Finvasia IPO Review - Charges, Easy Steps to Apply Online


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Finvasia IPO Review - Charges, Easy Steps to Apply Online

‘Investing isn’t about beating others at their game but it’s about controlling yourself at your own game’. It is very necessary to choose that platform by which we can save money. In this way, any trader or investor can save 90% of the commission by choosing Finvasia. It is a brokerage free discount broker, founded by Ex Wall Street professionals Mr. Tajinder Pal Singh and his brother Mr. Sarvjeet Singh in 2009. Finvasia is a SEBI registered Foreign Institutional Investor (FII now FPI) headquartered in Chandigarh (India) offers various financial services such as Asset management services, Equity trading at BSE & NSE, Commodity trading at MCX, Mutual Fund, Algo Trading, Ultra-fast trading software & tools, Currency trading at NSE etc. Finvasia is a fintech company has its presence in more than 14 countries across the world including Australia, Brazil and United Kingdom.
From a single trading account, you can trade or invest in BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX on this platform. Finvasia provides margin/exposure of up to 10x for equity intraday trading. Finvasia offers a wide range of software and tools in a very affordable price such as ScalperT, Omnesys NEST, NSE Now, Symphony, Amibroker etc.

What is Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the method through which any private limited company can convert into public limited company and with the help of this process, any organisation or company can raise funds from the public or investors to fulfil the corporate purposes and debt repayment. In this process, the company needs to sell securities in the primary market. To expand the business processes, IPO is the key method though which any company can raise capital by selling the shares or securities of the company to institutional investors. In other words, this is an opportunity for the traders & investors to own a part or unit of their favourite companies in the form of shares.
For the first time, via IPO, an unlisted company get listed in the national exchanges. After public listing of any IPO, prices can go up or down dependent on share market condition and company’s performance.

Categories of Investors participate in the IPO bidding:

After SEBI clearance, any company can issue an IPO to fulfil the prime objective of organisation. Often, many types of different companies used to reserve some percentage of shares for the eligible employees of that company. Generally, any company reserve different percentage of shares for the various different type of investors. There are three major types of investors:
1. Retail Individual Investors (RII) – 35%reservation
2. Non-Institutional Investors (NII) – 15% reservation
3. Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB) – 50% reservation

Finvasia IPO

Finvasia does not offer online IPO application facility through its platform, you can invest by using ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amounts) facility which is already available in the net banking of your respective bank account. While applying in an IPO, you need to fill all the details along with Finvasia demat account details and after allotment, shares will get credited to your demat account.

Steps to apply in IPO with Finvasia and ASBA:

It is a easy process; you can apply for IPO via Net banking of your respective bank account and allotted shares will get credited to your Finvasia Demat account. Kindly follow the below steps:
1. Open the official website of your respective bank account.
2. Login to your net banking account.
3. Visit ‘Online Investment’ section and click ‘Invest in IPO’.
4. If you are applying for the first time, then add yourself as an applicant:
• Click on ‘Profile’ tab given on the top .
• Click ‘Manage IPO Applicant’.
• You need to enter your net banking password and click ‘submit’.
• Enter the information; Name, PAN, depositary details (Finvasia demat account details) and click ‘Add’.
• Recheck the details and click confirm.
• Validate the OTP received on your registered mobile number and click ’confirm’.
• You will receive a confirmation message via SMS and email.
5. Click on ‘IPO enquiry’ and read all the terms and conditions carefully then click accept button.
6. Now, select any IPO from the list you would like to apply.
7. Enter the number of lots you wish to buy (Under the max limit).
8. Provide your demat account details of Finvasia which is mentioned below:
• Depositary – CDSL
• Finvasia DP ID – 12084300
• DP Account Number – [Enter Your Demat Account Number]
• DP Name – Finvasia Securities Private Limited
9. Confirm and submit the application.
After successful application, you will receive a confirmation email/SMS from your respective bank and application amount will get blocked in your account. If you will get the shares on allotment then only blocked amount will be debited from your account otherwise it will get unblocked. Allotted shares will be credited on your Finvasia demat account on the prescribed date.

Frequently Asked Questions

No because profits of the F&O segment used to credited to the ledger’s next working day, so, you can’t use the profit amount on the same day for new positions.
You can transfer shares from your another demat account to Finvasia demat account by following below two steps: • Through DIS (Delivery Instruction Slip) – You can transfer your holdings or securities by filling DIS form and need to fill your DP details of Finvasia and submit it to the old broker. • Through CDSL Easiest – You can transfer your holdings or shares through CDSL Easiest.
No, Finvasia only offers 2-in-1 account on its platform.
Yes, any NRI around the world can invest in Indian Share market through Finvasia.
It is totally free; you don’t need to pay single penny for opening of demat and trading account on Finvasia.
Yes, you can place After Market Order (AMO) on Finvasia.
Square off timings are variable in different segments: • NSE CASH – 3:20 PM • NSE NFO – 3:25 PM • NSE CDS – 4:45 PM • NSE CDS cross currency – 4:45 PM • MCX (MAR to NOV) – 11:15 PM • MCX (DEC to FEB) – 11:40 PM
On a repatriable basis, for investing in equity delivery, NRIs can link their trading accounts with Axis bank and Yes bank only while on a non-repatriable basis, for investing in derivative segment, NRIs can link with any bank with us.
NRI/PIO are allowed to open only one account with any designated bank (Preferred bank - Axis bank or Yes bank) in a prescribed format for PIS account. After that, bank will issue a PIS approval letter to the investor.
Yes, Finvasia offers semi and fully Algo trading on its platform.
Finvasia is equipped with many unique features such as free demat & trading account opening, zero brokerage in every segment, zero clearing charges, zero commission on mutual fund, online account opening facility, trading software & tools etc.
No, every service is available online and you can also visit the Finvasia’s head office located in Chandigarh (India) for any offline support.
Penny Stocks are those types of shares that are traded at a very low price below Rs 10 and are usually listed on a smaller exchange. Finvasia does not offer leverage on penny stocks.
First margin call will be given as soon as the MTM loss reaches 50% of the total available margin and client will be asked to submit fresh margin or reduce the positions. One the MTM reaches 80% , position will be squared off.
Finvasia does not offer online IPO application facility but while applying through your bank account, you can enter Finvasia Demat Account Number to get your allotted shares in your demat account.
Finvasia offer following products to NRIs: • Equity trading in BSE & NSE (Delivery based) • Trade in F&O segment • Direct Mutual Fund • Bonds
No, Finvasia does not charge any extra brokerage on cancelling and modifying an order. Transparency is the key quality of Finvasia.
Yes, Finvasia offers free call and trade facility i.e. you don’t need to pay single penny for call and trade facility.

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