Is Algo Trading Legal in India


Is Algo Trading Legal in India

Algo Trading is also known as algorithm trading the process in which step-by-step instructions are given to the computer system to perform trading. The Algo Trading system automatically monitor the live market and executes an order when the given criteria are met. It involves minimum human intervention and the trading decisions are based on the predefined instructions and strategies.

It minimized the latency between the order placing and its execution, therefore the trades get executed at the price that the trader wanted to.

Now the answer of this question, “Is Algo Trading legal in India? “Is Yes. Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has introduced algorithmic trading on April 3rd 2008, by allowing Direct Market Access facility to institutional clients. It was not allowed to retail traders at the starting.

By April 29th 2008, algo trading had already become popular with some of the top global players signing up for the DMA facility. The brokers like Edelweiss Capital, India Infoline and Motilal Oswal Securities were among others who had submitted their request to the stock exchanges. In the year of 2012 and 2013, SEBI introduced the set of guidelines for algo trading in the market.

How to do Algo Trading?

SASO API Connector is commonly used for Algo Trading to give maximum profit ratio with minimum human intervention and minimum risk. SASO API helps you to diversify your portfolio in an efficient manner and supported by all Indian brokers.

Benefits of SASO API Connector

• Trade execution through multiple accounts
• Free Demo strategies available
• User friendly
• Supported by all Indian brokers
• Supported by all order types like MIS, LIMIT, CO, BO, SL-M
• Supported by various programming languages i.e., Javascript, Http, Excel VBA, Python, MQL 4/5, AFL, Pinescript, NT 7/8, C & C++ etc.

Working of SASO API Connector

SASO API Connector works on the basis of signals. A trade signal means an analytical tool that provides a trader the cue to place an order for buy or sell to maximize the profits. Once the signal is generated, the system automatically receives the trade settings from the pre-defined settings and the trade gets executed. It helps you to generate the profits at the speed and frequency that are beyond human capacity.

Charges for API Bridge

Here are the plans available for different time durations.

Plan Duration








Half Yearly




15 Years



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