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Benefits of Bracket Order in Alice Blue


Benefits of Bracket Order in Alice Blue

Benefits of Bracket Order in Alice Blue

Alice blue provides the facility of placing the Bracket orders to its customers. Each trader looks forward to maximize their profits by cutting the losses. Every trader is aware of the fact that trading includes risks. But there is way to have a control on your risk i.e. by placing the bracket order through Alice Blue.

Let’s discuss about Bracket Order in detail,

A Bracket Order is an advanced Intraday order that is used along with a compulsory target and stop loss order. This means a bracket order helps the traders to automate their trades. A Bracket order offers high leverage and is available in various segments such as Equity Cash, Equity F&O, Commodity F&O and Currency F&O. In this type of order, where an individual can enter into a new position along with the target or exit and a stop-loss order. This order contains three orders in it:

  1. Limit Order.
  2. Take Profit Limit Order.
  3. Stop-Loss Order or the trailing stop loss (optional).

These orders are used by the traders to take the advantage of the Alice Blue high margin exposure limit by keeping the complete control of the risks involved.

Now, you know What are Bracket orders? Let’s move towards the various benefits that our Bracket Order serves to us.

  1. This order provides protection against the losses and further helps in locking profits by bracketing the order with a stop loss, a trailing stop, and a profit target. Once. It further helps an individual to take separate actions from the emotions.
  2. This order provides flexibility to set up a plan before or after establishing a position. The customer can place the equity and option orders with the predefined profit or loss exit points. One can also conveniently add the bracket after the order is placed.
  3. These orders are automated by making the trading more efficient. If the profit or loss targets are met, an order will be submitted to close the designated portion of their position and will be submitted even if they are away from the trading platform.
  4. The trader must always consider a scenario of the market to put the bracket orders. The bracket orders provide the risk protection for all the open positions of an individual.




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