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Zerodha Varsity Review


Zerodha Varsity Review

Zerodha Varsity is an extensive and an contains in-depth collection of the stock market and various financial lessons at Zerodha. These financial lesion and educational stuff is created by Karthik Rangappa. This is accessible to everyone and is among the largest financial education resources that is available on the web.
This web-based educational program covers the topics that are based on major market investment. The topics are covered in such a way that they help in learning, collecting the stock market lessons with various illustrations. The content is mostly broken down into various bite-size cards in order to help you to learn anywhere and at any time.

Modules of Zerodha Varsity
Zerodha Varsity is currently having 12 modules on the below-mentioned topics:
1. Introduction to Stock Markets- It contains 15 chapters that covers the fundamentals of the stock market, regulators, IPOs, how to start it and how it works. It also contains a series of key topics such as trading terminals, clearing and settlement procedure and much more.
2. Technical Analysis- It contains 21 chapters that helps the learners to identify various trading opportunities by using the technical analysis through various charts, patterns and indicators.
3. Fundamental Analysis- It helps the learners in understanding and identifying the trading opportunities by using the fundamental analysis. This module covers various topics such as How to read the annual report of a company, Understanding profit and loss statement, Balance sheet and much more.
4. Futures Trading- This module contains 12 chapters and cover various topics such as Background of futures market and various key concepts of the same.
5. Options Theory for Professional Trading- This module helps an individual to go through the various concepts of Options Trading such as Call or Put options, Buying or selling Options and more.
6. Options Strategies- This module helps learn more about options trading to the next levels as by helping them to learn various option strategies such as Bull Call Spread, Bull Put Spread and more of them.
7. Markets and Taxation- This module contains various taxation aspects of the stock market trading and cover topics such as basic of taxation, calculating P&L, filling returns and more.
8. Currency, Commodity and Government Securities- This module helps in learning about currency basics, currency pairs, cross-currency pairs, commodity trading in Gold, Silver, Crude oil, etc.
9. Risk Management and Trading Psychology- This module helps in learning about the currency basics, currency pairs, commodity trading in Gold,Silver, Crude oil, etc.
10. Trading Systems- This module helps in setting up to an efficient trading system by using a systematic approach. This also provide the learners to learn about pair trading systems, momentum portfolio strategies and more.
11. Personal Finance- This module has various aspects of the personal finance like goal-oriented investments, retirement planning, budgeting, etc. It further helps in constructing the ideal personal finance plan. It also covers mutual funds, equity schemes and managing the finances.
12. Inner Worth (Mind Over Markets)- It contains the various collection on aspects related to the psychology of trading. It has a total of 130 chapters on handling the emotions, fear, criticism, intuition and taking decisions.

Zerodha Varsity Application
Zerodha Varsity is also made available to the learners on mobile app. The Zerodha Varsity application is available for free to all the learners. It is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It avails its customers to track the progress, bookmark pages and the wall of expert opinions, etc.
The below are the steps to download the application.
1. Search for “Zerodha Varsity” application on play store or apple store.
2. Download and install the application.
3. Login to the application by using the login credentials of Kite. The learner can also use their Gmail and Facebook credentials to login to Zerodha Varsity.
4. Now, select the module to learn.

Varsity by Zerodha is an excellent customer awareness and learning platform that is initiated by Zerodha. The module selected will have multiple topics that are discussed with detail. On the other side, in the mobile application the modules are redesigned as per the difficulty levels in the bite size content forms to make it easy for the learners to learn on the go. It also has various quiz test to learn and earn the certification.

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