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Dealmoney Securities Exposure/Margin Review

Dealmoney Securities is a reputable financial services firm that delivers investment and trading services to Indian investors and traders. Dealmoney Securities Pvt Ltd. was established in 2006. Dealmoney Securities has built a solid reputation for providing reliable and innovative solutions to its clients. The company offers a wide range of financial services, including equity trading, commodity trading, currency trading, mutual funds, IPO investments, and derivatives trading. Dealmoney Securities also offers multiple types of margin/exposure plans to its clients. Clients can choose any plan according to their trading and investment needs.

What is the exposure/margin in Dealmoney Securities?

Dealmoney Securities Exposure/Margin refers to the amount of funds or securities that a brokerage firm allows its clients to trade with, above the funds available in their trading accounts. It represents the leverage provided by the broker to the trader, enabling them to control larger positions in the market. Exposure, or margin, is a common feature in financial markets, including stock markets and derivatives markets. It allows traders to amplify their potential gains by taking on additional risk. By providing leverage, brokerage firms enable traders to enter into larger positions than they could otherwise afford, potentially maximizing their returns.

Which factors affect the exposure/margin?

Dealmoney Securities Exposure/Margin and margin are typically subject to certain conditions and rules set by the brokerage firm. The specific terms and limits of margin trading vary between brokers and may depend on factors such as the trader's account size, trading history, and the type of securities being traded. These conditions are in place to manage the risks associated with margin trading and protect both the trader and the brokerage firm.

Dealmoney Securities Margin/Exposure Limit


Dealmoney Securities Intraday Exposure/ Margin

Equity Options

1x (100% of Normal margin (Span + Exposure))

Equity Intraday

5x (Up to 20% of trade value)

Currency Options

1x (100% of Normal margin (Span + Exposure))

Commodity Options

1x (100% of Normal margin (Span + Exposure))

Commodity Futures

1x (100% of Normal margin (Span + Exposure))

Equity Delivery

1x (100% of trade value)

Currency Futures

1x (100% of Normal margin (Span + Exposure))

Equity Futures

1x (100% of Normal margin (Span + Exposure))

Advantages of Exposure/Margin provided by Dealmoney Securities 

  • Increased Buying Power: By providing exposure/margin, Dealmoney Securities allows investors to amplify their buying power. This means that investors can trade and invest in larger quantities or more expensive assets than what their available capital would typically allow. It enables them to take advantage of potential profit opportunities and diversify their portfolios.

  • Leveraged Trading: Exposure/margin allows investors to engage in leveraged trading, where they can control a larger position with a smaller initial investment. This can potentially magnify both profits and losses. It provides an opportunity to amplify gains if the market moves in the investor's favor.

  • Diversification: With exposure/margin, investors have the flexibility to diversify their holdings across various asset classes and markets. They can spread their investments across stocks, derivatives, commodities, currencies, and more, thereby reducing risk and potentially enhancing returns.

  • Flexibility and Liquidity: Dealmoney Securities' exposure/margin facility provides investors with flexibility and liquidity. Investors can quickly enter or exit positions without being constrained by their available capital. It enables them to take advantage of market movements or react promptly to changing market conditions.

  • Risk Management: Dealmoney Securities implements risk management mechanisms to protect both the investor and the company. Margin requirements and risk assessment procedures are in place to ensure that investors do not overextend themselves and that adequate safeguards are in place to mitigate potential losses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Dealmoney Securities Provide Mutual fund investment.
You need to submit your Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Bank Detials and Income Proof to open a demat account with Dealmoney Securities.
Yes, Dealmoney securities provide margin funding.
You can contact customer support at Dealmoney Securities via email or contact number.
Yes, Dealmoney Securities provides free online trading software to their clients which are as follows: • DealmoneyPro Stock Trading(Mobile application) • DealmoneyPro Web (Browser-based website) • DealmoneyPro EXE (Trading Terminal)
Dealmoney Securities offers many services including equity trading, commodity trading, currency trading, derivatives trading, shopping services, travel, loan, insurance, and real estate.
The customer cannot have multiple demat and trading accounts with a single stock broker.
Yes, You can trade in different types of securities such as equity, commodities, currencies, and derivatives through trading account with Dealmoney Securities.
Yes GTT Order is available in Dealmoney Securities broker and It is available for android and IOS Both.
Dealmoney Securities is regulated by the NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, CDSL, and SEBI.
The brokerage charges at Dealmony Securities depends on the which plan you choose when you open demat and trading account with Dealmoney Securities.
It has a registered office located at Plot No. 356/357, Wagle Industrial Estate, Road no. 26, Near Wagle Bus Depot, Thane West, Maharashtra (400604).
Dealmoney Securities offer an online IPO application facility but while applying through your bank account, you can enter Dealmoney Securities Demat Account Number to get your allotted shares in your demat account.