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Is Angel Broking Safe and Reliable Broker


Is Angel Broking Safe and Reliable Broker

Angel Broking is a discount and the safest stock broker that has fixed its foot prints in the brokerage industry. The stock broker is providing its services for three decades. It has developed its physical presence in the country. The company aims at providing the best. Thus, it provides various technology advanced tools, with the decades of broking experience. It is one of the leading stock brokers in India.
The Angel Broking started its broking services since 1987. Dinesh Thakkar has started this business from then and he still works as the managing director of the company. This broker is registered with the SEBI, BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX. The broker is registered with CDSL to offer various depository services. The firm focuses on providing various financial services such as Equity, F&O, Currency and Commodity. The stock broker has developed its presence both online and offline.

How Angel Broking is safer than another broker?
There are some other points that makes Angel Broking better than other broker.
1. Management Vision- It is a full-service broker that offers various flat brokerage plan to the customers. The broker provides relationship managers to help the investors. It has a proven and excellent experienced team of management. The company aims at providing the best value products on the investments through advanced technology, investment strategies, etc.
2. Focuses on Technology- It provides various other technology advanced investment software such as Angel Broking app, Trade Web and Angel Broking Speed pro desktop-based application. It has a reliable and technology advanced platform that creates good reputation.
3. No Proprietary Trading Account- Angel Broking does not provides its customers with the proprietary trading account that makes it the safest broker. The information can be further used by the broker to generate profit that makes it a risky proportion.
4. Least Complaints- Angel Broking ration is less to the active clients and it makes it the safest brokers in India.
5. Simple Pricing Model- It offers a flat brokerage plan i.e. iTradePrime to make trading in equity, derivatives, currency and commodities.
6. A listed company- It is a listed company in the stock market. The company makes the financial information of the company for the public. It shares all the legal information with shareholder and investors.
7. Offline Presence- In order to provide the best services to the customers, Angel broking has its offline presence across the country.

Angel Broking is the safe and reliable full-service broker in India. The brokerage has excellent management system, advanced technology, simple brokerage plans and offline networks. The ARQ of the platform is completely based on the algorithms and is provided for free from human intervention.

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