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Achintya Securities Exposure/Margin Limit Review

Achintya Securities is a reputed brokerage firm that offers investment and trading facilities in many stock segments such as equity, commodity, currency, derivatives, mutual funds, and IPOs. Achintya Securities also offers algo trading and portfolio management services to its clients. Achintya Securities offers exposure or margin trading facilities to its clients. It is a member of NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, and SEBI. Achintya Securities offers multiple trading platforms to invest and trade in the stock market. Achintya Securities provide customer care support to resolve queries and problems of customers. 

What is Exposure/Margin Trading?

Exposure trading, also known as margin trading, is a method that allows investors to trade in financial instruments by borrowing funds from their broker. In traditional trading, investors use their own capital to buy or sell securities. However, with exposure trading, investors can leverage their positions and potentially magnify their gains or losses. In simple terms, exposure/margin trading involves using borrowed money to trade larger positions than what the investor's account balance would typically allow. This borrowed money acts as a margin or collateral against which the investor can initiate trades.

Achintya Securities Margin/Exposure Limit

Achintya Securities Exposure List


Achintya Securities Intraday Exposure/ Margin

Equity Options

1x (100% of Normal margin (Span + Exposure)

Equity Intraday

5x (Up to 20% of trade value)

Currency Options

1x (100% of Normal margin (Span + Exposure)

Commodity Options

1x (100% of Normal margin (Span + Exposure)

Commodity Futures

1x (100% of Normal margin (Span + Exposure)

Equity Delivery

1x (100% of trade value)

Currency Futures

1x (100% of Normal margin (Span + Exposure)

Equity Futures

1x (100% of Normal margin (Span + Exposure)

Benefits of Achintya Securities Exposure/Margin Trading

  • Increased Trading Power: Margin trading allows investors to leverage their capital, enabling them to trade larger positions than what their account balance would typically allow. This can potentially amplify profits if the trades are successful.

  • Diversification Opportunities: By utilizing exposure/margin trading, investors can allocate their capital across multiple positions and diversify their investment portfolio. This enables them to potentially benefit from different market movements and reduce the risk associated with concentrating all capital in a single investment.

  • Flexibility: Margin trading provides investors with flexibility in their trading strategies. It allows them to take advantage of short-term trading opportunities, such as day trading or swing trading, where quick buying and selling decisions are made to capitalize on short-term price fluctuations.

  • Access to Various Markets: Achintya Securities exposure/margin trading may provide investors with access to various financial markets, including stocks, options, futures, and currencies. This widens the range of investment opportunities and allows investors to explore different asset classes.

Risks Associated with Exposure/Margin Trading

  • Increased Losses: While margin trading can amplify profits, it can also magnify losses. If the market moves against your position, losses can exceed the initial investment amount, and you may be required to deposit additional funds to cover the losses.

  • Margin Calls: In case the value of the securities in your margin account decreases significantly, the broker may issue a margin call, requiring you to deposit additional funds to maintain the required margin level. Failure to meet a margin call could result in the broker liquidating your positions to cover the losses.

  • Volatility Risk: Markets can be volatile, and price fluctuations can be unpredictable. Increased volatility can lead to larger and faster losses in margin trading, especially if stop-loss orders are not in place to limit potential losses.

  • Overleveraging: Excessive use of margin can lead to overleveraging, where investors take on too much risk. It is important to maintain a proper balance and use margin responsibly based on your risk tolerance and trading strategy.


Achintya Securities exposure/margin trading can be a powerful tool for investors looking to leverage their positions and potentially amplify their returns. However, it is crucial to understand the associated risks and have a solid grasp of the market dynamics before engaging in margin trading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online trading refers to the process of buying and selling financial instruments through internet-based platforms provided by brokers or online trading platforms. It allows investors to place trades, monitor market activity, and access research and analysis tools.
Yes, the customer can easily buy or sell mutual funds if they hold an account with Achintya Securities.
GST Charges in 18%On (Brokerage +Transaction Charges)
Brokers typically earn money through commissions, fees, or spreads. Commissions are charges applied to each transaction, usually a percentage of the trade value. Fees may be charged for additional services such as account maintenance or advisory services.
The contact number of Achintya Securities Pvts ltd is Phone: 0512-6670700.
A margin account is a type of brokerage account that allows investors to borrow funds from the broker to trade securities. Margin trading involves using borrowed money to buy or sell securities, leveraging your investment capital.
It is a trustworthy broker and has developed a unique Identity in the broker industry.
Brokers offer a range of services depending on the market they operate in. Some common services include executing trades, providing investment advice, and conducting research and analysis.
Yes, Achintya Securities stock broker provides its customer to offer trade and depository services. The company focuses on and provides research-based tips and recommendations.
Trading Account AMC Charges First Year Free.
Free Demat Account Opening Charges in Achintya Securities.
Yes, Achintya Securities offers online IPO applications to its customers. IPO offers an early opportunity to buy the shares of companies that are not previously traded publicly.
Achintya Securities was incorporated in 2004.
Achintya securities private limited Address: 1-72/23(P)/ Divis/303, Divi Towers, Cyber Hills, Gachibowli Hyderabad, Telangana-500032.
Yes, Achintya Securities provide the facility for online IPO application.