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A C Agarwal Mobile App Review | Features and Details 

A C Agarwal Share Brokers is a well-known stock broking firm based in Vadodara. The company A.C. Agarwal was started in 1988. A C Agarwal share brokers private limited has been committed to providing high-quality services to its clients, and it currently serves a broad client base of over 20,000 individuals through its extensive network of more than 190 offices. A C Agarwal offers many trading platforms to its clients. A C Agarwal also offers a trading platform for mobile traders. A C Agarwal Mobile app allows users to invest in multiple exchanges including the National stock exchange (NSE), Bombay stock exchange (BSE), and Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). Trades can use A C Agarwal mobile app for trading by opening a demat and trading account with A C Agarwal. 

A C Agarwal Mobile App

A C Agarwal Share Brokers presents Bloom, an exceptional mobile trading application that sets itself apart from the competition. With a strong focus on convenience and market data, Bloom has been thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of traders. It offers a wide range of trading options, including derivatives, currencies, and commodities, allowing users to navigate various markets seamlessly. Bloom's portfolio actively engages users, providing a holistic view of their investments and allowing for efficient management. Moreover, the app incorporates all the essential features necessary to enhance the trading experience. Bloom app is available for Android and iOS users. This Bloom can be downloaded from the app store or Play Store.

A C Agarwal Bloom Mobile App Features

  • Convenient and user-friendly mobile trading application

  • Focus on market data and convenience

  • Trade across various markets and instruments (derivatives, currencies, commodities)

  • Advanced technical charts powered by TradingView

  • Smart search functionality for relevant and actionable results

  • Multiple order types available (multi-leg orders, AMO orders, GTD orders, bracket orders)

  • News and events tracker for staying updated and making informed decisions

  • Intuitive options chain for options trading

  • A comprehensive view of all orders in one place

  • Detailed scrip overview with technical and fundamental analysis

  • Engaging portfolio management features

  • Includes all essential features to enhance the trading experience


A C Agarwal's Bloom Trading app stands out due to its focus on convenience, comprehensive market data, and a range of features aimed at empowering traders. With its commitment to continuous improvement, Bloom offers a valuable tool for traders looking to make informed decisions and achieve their financial goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A C Agarwal Demat Account opening charges are free.
A C Agarwal allows trading and investing in multiple stock markets such as commodity currency, equity, mutual funds, etc.
A C Agarwal’s headquarters is in Vadodara Gujarat.
A C Agarwal Share Broker Registered address is “406, Payal Complex, Near Vadodara Stock Exchange, Sarod, Sayajiganj, Vadodara, Gujarat 390005”.
Yes, Stock Brokers are regulated by financial authorities like SEBI, NSDL, CDSL, NSE, BSE, etc.
In A C Agarwal Share brokers, trading account opening charges are free. You need to pay only AMC Charges.
A C Agarwal Share Brokers Private Limited is the oldest stock brokerage firm in India.
A C Agarwal Share Brokers customer care number is “0141-4920999”.
Mr. Nagessh Agarwal is the CEO of A C Agarwal Share.
Yes, A C Agarwal Share Broker allows placing multiple types of orders.
Yes, A C Agarwal Share brokers are safe for trading.
Yes, A C Agarwal Share provides mutual funds.
A C Agarwal brokerage charges are Rs. 20 per executed trade or 0.5% per trade.
A C Agarwal Share Brokers offers “Bloom” and “Soil” trading platforms.