Algo Trading Platform in India


Algo Trading Platform in India

What is Algo Trading?

Algorithmic Trading is generally known as Algo Trading. In algo trading, the computer uses pre-defined program and codes to analyze and executes the trades automatically. Algo trading has many customized strategies and programs. It helps you to trade and execute real time orders without any delay so that you never miss your trades.

Algo Trading Platform

To connect algo trading to your broker. Algo trading software is required.
This software is generally provided by various algo trading software providers at nominal rates.

SASO API Connector is an API Bridging software which is widely used in India for Algo Trading. It supports many programming languages like JavaScript, Pine script, Http, Excel VBA, Python, MQL 4/5, AFL, NT 7/8 and C & C++.

Features of SASO API Connector:

• It helps you to execute trade in multiple accounts.
• Support by many trading software i.e., trading view, MT4, Python, Excel etc.
• Customization of trades.
• Customization of strategies.
• Free Demo Strategies.
• Supported with PC and VPS.
• Risk Management.
• Easy to use.
• Can be used with any Indian broker.
• Various programming languages are supported i.e., JavaScript, Pine script, Http, Excel VBA, Python, MQL 4/5, AFL, NT 7/8, C & C++ etc.
• MIS, LIMIT, CO, BO, SL-M orders are also supported.
• Telegram alerts available.
• Various tool tips to understand it well.
• Various Demo videos and documents are provided.

SASO API Connector Pricing

There are number of plans available for SASP API Connector. One can easily choose the one as per their requirements.

Plan Duration








Half Yearly




15 Years



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