Best Stock Brokers for Intraday Trading


Best Stock Brokers for Intraday Trading

Buying and selling the shares or securities on the same day is known as Intraday Trading. In Intraday trading, any open positions get automatic square off at the market closing time. Intraday day traders can book profit by both buying and short selling the shares as per the market conditions.

To trade in intraday, you must choose a stock broker via which you can open your trading and demat account. Stock brokers must have some qualities which is desired and helpful in Intraday Trading.

Some Desirable Qualities of Stock Brokers for Intraday Trading:

• Low brokerage
• Fast trading software
• Trading tools
• Multiple order types
• Research services

List of Best Brokers for Intraday Trading

1. Alice Blue
Alice blue is known for their flat brokerage charges and several trading platforms. It has many branches and franchisees all over the India.

2. Angel One (Angel Broking)
Angel one has their presence in 15 states of India with more than 11,000 branches and sub branches. They provide various services and offers to their customers.

3. ICICI Direct
ICICI direct has various brokerage plans, you can choose the one as per your choice. It has 170+ branches across India.

4. Zerodha
Zerodha is one of the best stock brokers in India with 40+ lacs active clients. It has a simple brokerage plan for their customers.

5. Stoxkart
Stoxkart is a part of SMC Global Limited. Stoxkart charges brokerage @₹15 per executed order. This brokerage is applicable only on profitable trades which means no brokerage is charged on trades that exited at loss.

6. Fyers
Fyers mainly focuses on providing low brokerage rates to their customers. They provide advanced charts and tools for trading.

7. Upstox
Upstox is generally known for their simple pricing module and trading platforms. Both free and paid trading software are provided by them.

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