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Enhance Your Trades with Composite Edge EDGE-TE: A Game-Changing Trading Platform


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Compositedge EDGE TE Review | Features and Details

Compositedge EDGE TE (Trading Evolution) is an advanced and cutting-edge trading platform designed to empower traders worldwide. With Compositedge TE's unmatched features and powerful capabilities, EDGE TE offers a seamless trading experience that beats any competing platform in India. Compositedge TE is an end-to-end brokerage solution that combines a robust back-end with a comprehensive set of front-end trading platforms. With a wide range of market connectivities, you can access global markets and execute trades with lightning-fast speed, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition. EDGE TE empowers options traders with its Option Master feature. Seamlessly navigate through complex options strategies, visualize risk-reward scenarios, and execute options trades with ease. Compositedge TE offers paper trading features for trading practices in the live market. Compositedge TE provides a temporary login for our paper trading server. 

Compositedge TE Charges

Compositedge provides “EDGE TE” platform access at the request of clients and does not charge any extra cost for the “EDGE TE” trading platform. If you want to use “EDGE TE” then you want to need request for this trading platform through email. 

Compositedge TE Features 

  • Panel Linking: Compositedge TE allows for panel linking, enabling efficient analysis and trading across multiple panels simultaneously.

  • Multiple Workspaces: Traders can create and switch between multiple workspaces in Compositedge TE, organizing their charts and tools for different trading strategies or asset classes.

  • Regular and Advanced chart types: The trading terminal offers a wide range of chart types, including regular and advanced charting options, allowing traders to analyze price movements in various formats.

  • Wide set of technical indicators: Compositedge TE provides a diverse selection of technical indicators, empowering traders with multiple tools to analyze market trends and make informed trading decisions.

  • Chart and mouse trading: Traders can utilize chart and mouse trading features in Compositedge TE, enabling them to execute trades directly from the charts or via mouse actions for quick and precise order placement.

  • Option Master: The trading terminal includes an Option Master feature, catering to options traders by providing advanced tools and functionalities specifically tailored for options trading.

  • Market Depth: Compositedge TE offers Market Depth functionality, allowing traders to view the order book and analyze the liquidity and depth of the market for better decision-making.

  • Scalper: The Scalper tool in Compositedge TE is designed for traders who engage in scalping strategies, offering features and shortcuts optimized for swift and frequent trading.

  • SuperDOM: SuperDOM (Depth of Market) is a powerful tool in Compositedge TE that provides traders with a comprehensive view of the market depth, enabling them to place orders and manage positions efficiently.

  • Hot Buttons: Compositedge TE includes Hot Buttons, which are customizable shortcuts for executing predefined actions or placing orders quickly, streamlining the trading process.

  • Chart Trading: Traders can utilize the Chart Trading feature in Compositedge TE, enabling them to directly place trades from the charts, combining analysis and execution seamlessly.

Compositedge TE Benefits

  • Efficient analysis and trading: Compositedge TE provides traders with the necessary tools and features to conduct efficient analysis and execute trades swiftly, enhancing their overall trading experience.

  • Customizable workspaces: Traders can create multiple workspaces and customize them according to their trading strategies or asset classes, allowing for organized and focused trading environments.

  • Complete charting options: The trading terminal offers a wide range of chart types, including regular and advanced options, enabling traders to visualize price movements in different formats and gain deeper insights.

  • Diverse technical indicators: Compositedge TE provides a wide selection of technical indicators, empowering traders with multiple tools to analyze market trends, identify potential entry and exit points, and make informed trading decisions.

  • Seamless order placement: Traders can execute trades directly from the charts or via mouse actions, streamlining the order placement process and reducing the time required to enter trades.

  • Tailored for options trading: With the Option Master feature, Compositedge TE caters specifically to options traders, offering advanced tools and functionalities that enhance options trading strategies and execution.

  • Enhanced market analysis: Market Depth functionality allows traders to assess the liquidity and depth of the market, providing valuable insights into order flow and helping them make more informed trading decisions.

  • Optimized for scalping: The Scalper tool is designed to meet the needs of scalpers, providing features and shortcuts that facilitate quick and frequent trading, catering to their trading style and requirements.

  • Streamlined order management: SuperDOM (Depth of Market) enables traders to efficiently manage their positions, monitor market depth, and place orders with precision, enhancing order management capabilities.

  • Speedy execution with hot buttons: Compositedge TE includes customizable hot buttons that enable traders to execute predefined actions or place orders swiftly, saving time and improving efficiency.

  • Integrated analysis and execution: Chart Trading allows traders to seamlessly combine analysis and execution by placing trades directly from the charts, eliminating the need to switch between different tools or platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buy today & sell tomorrow (BTST) is applicable when any investor buys the stock today which is ‘T’ day and sells it the next day which is T+1 day.
Trading Account Opening charges are ₹350/- in Compositedge Broker.
Compositedge Broker offers access to a wide range of financial markets, including stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, and derivatives.
An IPO is your mode to create wealth by picking quality stocks and investing in competitive prices. This way, you may also get stock trading appreciation benefits in the future.
Compositedge demat account charges are ₹50/- Only.
Yes, Compositedge Broker is a trusted SEBI registered stockbroker and a member of NSE, BSE, MCX, and a depository participant membership with CDSL.
Compositedge Broker offers user-friendly trading platforms that allow you to execute trades, access market data, and monitor your investments. These platforms may be available as desktop applications or mobile apps.
Yes, Compositedge Broker provides customer support services to assist clients with their inquiries, technical issues, and account-related matters. You can usually reach their customer support team through various channels, such as phone, email, or live chat.
Compositedge Broker often provides educational resources, such as articles, tutorials, webinars, and market analysis, to help traders enhance their knowledge and make informed investment decisions.
Yes, Compositedge Broker is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), which is the regulatory authority for the securities market in India. They comply with the relevant regulations and guidelines set by SEBI.
You can contact Compositedge broker via email or phone number Mail Id -, Phone number – 9844700001.
To open an account with Compositedge Broker, you can visit their website and follow the account opening process, which typically involves providing personal information and completing necessary documentation.
Compositedge Broker is a brokerage firm that provides services for trading and investing in various financial markets.