How To Place Basket Order in Alice Blue


How To Place Basket Order in Alice Blue

What is a Basket Order?

Basket Order allows you to place multiple orders of same or various sectors at the same time. To Place a basket order using Alice, you must have an account in Alice Blue.

How to Place Basket Orders in Alice Blue?

Alice Blue provides basket orders facility to their customers. You can place basket orders in Alice blue through ANT Web.

Follow the below steps to place basket order in Alice Blue:
1. Login to ‘ANT Web’ using Alice blue login credentials.
2. Click on the ‘Profile Icon’ on the top right corner and select ‘Links’.
3. Click on ‘EQ SIP’, you will be redirected to the Equity SIP Website.
4. Click on ‘Baskets’ from the top menu bar and click on ‘New Basket’.
5. Give a name to your basket.
6. Add stocks to your basket using ‘Search’ tab and trade.

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