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Is TradeSmart Trustworthy Broker


Is TradeSmart Trustworthy Broker

Is TradeSmart Trustworthy Broker?

TradeSmart is a discount stock broker providing its services since 1994 and worked as a venture of VNS finance. Tradesmart Brokerage is created by keeping in mind the aim of providing the lowest brokerage services to its customers. The company is completely involved in the broking business and thus has no conflict of interest. TradeSmart allows the customers to trade in equities, commodities, currency, derivative and other depository services across the national exchanges such as BSE, NSE, and MCX. It is a depository participant with CDSL.

Here are some points that makes TradeSmart Safer than other brokers.

  1. Broad Management Vision: This broker has great management technique as it manages each of its service smartly making trading comfortable for the users. It responds actively to the growing demand of the online trading by providing the best trading platform to the customers. Customer support is active and responds the client actively. It further provides SMS alerts and notifications via mail for any proceeding done in the account. It further provides CDSL pay-in and pay-out details of the demat securities to the customers.
  2. Advanced Technology: This broker focus on getting better each day and match its footsteps with the improving technology. Being an active online trading firm, it focuses on increasing the online presence of the firm. It does it by constantly providing the advanced good tradesmart online trading platforms, TradeSmart mobile app and tools. One of its advanced trading software is Fox Trader.
  3. Safe Securities: The broker keeps the customer securities safely in the Trade smart demat account. They never keep the customer securities in the pooled account.
  4. Strong and Trusted parent company: The Parent company of TradeSmart is VNS Finance and Capital Services. This is a registered financial company existing since 1994. There are no registered complaints received against Tradesmart and this makes it among the most trusted companies. Thus, it serves as the back support of the company in case there is any shortage in the discount brokerage firm.
  5. Brokerage Model: Tradesmart has the Hybrid Brokerage Model. It offers two plans such as Power Plan and Value Plan. The Power plan is a fixed brokerage plan where on it charges a flat rate of ₹15 per executed order in various segments such as equity, derivatives, currency and commodity. This TradeSmart Value plan avails its customer with a variable brokerage plan on the basis of trading volumes.

With the several advantages, TradeSmart also has certain risks. Let’s have a quick look at them also:

  1. This discount broker is not a listed company in the national stock exchanges i.e. NSE and BSE exchanges. Now, since the company is not traded it does not require to show all the information in the public to the shareholders.
  2. TradeSmart provides the customers with various margin funding facility. It further allows the customers to trade for more securities than the investment amount. The company ends up charging interest by offering the margin funding facility. Its further charges at 0.05% per day for the shortfall of margin and ledger debit.


TradeSmart Online is the safe, trustworthy and reliable discount broker in India. It successfully meets the requirements of providing the up to date trading software to the customers to trade with ease.

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