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Most Active Stocks Today Stocks List


Most Active Stocks Today NSE Stocks List

The term most active stocks by volume refers to stocks whose shares have the highest trading volume on a stock exchange over a given period of time. Most active stocks all time, which are commonly known as volume leaders, known as most active stocks daily on basis of single trading day. Corporate news or economic data create market pressure and often fuel investors to buy and sell BSE most active stocks from most active stocks list.

Our blog helps you to explore most active stocks live with significant price movement or volume after regular movement. These stocks can be found out through significant trading activity in the most active stocks after hours today or most active stocks last hour.

Investors may also look at a list of most active stocks currently over a week, month, quarter, or year. Those that are heavily traded during a certain period end up on most active lists as most active stocks for today and most active stocks for tomorrow.

Company Name Symbol High Low Last Price Change PE Ratio PB Ratio Upper Circuit Lower Circuit VWAP