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How To Refer a friend to Zerodha


How To Refer a friend to Zerodha

The Stock broking Industry in India is very vast and Zerodha is the largest and the leading stock broker in India. This broker offers its customers with the best flat-rate brokerage services to its retail investors. Zerodha offers its online trading services at the nation stock exchanges such as BSE, NSE and MCX for free in the equity delivery segments.
Being the largest and the leading stock broker in the Stock broking Industry, Zerodha provides various additional services to its customers. It has introduced the referral program for its customers.

Referral Programme of Zerodha
Zerodha customers can earn up to 10% of the brokerage paid by them in case they refer their friends. The stock broker has introduced its cash-back program that is considered to be the most generous referral program in the Indian Stock broker Industry. Being the Zerodha customer, you will have to just refer a friend or any relative on the Zerodha Console (Back office of Zerodha). The customer needs to simply fill an application form with three fields i.e. Name, Email and Mobile Number.
The time limit to open the account for the person referred by the customer to Zerodha is 60 days. From the day you are adding the client through Console the account will be opened within 60 days then this account would not be counted under the referral.

Zerodha Referral Commission
The largest stock broker in India i.e. Zerodha provides 10% referral commission to its beloved customer. If an individual refers a friend or a relative to join the family of Zerodha then every time they will pay the brokerage, the customer would be able to earn 10% brokerage that they will pay to Zerodha.

Opening an Account with Zerodha Referral Program
Being the part of Zerodha Family, if an individual is willing to increase its family by referring a friend or relative. Follow the below mentioned steps:
1. Login to Zerodha Console.
2. Click on the User Id present in the top right corner and then select “Rewards and Referrals”.
3. Moving on, enter the details such as Name, Email, Contact number of the person you are referring.
4. Now, your friend will receive a mail mentioning the steps to open an online account with Zerodha.
5. Once the account gets opened, the account will be mapped under the customer’s Id and then they can start earning the Zerodha commission amount.
The referral contact number will become valid for up to 60 days. In case, the customer does not open an account during this period then the referred customer won’t be eligible to get the referral benefits.

Benefits of Zerodha Referral Program
1. It benefits the customers as they can earn 10% brokerage share through the Zerodha Client Referral program.
2. It gives the customers about 300 reward points for each referral. These reward points can be used to subscribe to the premium products and partner services of Zerodha.
3. It also provides benefits to the friend you referred with the great brokerage products and services that are offered by Zerodha.

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