What is Basket Order in Stock Market


What is Basket Order in Stock Market

There is various type of orders in Indian stock market. Some of them are simple while some of them are little complex. Basket orders is in one of those orders.

What is a Basket Order?

As the name indicates, basket order allows you to place multiple orders of same or various segments at the same time. Its just like a basket of fruits or vegetables, whereas in stock market, it is a basket of orders.

Features of Basket Order

• You can use various strategies while trade using basket orders.
• It helps you to personalize your trades.
• It lets you trade with single click.
• Easy tracking of your orders as you can monitor your various orders in single basket.
• You can add orders of same or various sectors in single basket.
• Combined margin required for a basket order is different from the margin required for individual orders.
• Creating basket for various orders helps you to manage your trades easily.

Which Stock Broker Provides Basket Order Facility?

There are various stock brokers in India which provides basket orders facility to traders and investor. Some of them are Alice Blue, Zerodha, ICICI Direct, 5Paisa, UpstoxIIFL etc.
You can easily open your account in any of these stock brokers.

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