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DPTradeKing Demat Account Review


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DPTradeKing Demat Account Review

DP TradeKing is a leading equity and currency services provider and brokerage firm in India that offers investment and trading services to customers. DP TradeKing is a depository participant in the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL). Additionally, DP TradeKing is a trading member of multiple stock exchanges, such as the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). As a depository participant with NSDL, DP TradeKing has the authority to offer demat and trading account opening services to customers. With a DP TradeKing demat account, investors invest in the stock market through trading platforms offered by DP TradeKing. Investors can also track their investment and portfolio performance through their DP TradeKing demat account from anywhere in the world. DPTradeKing demat account helps investors hold their securities in electronic form online. Investors can open a demat account in India with DP TradeKing. 

DP TradeKing Online Demat Account India Opening Charges 

Account TypeCharges
Demat Account Opening Charges₹0
Demat Account AMC ChargesZero* AMC

Note: "*" Under the AMC Charge of the Introductory Offer of Lifetime Zero Demat Holder must make at least one debit transaction from his/her Demat Account every six months. If not done, then AMC charges will be applicable for the last six non-transactional months as per the monthly recharge scheme of Rs. 30/- Per Month.

Documents Required for Opening Demat Account with DP TradeKing 

You will be required to provide the below documents to open a demat account with DP TradeKing:

1. Aadhar Card copy

2. Pan Card Copy

3. Canceled cheque leaf or copy of passbook for bank details 

4. Address Proof (Aadhar card, electricity bill, or ration card)

5. Bank account statements or ITR copy for Income proof 

6. 2 Passport size photos

DPTradeKing Open Demat Account Online India Process

The DPTradeKing online demat account opening process is a simple and quick procedure for anyone to open a DPTradeKing demat account. Prospective clients can complete the account opening form online, visit its website, navigate to the account opening section, electronically submit the required documents, and verify their identification through a secure digital process in just a few simple steps. This quick and easy method allows clients to join DPTradeKing and gain access to a wide choice of investing options.

DPTradeKing Offline Demat Account Opening Process

Customers who prefer to open demat accounts through physical paperwork can use the DPTradeKing offline demat account opening process. To begin, consumers simply download and print the client registration form from the official website of DP Tradeking. The form must then be completely filled out and signed. Once completed, the form should be emailed to the address listed below the form. Individuals should send it to the KYC Department at DP TradeKING Private Limited's Anand, Gujarat, office. Customers can contact DPTradeKing via the phone numbers or email addresses provided for assistance with filling out the application form.DPTradeKing will execute the application and open the account within 48 working hours after receiving the completed account opening forms. 

Send the demat and trading account opening forms to this address:

Address: 3rd Floor, Silver Oak, Opp. Panchal Hall, Town Hal Road, Anand (388001), Gujarat

KIND Attn. : KYC Department

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Frequently Asked Questions

DP TradeKing offers the DP Trade mobile app and web platforms for trading in the stock market.
DP TradeKing Private Limited is headquartered in Anand, Gujarat.
Yes, Non-resident Indians (NRIs) can open a trading and demat account with DP TradeKing Private Limited.
Your demat and trading accounts with DP TradeKing will be opened in 24 - 48 working hours after submission of the account opening form.
Investors can invest in equity, derivatives, currency, mutual funds, bonds, fixed income, ETFs, and IPOs.
DP TradeKing allows you to place multiple types of orders, such as cover orders, market orders, stop loss orders, GTT orders, etc.
Yes, Non-resident Indians (NRIs) can open a trading and demat account with DP TradeKing Private Limited.
Yes, DP TradeKing Private Limited offers investment research and reports to its customers to help them make the right decisions.
Investors can contact DP TradeKing Private Limited's customer support via email ( or phone (02692 246500).
You will need to submit an Aadhar card, PAN card, bank details, address proof, and income proof to open a trading and demat account with DP TradeKing.
No, DP TradeKing Private Limited does not offer margin funding facilities.
DP TradeKing Private Limited is a stock brokerage firm that was established in 2016.
Yes, You can place real-time trades and access market data using the DP TradeKing trading API.
Yes, You can access your investment through the DP TraeKing mobile app.
Yes, You can trade in derivatives such as futures and options with DP TradeKing.
You can update and modify your personal information or contact details associated with your trading and demat accounts via the re-KYC process.
Investors can contact DP TradeKing Private Limited's customer support via email ( or phone (02692 246500).
Yes, DP TradeKing allows investors to invest in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).
DP TradeKing Prive Limited was incorporated into business in 2016, and it has spent almost 13 years in the stock market.
DP TradeKing offers investment and trading services to customers.
Yes, You can access your trading and demat accounts through the DP TradeKing Mobile app.
DP TradeKing offers a trading API that enables traders to integrate their trading strategies or software with trading platforms.
DP TradeKing Private Limited is a registered brokerage firm with the NSE, BSE, NSDL, and SEBI.

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