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52 Week High Today Stocks List


52 WEEK HIGH Today NSE Stocks List

A 52-week high or 52-Week NSE stocks is the highest price point at which a stock has been traded during the course of one year. Stock 52-Week high and low is a technical indicator used by traders, investors, and analysts to analyze the current value to predict NSE 52-week high shares price movements in the future. As a result, there is an increased interest in a stock when its price comes close to a 52-week high or low.

52-week high NSE stocks are stocks listed under NSE stock list with 52-week high low that have peaked in a 52-Week range. To determine 52-Weeks high 52-Week high today NSE stock, NSE takes into account those stocks which are nearing their highest stock price in the last year. Similarly, 52-Week high BSE stocks are those stocks listed under BSE in 52-Week high stocks list that have peaked in the previous year.

You can understand the significance of highest 52-Week stocks in the se NSE that it represents the market standing of a share from a one-year perspective.

Company Name Symbol Sector Today High Today Low Last Price Change PE Ratio PB Ratio Upper Circuit Lower Circuit VWAP