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Is Algo Trading Profitable


Is Algo Trading Profitable

Algo Trading is a state-of-the art technology that take care of the trade execution for you by using computer programs called algorithms to make profit with minimum human intervention. Being used by many big trading firms, as well as retail investors, algorithm trading is becoming popular among the traders.

Is Algo Trading Profitable? The answer of this question is YES! Algo trading is profitable, if provided with couple of things right. These things include proper back testing and validation method with proper risk management techniques.

Algo Trading involves the formation of different trading strategies and predefining then into the algorithms to ensure that the trades will automatically be executed in a sufficient manner based on the strategies. The strategies are defined on the basis of the market trends and the objective of the traders.

Benefits of Algo Trading

• High speed trade execution
• High accuracy of trades
• Minimum human intervention
• Reduce the possibility of mistakes as minimum human intervention
• No place for human emotions
• Minimize transaction cost
• Back testing of algo strategies
• Instant trade execution to avoid significant price changes

How to do Algo Trading?

There are different types of software available by which you can do Algo trading. In this article we will discuss about the best Algo Trading software which helps you to earn maximum profit with minimum loss.

SASO API Connector is one of the most popular trading software used for Algo trading in different brokers.
For more details of SASO API Connector, click here 

Benefits of SASO API Connector

• Free Demo strategies available
• Easy to use and simple structured
• It can be used with any Indian Stock broker
• Execution of trades through multiple accounts
• It is supported by all orders types like LIMIT, MIS, CO, BO, SL-M
• Supported by different programming languages i.e., Javascript, Http, Excel VBA, Python, MQL 4/5, AFL, Pinescript, NT 7/8, C & C++ etc.

Charges for API Bridge

You can take API subscription if you want to do Algo trading with SASO API. Here we have mention different subscription plans you can subscribe any one plan according to your choice.

Plan Duration








Half Yearly




15 Years



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