How to Connect Alice Blue to AmiBroker


How to Connect Alice Blue to AmiBroker

Alice blue is one of the leading stock brokers in India and it provides smooth and fast algo trading services. Algo blue algo trading has various strategies and can be connected to various trading platforms.

What is AmiBroker?

AmiBroker is used for Technical Analysis in Stock Market. It is a charting software and has many tools and indicators which helps you to take better decision for trading. Also, it has many data feed. You can watch live market in AmiBroker.

Requirements to Connect Alice Blue to AmiBroker

1. Alice Blue account: An account is required to execute trade in stock market.
2. API Key: This is provided by stock brokers. Alice blue provides Free API Key.
3. Bridging Software: A bridging software or bridge is required to connect your Alice blue account to AmiBroker. Bridging software is provided at very nominal rates.

There are various API connector and bridging software in India.

SASO API Connector is widely used for algo trading. It is a Algo Bridging Software. Also, SASO API connector eliminates the requirement of API key, no matter whichever the stock broker you choose.

SASO API Connector Pricing

It has various plans as per your need. Check SASO API Connector Pricing

Plan Duration








Half Yearly




15 Years



Features of SASO API Connector:

• It helps you to execute trade in multiple accounts.
• Support by many trading software i.e., trading view, MT4, Python, Excel etc.
• Customization of trades.
• Customization of strategies.
• Free Demo Strategies.
• Supported with PC and VPS.
• Easy to use.
• Can be used with any Indian broker.
• Various programming languages are supported i.e., Javascript, Pinescript, Http, Excel VBA, Python, MQL 4/5, AFL, NT 7/8, C & C++ etc.
• MIS, LIMIT, CO, BO, SL-M orders are also supported.
• Telegram alerts available.
• Various tool tips to understand it well.
• Various Demo videos and documents are provided.

Steps to connect Alice Blue to MT4

1. Login to Alice blue trading terminal or website.
2. Install AmiBroker. To download AmiBroker, Click Here.
3. Enter the required setup details using Bridging software/ API Key and Alice Blue account.
4. Now your trades will get executed automatically whenever the signals will be received by the software.

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