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How to start Portfolio Management Service in India


How to start Portfolio Management Service in India

Portfolio Management service (PMS) is an investment facility offered by a portfolio manager with the intent to achieve the maximum rate of return with the minimum level of risk. PMS service is often popular among the High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs) and due to this many investors want to know how to start portfolio management service in India.

A portfolio manager is a licensed investment professional who specializes in investing in various instruments in the market. Fund/portfolio managers build a diversified portfolio to help clients to earn profit from the stock market.

The minimum investment for PMS is Rs.50lakhs, and let’s discuss more for better understanding about PMS service.

How to start portfolio management service in India?

Following are the important steps to start PMS service.
1. Company needs to be register with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India)
2. Pay non-refundable application fee of Rs.1 lakh. This could be for PMS service too, but there are other sorts of fees too.
3. The fee needs to be pay in demand draft in Mumbai.
4. Some additional information also to be submitted to access on the official website.
5. Post the application form to the Head office of SEBI (Mumbai)

Some important requirements also to be met are:
• The net-worth of the professional portfolio manager should be Rs.5 crores
• To get the certificate for Registration, the applicant has to pay registration fee of Rs.10 lakhs
• The certificate is valid up to three years only.
• To renew the certificate, the applicant should apply three months before its expiry
• The renewal fee is Rs.5 lakh for registration

To know more details about the PMS service click here


For independent fund managers who is looking to expand their work base and want to increase their income as well PMS service is the great choice. As all investment come with risk, including portfolio investments so think before starting PMS service.

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