understanding market behavior

  • Auto tool section that automatically plots useful studies on charts for various charting types

  • Advanced tools, patterns, and indicators to enhance technical analysis

  • Unique real-time scanners are available for all charting methods

  • Relative Strength scanners to identify strong or weak instruments

  • Smart scanners for innovative technical analysis

  • Ultra Scanner, a semi-algo trading system scanner for advanced market scanning

  • Straddle Scanner for ATM (At-The-Money) strike price straddle scanners

  • Straddle scanner for single scrip, offering 12 strike prices ATM straddles

  • Dynamic stock group manager for organizing and analyzing stocks

  • Innovative Matrix and performance tables to facilitate better decision-making

  • Price, Volume, Open Interest (OI), and Ratio study matrix tables for comprehensive analysis

  • Seasonality index and scanner for tracking seasonal patterns in the market

  • Multi-timeframe stock scanners for analyzing multiple timeframes simultaneously

  • The indicator digger section provides detailed studies on each indicator

  • Breadth charts and studies to track market sentiments

  • Journal and pair trading features for maintaining trading records and executing pair trades.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, You can trade on multiple exchanges using a single demat and trading account with Definedge Securities.
Definedge Securities trading platform provides real-time market data to its clients.
Definedge Securities' registered office is located in Pune, Maharashtra.
Yes, Definedge Securities charges Rs. 300 AMC fees.
Yes, You can access the “Zone Mobile” Definedge Securities trading platform on a mobile device.
Definedge Securities allows placing all types of orders, including limit orders, stop-loss orders, market orders, etc.
Yes, Definedge Securities offers online trading platforms to customers.
Definedge Securities offers educational resources called “Market Pathshala” for traders.
You can access the Definedge Securities trading platform by opening a demat and trading account with them.
Definedge Securities is a next-generation stock brokerage firm that offers investment and trading opportunities to its clients.
Yes, Definedge Securities is a member of the stock exchanges NSE, BSE, and MCX.
Definedge Securities allows trading in equity, commodities, currencies, and derivatives.
Definedge Securities charges a flat fee of Rs. 18, or 0.03% per order, as brokerages charge on trading.
You need an Adhar Card, a Pan Card, Bank details, address proof, and income proof to open a demat account with Definedge Securities.
Definedge Securities provides both trading platform web-based and desktop-based. Zone Web is a web-based trading platform, and Tradepoint is a desktop-based trading platform.
Definedge Securities offers multiple trading platforms, such as “Zone Web”, “Zone Mobile”, and “Tradepoint”.
Yes, Definedge Securities is a registered broker with the national financial securities of India, such as the NSE, BSE, MCX, CDSL, and SEBI.
Yes, Definedge Securities provides research and analysis reports to its customers.
You can contact Definedge Securities through email, phone, or social media platforms.
Definedge Securities offers many investment and trading services in multiple segments, such as equity, commodities, currencies, derivatives, mutual funds, bonds, and IPOs.