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Is Upstox Safe for Trading and Investment Services


Is Upstox Safe for Trading and Investment Services

Is upstox safe? Upstox is among the most famous and safest reliable stock broker for multiple reasons. This stock broker has a very strong reputation among the investors. It has earned a great experience in the broking, technology first-approach. 
Upstox is safe is an online brand of various RKSV securities India Pvt. Ltd. This stock broker firm is backed up by some reputed investors such as Ratan Tata, Tiger Global, and GVK Davix. The company is regulated by SEBI. It is then regularly audited by the national stock exchanges and depositories. There is no major violation recorded by Upstox by any of the auditors in the last eight years.

Reasons that makes Upstox Safer than any other Broker
1. Economical Business Strategy- This stock broker works and runs on a low-cost online business model. It offers various services that are offered online from a remote location. The broker does not have their physical offices across the cities and towns. It helps the company in getting several low brokerages plans and helps in saving a lot on the operational expenses like rent, salaries, etc. This business strategy has helped them to be sustainable and less risky. 
2. Highly Scalable Business Model- The Broker Upstox safe has business models that are highly scalable. The firm continues to add the thousands of customers each month without compromising with the quality and risk. 
3. Advisory Services- The broker does not provide the stock recommendations or the financial advisory services. The company only focus on providing various online trading services. Thus, there comes no interest conflict or financial motive to push a particular product to the customers.
4. Margin Funding- Upstox is completely into the stock and commodity brokerage business. It focuses on not providing the risky products such as margin funding to the customers for trading.
5. Client Shares in the Pooled Account- This broker does not provide the customers to keep the client shares in the pooled account. All the shares are transferred to their demat account on T+2 days. 
6. Compatible Brokerage Plan- The plan offers the free equity delivery trades and charges the flat ₹20 per executed order for the Intraday and F&O trades at the National Stock Exchanges NSE, BSE and MCX. The same plan is offered to each customer that includes HNI’s.
7. Proprietary Trading- This broker initially worked as a proprietary trading company but then entered into the Retail brokerage space in the year 2009. This broker has stopped providing its proprietary trading services in the year 2017.

Upstox is the safe, reliable and the most trusted stock broker in India. It has all the correct credentials to become one of the top online brokers in India. The company has achieved many awards in various platforms. The money is safe with Upstox as with any leading stockbroker. 
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